How to Use an Electric Fillet Knife (Boneless Bass Fillets)

Hello folks! This week we’d like to share with you a great tips video on how to use an electric knife to fillet fish.

Antonio demonstrates how to use an electric fillet knife to fillet a bass into two very nice, very smooth boneless fillets.

Thanks for watching, and until next time good luck and good fishin’!


Connor Gurski says:

I ended up catching 4 catfish with my friend. 2 4lb cats and i caught 8lb er while my friend caught a 11 and half pounder

Felipe frança says:

Now you have a boneless and meatless fillet

BankFishing92 says:

Always great tips here..Great Video Ivo!

brakie44820 says:

Sorry Guys,But,I been cleaning fish with a electric kitchen knife since the late 80s to include catfish,walleye, bass and sheephead..

Lextauph says:

Take me Fishing! 

Just Eat It! says:

Now I know why you bring Antonio on your fishing trips.

Cory E says:

A purest will say not to use an electric fillet knife, but I actually get more meat less mess and can fillet any size bass on less then a minute. Sometimes I use my regular fillet knife to get pin bones out which only takes any extra 5 seconds.

Marcus Dillon says:

Sounds good !!
One more small question, i have noticed you have lots of rods.. im looking to invest in a new spinning real! Since you have a lot of experience maybe you could recommend me some kind you like for walleye and bass fishing !?
Thanks Marcus(:

James Payne says:

Hey Ivo, James again.
Was wondering if there was a way for me to order the ThunderMist Hat?
I’m not seeing it on the website.

I Like Turtles says:

Missed a lot of meat

james de guzman says:

Ivo I need help again what bait or lure should I use for walleye

Maxwell says:

Going through the ribcage like that, is it necessary to eviscerate the fish before filleting them? Were these fish eviscerated first?

Kurt Schmid says:

For sure this helps a lot of people. But as I suspected..this “saw” misses a lot of meat..nothing like a super sharp manual knife. I don’t agree with the point of “if you catch a lot of fish”. If you catch too many fish to be able to fillet them with the right tool that makes sure you don’t waste fish, you maybe shouldn’t take as many fish home. But actually a good catch is the best way to practice your knife skills. Once you are good with a real fillet knife, you are way faster than with this electrical knife.

Steven McLaughlin says:

awesome tips guys, me and the boys had a lil fish fry this past weekend!


michael miller says:

Come to Chicago and And fish

Jason Bell says:

this method works well on all fish (crappie, cats, bluegill, pearch and more)not just the bass in the video.  Electric knives have a bad wrap for some reason and I don’t understand why.  They allow the average guy a cleaner fillet and keeps them from being discouraged if they have a good days catch to clean. 

El Patron Escobar says:

I just watched to see if tgey are any good.I dont know if it would be faster or not.Im reasonably fast at filleting anyhow I think it would neet to be a fuck load of fish before thiat saved me any time.Good vid though

XMCgolden asian says:

more people say that electric kinfe’s or so slow so instead they use the some other sharp knife like a buba blade

Derek Miller says:

God those sea bass filets look good. Take me with you lol

NightWish says:

Nice video. Could you do a video on how weather condition affect fishing (moon phase, water condition, wind, sun, barometric pressure, etc.)? Its a random question, but i would really appreciate if you guys could do that. Thanks.

TheAwesomesloth says:

Hey Ivo thanks i was wondering do u have anymore bobber videos it does not have to be the rocket bobber

David Tejeda says:

Nice work antonio

Oliver Vasquez says:

very nice fish fillets! is that a saltwater bass or fresh water?, I’m a Sushi chef can’t wait to try that fish for some great sushi.

quynh truong says:

is Antonio your son Ivo?  He seems to be with you all the time.

Marcus Dillon says:

Thanks for the help!! And for the spoons should we drift , troll or what method should we use ?
When we fish above the dam we fish near ingleside and longsault!!
When we fish under the dam we fish near Cornwall !!
Thanks again

DroPsyDro says:

thats why on every fishmarket in the world, where they fillet tons of fish every day, everybody only uses an electric fillet knife! It’s also great that you’ll have to buy and later throw away a lot of batteries (since you use your knife a lot because you have so many fish to fillet) and last but not least, if your filetknife goes dull, you’ll have no chance of resharpen it and if the the electric parts go bust, your can throw it away, together with you batteries!

Alex Kuo says:

u missed a fuck ton of meat js

Corey Janis says:

Great demo going to have to buy an electric filet knife since last time I brought home 8 bass and filet them

Hayseed Homestead says:

Actually it IS as easy as it looks. 

I used to filet a bucket of hand size white perch in about 5 minutes.  I learned how by watching a guy filet walleye and decided then and there that THIS is the way to clean fish.  It took one or two fish to get the hang of it and after that I was on a roll.

cheng chang says:

cant wait for new video loveing it 

Moyniac says:

Hey Ivo, Great video but I have a question… I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time now and I was just wondering if you had any on Barracuda? Thanks

Jeff Bowes says:

another turkey carvin retard

kris alonzo says:

Nice job antonyo

Tony Vannello says:

Hey ivo i love your videos! They have helped so much i am a starting fisher and just wondering what do u typocally use for crappoes and types of bass

austinowns15 says:

hey Ivo what spinning rod are you using in most videos that has so much bend and also what is it medium action light ultra light. pls answer and i love your videos keep up the good work. 😉

Black Warrior Lures says:

Yeah, see, that’s what I need. I just want to save time so I can get back out and catch more fish!

Clarence Smith says:

Hello Ivo, Another great Video,

I know this a old video but I am looking at buying a Electric Fillet Knife,so can you tell me what brand and model # is the Electric Fillet Knife that Antonio is using,I know there is the Rapala whiich there is different models of it and there is a Berkley one I have seen, I want to say and think the one that Antonio is using in the video is a Rapala but I am not sure so could you tell me which model it is and does this one you have come with a caring case and the smaller blades for it or do you have to buy them separate? Another question for you is I have never fillet a fish before as my fishing buddy does the filleting, the only thing I do is Scale all the fish for him so he fillet after,we mainly fillet Bass,Perch and Walleye..

I would also love to learn how to fillet but I do not want to ruin any of my fish so what would say would be good fish to practice on or what else could I try to learn to fillet on beside fish?

Marcus Dillon says:

Also if you have any recommendations of baits or areas to fish ex: drop offs, weed flats or anything just let me know (: thanks again(:

Nathan Raleigh says:

Missed a lot of meat so a real knife is better

cotaloc619 says:

Awesome video guys! I use a regular fillet knife, but the electric fillet knifes really do look a lot faster. Keep up the great videos guys!

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