Why America’s Test Kitchen Calls the MAC Japanese Series 6 1/2-Inch the Best Vegetable Cleaver

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Our testing editors chose the MAC Japanese Series 6 1/2-Inch Japanese Vegetable Cleaver as our favorite knife in our search for the best vegetable cleaver. It weighs less than 5 ounces, sports a 1.9-millimeter spine, and is light, sharp, and nimble, making vegetable work a breeze.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: This small, lightweight cleaver was razor sharp and easy to control. Just about every tester who handled this knife wanted to take it home. It sailed through all of our tests, slicing through even butternut squash more effortlessly than heftier Chinese cleavers did.

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Charles-A Rovira says:

knives and cleavers with only a single sharp edge, usually found on sushi knives, are meant for “front facing work” where you are shaving off of a cut of vegetable, meat or fish. If you are using such a blade where a “cleaving” cut is required, dont! You could get badly hurt.

knife sharpening norway says:

there are far far far better nakiris out there than this. for example masakage or konosuke etc

Valdonkis says:

Feels like a commercial.

Poseidon99Jeus says:

I use the Chinese cleaver for Almost​ everything, except for cutting things like bread or baguette

ChicagoTurtle1 says:


ThatGuy says:

People accusing ATK of being shills should keep in mind that their main businesses are their magazines and websites. YouTube is just a side project for them that they don’t even make that much money from.

The full, in depth reviews are on their website. These YouTube videos are just previews. Hence, why they just focus on the winners.

guguigugu says:

usubas are highly specialised knifes for fine vegetable work. despite their appearance, they are NOT cleavers and should never be used as such.
i find ATK’s understanding of japanese knives leaves much to be desired.

MrRawrgers says:

Another blatant payed advertisement, they try to do a good job to hide it but it’s so obvious…

Love God says:

I am no expert on knives but my CCk veg cleaver performs very well for me.

Marty Fried says:

Funny that they show a German knife as an example of Chinese cleavers. My wife is Chinese, and is a great cook. She uses a Chinese cleaver for most preparation, and is very fast. But her technique is totally different than ATK’s testers, who are used to European style chef’s knives.

PS In answer to questions about sharpening… If you know a little about sharpening, you can sharpen anything. But if you use a machine or guide, you need knives that match the sharpener. Newer ones have a smaller angle than older ones, but they are still fixed.

27,897,456 views says:

I agree, I like Japanese veg cleavers, too, but you can’t replace a real Chinese cleaver with one

blingn007 says:

No comment on steel type, fit and finish, ease of sharpening, rust resistance or even comparing other knives of that shape. Very poor review.

Et Pe says:

any chance you read this and tell me what kind of maintenance this knife needs ? will sharpening it at home risk getting the blade not sharp enough or to the wrong angle since it’s thinner than a traditionnal knife ?

Tim145Tim145 says:

You should not put Japanese Vegetable Cleaver and Chinese Chef Knife together as same kind knife. Japanese Vegetable knife is a special knife only for soft vegetable. It is very thin and light. The Chinese Chef Knife is a general purpose knife,it is designed to power through most of food other than largest bones.

Mark Sandy says:

I did not know that the ability to cut even slices depends on the knife. I always thought that it depends on the chef’s eyes and skill.

denalikid72 says:

Does anyone know this reviewers name?

David T says:

The problem with these specialty knives is that in the end you are going to grab your 8″ chef’s knife and thesse others tend to stay in the block. I’ve got a really nice Wusthof Santoku and a Chinese cleaver but I rarely use them. Once you get a well balanced 8″ Chef Knife it becomes an extension of your arm and the other knives feel slightly clumsy.

OScotinos says:

I was, for some reason, expecting this to be a 2-second video of someone going “Because they pay us!”

KTH Kitchen says:

funny and stupid paid advert. Aslo, usuba for cutting butternut squash..? yea.. not sure they did any research

Tommy Walker says:


Bruce Graham says:

This is so weird: I’ve had this MAC cleaver in my knife-drawer for ages, and never really used it!

Barnaby Jones says:

now buy this shit from us

Oльга D says:

Did she show Wusthof big knife first?

bluecrabsandsushi2 says:

Usuba aren’t for squash. Hell nakiri aren’t for squash. Duh.

pgreenx says:

And why do we need this vs a chefs knife?

PrenPringle says:

sold out over night!

winston li says:

if you have used cck carbon steel slicing cleaver .It’s just a new experience.I use it more than five hour everyday in work and it gets too comfortable that I want to slice more. It was the one. but don’t talk about maintenances, rust form on the blade in minutes if it contact with water and not dried immediately.

ClassyVegan says:

How do you quarter a butternut squash with as 6 1/2 inch knife? I can barely do it with a 10 inch chef’s knife.

CAMPS says:

I dunno bout that knife, but the host was a BAD TING

Guido Guido says:

Mac Knives are the best!

Monir Ali says:

0:57 the guy in the backround should of does this video he seems more qualified

dan moyer says:

how much can we expect to pay ….  I hate these short snippets

Jeff Chiu says:

yep…I doubt any of their testers were familiar with asian/chinese style knifework

ChicagoTurtle1 says:

I think the blades that are sharpened only on one side is for a very specific purpose. The Japanese kitchen knives have a lot of designated, special-use knives. Multiple knives for fish …and probably multiple knives for veges.

VirtualLife says:

It looks nice, but 6.5″ is pretty small. I think an 8″ would be minimum req.

mad thumbs says:

It is NOT a cleaver. It’s a Japanese Vegetable Knife.

thirsty247247 says:

Fake video, not from ATK

William Drake says:

If you are 6-4 230 lbs and your ring finger is a size 14 then the the Chinese version is far superior which is probably why I have 2

alca107 says:

maybe i’m the only thinking Hannah always has redeye, like she just smoked a doobie. what happened to the old crew?

Jasper Weaver says:

Great intro… now can we see an actual review?

denalikid72 says:

Nevermind I saw it at the beginning.

Kevin Shannon says:

America’s Test Kitchen used to be focused on recipe testing and unbiased product reviews. All of their videos for the last 3 months have all been marketing so they can take a cut from their own website. Seems like new management is focused on the bottom line, not the mission of public television.

avalon449 says:

Just for fruits and vegetables??? What about ATK preference for tools that are multifunctional? I’ll just stick with a chefs knife, thank you.

Solaremusic says:

Your videos have gone from a very informative, high-quality, scientific format to this?

AftermathOutdoors says:

I think I will keep my handmade Katsushige Anryu hammered Aogami #2 Nakiri.

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