How to Use an Electric Knife

How to use an electric knife, a handy kitchen appliance, and a great addition to the tool box. Electric Knife The blades of an electric knife hook together with a pin and hole, insert the 2 blades into the base, and make sure they are both clicked in securely. Plug in your knife, press the button, and your electric knife is ready to carve a turkey, cut a roast, slice bread into croutons. Use your electric knife to cut foam, acoustic tiles, styrofoam, cardboard boxes. I like to use my electric knife to cut homemade soap. Homemade soap can be hard to cut, the electric knife goes right through it. This electric knife was a great thrift store find.



Electric Knife
Chef Knife
Roasting Pan with Rack


VoodooKitchenMama says:

I loved mine years ago. I didn’t know they even made them anymore. : )

mike kowalski says:

I remember in the sixties my uncle Fred always getting the honor and duty of using one to carve the Thanksgiving turkey. Of course the woman of the family cooked it. My aunt Willy, his wife, actually got a college degree from Purdue in Home Economics. She could sure make a pumpkin pie! Mike.

George Stevenson says:

I use mine to fillet crappie,easy way to clean your catch. As always a great video.

Red Chillies Foods says:

Useful equipment, 1st like

Vigilante Driver says:

I use my knife in the workshop to cut foam and other like materials.

NDN Pride says:

Speaking about knifes what do you use to keep your knifes sharp? An do you use the same knife sharpener at and in the field? Like some use the expensive Japanese water stones some use the Walmart type knife sharpeners. I’m just curious what you or anybody else uses to keep their knife sharpened while in the field and at home.

OnAirVoice says:

I think I have one squirreled away somewhere, I’ll have to look for it.

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