Eversharp 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener by Presto Product Review in 4K (non-paid)

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Eversharp 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener by Presto Product Review (non-paid) in 4K. Dee was complaining that we needed to purchase new knives for the house. I knew the ones we had just had to be sharpened, so decided to buy a sharpener from Amazon.

Overall I am quite happy with the results for about $42 I believe.

The construction of the sharpener is a rigid plastic body.
It has 3 Stones of varying grit. Ending on a ceramic stone for that honed finish. The maker claims it to be a precision sharpener, but with the wobble and non-sturdy settings of the blade thickness, it is anything but precision, as you will see in the video.

I took 3 knives of varying styles and put them through their paces with the knife sharpener. At the end of the day, all 3 were much sharper, but 1 knife stood out above the others.

The feet of the device should be pliable rubber, to help grip the surface better, though it does have 5 small suction cups to help it not move as it runs.

The stones are nicely balanced, so that when the spindle turns at high revs, the unit does not wobble.
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Causa Sui says:

Stfu and use the product

whitepride1004 says:

I’m pretty sure you could have cut the old avocado pretty easily if you put even a tiny bit of muscle into it lol. I’m kidding. I know you were just demonstrating. I actually have the smaller Presto Electric 2 at home and for a quick sharpening it’s a very handy tool. The company’s claim that it’ll get your blades razor sharp are either a blatant lie, or they’ve never actually handled a razor sharp knife before. But unless you’re a professional chef or Rambo you really don’t need a razor sharp knife unless you’re extremely weak and can’t muster up the strength to cut a tomato unless you got that razors edge. The sharpener will get your knife sharp enough for just about anything you need it for in the kitchen. It’s sharp enough to pass the paper test quite easily, but not enough to cut a tomato into paper thin slices. If you want a true razors edge I suggest going with a whet stone — preferably one with grits of 3,000 and 8,000. Whet stones take a while to master, so if you’re too lazy to learn how to do it then just go ahead and take it in somewhere to get sharpened by some dude who is probably cheating by using a grinder. Haha, nah, it’s not cheating, but a real man uses the ancient art of whet stone sharpening to get ‘er done.

SE ASIA says:

Nice presentation Angeles City Pampanga Philippine Islands

David LM says:

Excellent presentation, no hint of advertising, indicates what could be improved like the wiggling of the knife and that overall got his money’s worth. Thanks

Ray Walter says:

Thanks much I ordered it !!

Formally Redacted says:

Is that a cutco knife?

Kketansa Art says:

Wowww, even with very less views for your videos, you have still been consistantly uploading interesting videos since 2007. I wish you more views and success.
How is the 4 wheel vehicle going so far? Have you started materializing it yet?

Gregory Wood says:

Thank you for sharing, the ports in the bottom remind me that we use coolant on some of out mills ar work. I wonder if that is what they are for.

Renae Limburg says:

these sharpeners work plenty good enough for kitchen knives. I have one and I like mine. they keep my knives sharp enough to slice and cut in the home kitchen

Viktor Vedmak says:

Ok, just curious, @Andrew Jones, how did you get that knife so dull? I just recently picked up similar electric knife sharpener, prior to which I did not sharpen any of my knives in about 5 years, and none were that dull, even ones I used every single day to cut meat and bone. I mean I am assuming here you did it on purpose prior to filming, right?

Alex Tworkowski says:

From what I can see, the blade looks ragged. Almost like a saw blade now. I think that’s why it ripped the paper rather than making a clean slice.

Tony Tyler says:

Can this be used for pocket knives?? Zero tolerance brands???

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