Cleaning catfish with electric fillet knife

Quick little demo on filleting catfish with an electric fillet knife.


satexman says:

Is that a metal table ? That can’t be good on your knife blade.

Wes Harden says:

wish I could clean catfish like that I’ve watched hundreds of video s of fillet cats without skinning but I never master the technique myself .I always skin the fish with skinning pliers then filleting the fish instead of fillet them like in the video because I’m always afraid I’m going to loose alot of meat or mess up the fillet

livetheoutdoors 101 says:

The big one is a mail channel cat. I like catching them they fight pretty hard

Thomas Bridges says:

Well how do you bleed them to start with?

Alex Larson says:

If you turn the back of the of the fish towards you when you fillet it… Especially with walleye it makes it so much easier to follow the spine.

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