Edge Select Pro M120 Electric Knife Sharpener Review and Tutorial

Our friends at Chef’sChoice sent over the Edge Select Pro M120 electric knife sharpener for us to take a look at and see how it performed. After testing it for several weeks over dozens of knives I arrived at the conclusion this is the easiest way to get everyday knives seriously sharp, in a hurry!

Edge Select Pro M120 on Amazon – http://bitly.com/edgeselect120


Caswell Kelly says:

You tested both the ken onion sharpener and chef’s choice sharper. Which product was better?

Carter Lane says:

Will it sharpen swords

Knife Sharpener Lady says:

Chef’s Choice model offers a lot of options if you want to get different types of edges. This electric knife sharpener is not only a great tool for chef’s, but also very useful for home kitchen use.I want to recommend this video tutorial what is really helpful for the home knife user.

Gene Henry says:

Why do you make multiple passes on the same side of the knife.  Chef’s Choice and others recommend alternate passes, always equal on each side of the knife.  It seems your method could remove unnecessary material.

stargatesgstar says:

love it.

Bo Chan says:

I like this once, where ? can buy it:-( 🙁 🙁 !!!

BAU says:

Well yeah thumbs up .. except for the price of this thing. It is cools for sure but it’s still quite expensive 🙁 

Rhyan Jonestown says:

this video is ten min. longer than it should be … a lot of unnecessary repetitive explaining

Mrsingingdude1 says:

The point of this machine is to be a knife sharpener that is INCREDIBLY easy to use for kitchen knives. The jump from the coarse stone to the fine stone leaves the edge toothy, but polished. Great for kitchen applications. It puts a very good working edge on your kitchen knives. It may be limited in application, but what it does it does very well

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