Various war cleaver knife reviews

Just showcasing some of my various war cleavers for a quick review on this fine Sunday afternoon


Backyard Samurai says:

Great reviews dude.

Brian Dolim says:

Thank you for the stellar review! I had a blast designing that War Cleaver for you, and I was in love with it myself, and have yet to make another, but maybe some day.
Yes, the steel is 1095, 1/4″ x 4″ x 18″ I think…yeah, a monster for sure. The grip is Purpleheart.

Aitor A says:

WOW!! Love the room!!

Christopher Layton says:

I see the Kraken in the background!

Nick Kall says:

What’s the first makers name ?

Dylan Cdc says:

Show me where you got your shirt >:(

Daniel Tse says:

Love it!! Love your videos and how you wheel the knives!! How much was this MONSTER?!!!!! WAAAAA!!

samuraigrand masta says:

how much does a knife like the first one run?

Nick Kall says:


Texas Edge says:

holy chit man


Those things are massive

Michael Redmond says:

awesome video and an awesome blade

Texas Edge says:

Nothing wrong with 440C . it was the steel to have through the 80s and early 90s . Very tough steel as you just found out. Can’t repeat what the zombies say about steel. They mock other fools in an effort to sound smart like they know what they are talking about. They also make claims about certain knives they never even had in hand. Comments on here and elsewhere for guys with no channel videos and pics are the worst for leaving comments with no factual base and trolling people. They have no video or pic up don’t even reply to them or feed  them.-Broddi

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