Electric Sharpener vs Whetstones – Best $150 Spent

Should you buy 3-stage electric sharpener or 3 whetstones for $150 for your high quality knives? Before you buy either one, watch and learn everything you need to know about the topic.

Electric Sharpener vs Whetstones – PART 2

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Matthew Sykes says:

Long term it’s got to be the whetstones

OjaioFansub says:

so… how I re-sharp a chiped chef knife?

Too Many Narcissists Here says:

Poor camera angle, should have caught more of the sharpening, not the white wall above his head.


Well, you know these things are made for a $120-$150 knife set… not per knife!

They work great at fast food restaurants where we beat the sh!t out of everything and good for folks with very low IQ and short attention spans (99% of American Managers).

They also work great to TOTALLY foul a knife so you can do hand sharpening technique practice!

I’ve used the home and commercial versions… great way to a fast sharp scratchy knife.. 🙂

Christian Perez says:

i smiled at the same time went you try the knife sharpen by wet stone. i saw immediately the difference.

Fatsassin says:

Hi, by pressing the whetstone link in the description it doesn’t give me a specific whetstone. Can anyone give me the links to the ones he used? Thanks!

4dzone says:

Great video. This definitely helps a newbie learn and make their own choices. Now I’m off to buy some stones.

Crabby Hayes says:

But you are really good at sharpening by hand. Someone like me does not do this often enough to develop the muscle memory. As a result, my hand sharpening angle is all over the place.

David R. Cohen says:

how do you sharpen your head like that?

Josue Alvarez says:

Can you put the links to those 3 specific stones because the link you put has multiple different stones

Fabian Feilcke says:

You missed two things here. Fist the setup-time can’t be ignored. If I start cooking and realize the knife is dull I can sharpen it within minutes withe electric sharpener. It takes at least 30 min with the whetstone.
Second, you only have to use the first level of the electric sharpener the first time or if it is severely chipped. After that you only use level 2 and 3, which only takes a couple of seconds.
I do have a set of whetstones, but rarely used them since I got the electric sharpener. I only use the 3000 grit stone once in a while if I work on fish. But even then I usually sharpen it with the electric one first and only finish it using the stone.

DesolateHeart88 Gaming says:

I’m only 16 and I am currently training in cooking and I aspire to be a chef, and we cannot get any decent knives! I tried peeling an apple the other day using a parring knife from a set of knives we bought not even a year ago, and it couldn’t even pierce the skin without having to saw through the skin! I’ve been looking for a good set of knives (and possibly a good set of whetstones) to save up to get, any recommendations of good knives and/or stones that aren’t too costly?

Uncletaco supreme says:

I have the ken onion edition belt sharpener. It makes an edge dangerously sharp. It shaves wet hair off my arm with ease. It has belt replacements.

videojomo says:

The tip of that JUST got me, O’Dell…

xtr33me says:

Just ordered a set of wetstones…. excited to learn and perfect!

Paul Bradshaw says:

Ricky – you have no clue how to use the electric diamond hone. I laughed when I saw your ineptitude.Clearly, you are impatient! See “Catering Guy” review of the Chef’s Choice on Amazon – that is me. Yup, the Chef’s Choice is 7 years old and running strong.
Big deal about the so-called hairline scratches on your fancy-schmancy knife with the 10 word description AND the Japanese character stamped on the blade – I laughed even harder! Knives are made for using, not gazing at devotedly! My Chroma works great and costs about the same as yours, but doesn’t need all the BS info on it. Grow up Ricky.
I started using triple stones in restaurants, and now much prefer the Chef’s Choice.
Christ, I adore your anime hairdo!
Ken Slaughter – excellent comments – I strongly agree with you! I would comment that if someone needs to use stage 1 on their knives, THEY have let them get very dull and that is their own fault – frequent touch-ups on stage 3 ONLY are the way to go! Also, you should only be creating burrs on stage 1, certainly not on stage 2. Using a steel will straighten an edge, but otherwise will not sharpen an edge.

Tony Y says:

Sharpening on stones isn’t hard, anybody can learn it (and everyone should learn it). Machine grinders (I use slow wet wheels) are useful for blunt edges that need a lot of metal removed. So, use a machine for coarse grinding/sharpening and then switch to stones/plates for finer sharpening/honing.

Benjamin Chen says:

Woah. Call me dumb but I never knew anybody used knives over 60 Rockwell, much less 62. I guess it’s a kitchen knife thing. On the other hand though, one thing I’ve read (no idea about the credibility) is that machine sharpeners will heat up the very surface layer of the edge and ruin the temper. I feel like that’s over exaggerating, but testing the wear resistance might be something cool to do

Bob Sherman says:

Well done. Very unbiased, balanced analysis. In particular two things stood out for me.
1) the way you were careful to note when you were speculating vs. stating a fact.
2) you consider the skill of the person in sharpening results
These two things really go to the credibility of the analysis; I trust what you said. Again, extremely well done!

wutup5566 says:

Lol this is a commercial disguised as a review is it not?

Greg Savacool says:

I heard the price and immiediately knew that it’s not worth it to sharpen my $5 Walmart knife. I may aswell just go buy a new one lol.

Rob Jones says:

I’m shocked how well the machine did. I did notice myself on an older machine that it put severe scratches on the knife like you mentioned. I considered them ruined. Still, this may be an option for my “beater” knives.

SprayOVER9000 says:

7m… i’m doing something wrong

QQTrick1QQ says:

It seems getting a blade to it’s ultimate sharpness is overkill, to keep that edge you will have to sharpen more regularly with unnecessary wear. Do you really need to see what’s going on under a microscope? Is this for chef purposes or to quench an OCD issue. Sufficient should be the name of the game.

Nicholas Ayala says:

Thank you for the great video. I found it extremely valuable to know that the electric sharpener produces scratches, which to me is completely unacceptable.I I wonder if there is a way for an inexperienced person to sharpen a blade easily without scratching it.

Alekk says:

Biased Review.

Osbaldo Hernandez says:

Im 14 but i sharpen all my fixed blades hunting knifes pocket knifes and my moms kitchen knife with water stone i dont use pull thru sharpener just japanese water stones

fish oil says:

you go way way fast. You have to be sufficiently light handed so as to allow the guides to do their job. Cutting into the plastic is expected. The machine will work flawlessly if IF the operator is willing to use use a diaond hone when finished. The Scratches you saw are not an issue on Western grind knives . the Jap blade is different. As it regards hand stoning. It’s a skill the machine gets the user around that. About your guess of the machine’s engineering: You are giving them too much credit. The motor power of the machine and size are limitations imposed by marketing.

Smith says:

Novices should use the electric. Pro’s will use a stone..

Sui Yo says:

how is the electric sharpener the best $150 spent

lwilly 2121 says:

Who else thought he was going to talk about pencil sharpening

janbailey60 says:

Trying to find your video on how to use the stones you suggested

uddo uddoss says:

i totally understand that you prefer wet stones. i use a self made disc grinding machine, because i got lazy, but what makes me still a good knife sharpener person, are the skills i learned on wet stones and even just sandpaper, sharpening free hand and leather stropping after.

hammer untruth says:

what is the maximum blade thickness the automatic sharpener can work with ? My father has some camp knives he needs sharpened,but it is an 6 hour flight to where he lives.

Scott Allen says:

Hey Ryky, great video. Have you tried stropping after using the electric sharpener? Since stropping doesn’t have such a steep learning curve, that could be a way for a beginner to get a great edge. What do you think?

Mario Amatucci says:

sharpening knives.. one of the most challenging problems in modern times

Po Prostu Mati says:

7:24 ASMR

dood poop says:

Dear Banana,
Thank you for your thorough diligence (-_- )
, Your Beneficiary

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