Cordless Electric Fillet Knives: Berkley vs Rapala

Cordless electric fillet knives are sharp, easy to use, and convenient for anglers. Here are two of the most popular, used in a head-to-head venue cleaning nearly 40 tough marine fish to learn their benefits and shortcomings by guide Kirk Waltz and outdoor writer Bob McNally. More outdoor videos & tips can be found at


Jeff Pittman says:

There is a company called filletzall with a blade made by Dexter Russel that fits in a rechargeable Sawzall that will probably come close to cutting one of those fillet knives in two. they put out a press release on Facebook.

Bob McNally says:

You should do a video and show everyone how best to do it.

Bob McNally says:

Honda 97, I honestly don’t know, likely China, at least in part. Both knives are US manufactured, Rapala and Pure Fishing (Berkley) are U.S. companies.

God says:

so its essentially a bread slicer?

2rip00 says:

lol ouch that bass is still alive when you’re cutting it

Honda 97 says:

where are these knives made?

essoxgrande says:

I bought the Rapala. You cannot buy replacement batteries for the Berkley. The Rapala Ion batteries are $39.00 In the prepurchase information search, I could not find replacement blades for the Berkley either.

Nathanael Sjim says:

That’s not a bass, it was a redfish. Yes it was still alive. Fresh, ya know what I mean?

Bob McNally says:

Both are very good, but if both were priced the same, I’d buy the Berkley because of the zipper, padded case, which also includes a hard-plastic, folding fillet board that fits into a case pocket to stay compact and out of the way. The unit would be good for compact, safe storage in a boat or tackle box.

Bob McNally says:

With a full charge, about an hour of heavy-duty filleting. Never had it “fail” during mid-fillet work to get thru MANY fish, if the battery is fully charged.

samiam1150 says:

As soon as I wear out my Chicago Cutlery bio curve fillet knife I’m going to buy me one of those. I’ve only been using my Chicago for thirty years, but it’s bound to wear out soon. 🙂

grjsb13 says:

Wasting meat, filleting live fish and awful technique. Discraceful. Have some respect dude at least give the fish a knock on the head before slicing into it youre not a damn shark.

enerZise says:

The Rapala comes with a 7 inch blade but you can get a 9 inch and also a 6 inch blade for it from Gander Mountain. I was there today and was looking at both the 110 volt and cordless rechargeable one.

I did not see the Berkley one, so I guess I will get the Rapala rechargeable one and buy the 9 and 6 inch blades at the same time. The blades were not that much, maybe $12 for the 9 inch and $10 for the 6 inch. I like the idea of having three different size blades.

Monica Valdez says:

Very interested video
Thanks for sharing

Skippy says:

Which knife would you say is the best??

Bob McNally says:

Bread slicer that zips thru redfish bones like butter, so, well, yes, I suppose.

Endre Cseko says:

The knifes work great but you should learn how to properly fillet. Wasting so much meat is criminal …

mrdr89 says:

How long does the battery last?

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