BOLTR: Electric Knife Sharpener | *Wife is NOT impressed!

Do you need an electric gadget to sharpen knives poorly? This Edgecraft 35 is the tool for you! Click the affiliate link for 7% off!
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Andy Greco says:

“this pretty much guaranteed [this is not a guarantee]…” – this is a major theme of the stuff AvE tears down

Mark Henry says:

I muat say that I am extremely pleased with the knowledge I get from this Youtuber, AVe. I have expanded my database of knowledge into such a great sphere that I obtained my Doctorate in Astrophysics in only three weeks! My family and I now gather together for a Family Night and watch AVe’s videos and we have become so much more intelligent that we thought possible! Tomorrow my dog is going to head to NASA and help them with a minor issue in their new Quatum Drive-all because of thse videos given to you free! I would suggest every single person now send me $29.99, and, if you act now-I will double the order for a mere $8.99 more! Act now! [[Had to give you one of these for your cutting remarks! lol ]] I also give you a near-perfect 200 star rating!

LyingCunt says:

German pun comin through: While other products were a mess, this product is a Messer.

IIIPlasmaIII says:

I dont think you know what “chuche” means lmao

Drizzy Williams says:

With channels of this size you typically get high value production, maybe some animations. With AvE you get ripped pieces of paper showing sharpie graphs lmao. Somehow it works.

The Kaveman says:

Never read the warning note ..hehe

Bill MacKinnon says:

Nope, Nope, Nope. Don’t agree with you on this one. This unit you picked out is the bottom of the barrel for this company and so you got bottom of the barrel results with it. If you spend the proper amount for a good device, the one with three wheels on it, you will see that the quality of the sharpening goes way up because the wheels they use are much better choices for sharpening. They are trying to do too much out of just two wheels with this one. One the better units, you don’t even need the corse wheel on the left unless the knife is in such bad shape, you need to start completely over. With the middle wheel, you can do all your sharpening with only one or two passes and the right side wheel is for stropping and if you keep the blade in good shape, stropping is all you ever need to do. I have been using these sharpeners for over twenty years, I love the good ones for about 125-150 bucks with three wheels, they are for people that can’t otherwise sharpen kitchen knives. Kitchen knives are flat and perfect for these sharpeners, the thick pocket knives have a big angle to them and need other means of sharpening unless you really know what you are doing, and if you do, you already know how to sharpen a pocket knife with belts, or crock sticks or stones.

Phil McKibben says:


loginavoidence12 says:

there’s an easier way to explain this in terms of why it’s needed. A single phase motor won’t go anywhere (just sit and hum) unless the voltage and current or displaced from one another. same reason start capacitors are used in single phase motors. if I remember correctly this term is called “slip” when measuring the angular displacement of the two. it’d save a lot of time as opposed to this roundabout (but correct, nonetheless) explanation

reco gehmar says:

Okay, but where is the affiliate link?

Ralph Sperry says:

Hey dad

John Moore says:

Holy fuck 7% I know a lot of YouTubers talk about their affiliate links but I figured maybe like 1-2%

NG Hermit says:

I really enjoyed the lesson on the small ac induction motor, neat to see how you are kind of turning single phase into a simulated 3 phase in order to get that motor to chooch. Maybe I’m misunderstanding but that’s kind of how I was seeing it.

Jordan Allen says:

i like the coupon code idea

Mark Murtagh says:

I never leave home without my knife sharpener,,thanks boltr your the best

Roger Parent says:

Does wolfram dissolve diamond?

Bus 62 says:

That review he read sounded like bullshit but something similar actually happened to me when I was a kid. I got my first real pocket folder for my 11th birthday and went on a knife sharpening craze that continued when we visited my grandmother’s place a month later.

Within two days everything with an edge in her house was razor sharp, and she cut herself badly enough to need stitches more than once because she got used to using dull knives after Grandpa died in ’69.

Sorry Grandma!

John Blaszczyk says:

I’ve been paid to write reviews like that on Google.

ThePurpleRider says:

Based AvE.

Zombie Stressin says:

Fucking great channel man

Mark Henry says:

Oh and as far as Electric kniife sharpeners? They used to put ’em on can openers [[maybe they still do but I’ve used a manual one for 20 years so…]] Just like this thing-they will chew and screw a blade to uselessness then leave and take the Motel room key when you go out for ice. Great gift to give to someone who is a Chef or uses knives whom you hate.

Jeremy Nading says:

This was enough to make me puke. What did that beautiful blade ever do to you to deserve such abuse? I’d rather endure the pain of having my left nut crushed in “Lil Screwie” than watch the horrific last few minutes of this “vijeo”. R.I.P. wonderful cutlery.

We Are Sharing Your PDF says:

That knife edge is D-sugting after the binford edgemaster 6000 had its way with it.

Cars Simplified says:

I got roughly the same results with a $1 IKEA sharpener.

DjJtown says:

Holy Molsen. So many bad puns in a row. Was this from some early Chevy Chase/SNL skit? ROFLMAO

Paul W says:

On your advice I always mute the unskippable ads mate!

Dan Jensen says:

120 x a second = 60 hz ?

Andrew McDermott says:

Oh man, you’re gonna get it – You took one of the Little Lady’s knives into the shop and then proceeded to ruin it. My hero!

Petra Darklander says:

Quote of the millenia. “I like poking the stick with the internet and seeing what kinda porn pops out.”

Wroger Wroger says:

There are grinds and there are grinds, like an edge lapped on a coarse bench grinder wheel, will cut nicely because of the ragged shark teeth edge, where as a finely honed and lapped glassy razors edge, well people are on the ball with some things and full of shit with others., so the quick swipe convenience sharpener….. I prefer to manually grind them to a razor edge, and then put a very fine, but coarse V bevel on the very edge, so it’s still pretty sharp, but it holds it’s edge for a long time.

king james488 says:

can’t trust anyone’s review if they got it for free. ever.

colinm213 says:

“Sat down at the confuser, did the old jazz hands routine to write out the Iliad” – Fuck me, thats some top drawer banter right there, best line I’ve heard in ages. And to top it all, its just casually tossed out whilst reviewing a fucking knife sharpener. Belter!

Electro Man says:

Why was the bad language needed?

kvmet says:

Can we talk more about that roller bearing that was on the table at the beginning? I wasn’t done admiring it before it was moved off-camera :c (and it was a much finer piece of meat than the main course)

ZombieX13 says:

What brand of microscope is that?

Nothing says:

I wonder if you used magnetic viewing film on the core of that motor what it would look like if you were using really low frequency AC. Maybe 1-5hz. Would be interesting to see the field shifting back and forth, but I think those motors are built specifically for 60hz. It would probably not perform properly on lower frequencies on account of parasitic elements.

Rambo Baby says:

It’s difficult to believe that there is someone out here who is willing to part with hard earned cash so that they can take something apart, make fun of it and show the rest of us what a piece of shit it is. Thanks AvE!

Mark M says:

Homer’s Odyssey was a yelp review

Jared Silvert says:

tell me NOT to watch ad’s on your channel? you just earned a sub!

Ottee2 says:

Dat pencil dho, seen better days.

James Anderson says:

“some like C, some like C#, I am partial to see sharpie”. lol, thats programming language joke gold. I am going to steal it. I hope this guy makes a fortune on this and paterion. He should be on a Canada Post stamp drinking a beer and high five’ing a beaver.


C# programmer here – lol

Richard Ross says:

Assembled….lol….american speak for chinese parts assembled in sweat shop foreign labour companies in Western Samoa…no bullshit…lol. Its an American protectorate…so they claim MADE in america….usual smoke an mirrors……

doug m says:

Ya ass clowns doing reviews.

AlJoKo21 says:

You can actually touch the motor while it chooches without lighting yourself up. There’s almost no voltage drop along the secondary winding and as you said: It’s a transformer, so any voltage building up in the secondary has no reference to ground, so no current will flow through your body to ground. Well, the exception is a failure where a primary winding has electric contact to the secondary, of course.

The Tree Smith says:

Hows about doing a Thermomix teardown?

P Mason says:

I think i caught 3 out of ever 5 words this guy said, and i’m a native English speaker…. WTF is this guy talking about?

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