Knife sharpener – Which is best !! ??

Which knife sharpener is the right one for you? Check out this video!

Diamond Sharpening Rod –

Honing steel –

Electric knife sharpener with a 15 degree angle –

Electric knife sharpener with a 20 degree angle –

Wet stone starter set –

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Purgatory76 says:

Tormek T8 is all what you need.

Joe Joe says:

I have one simular, first time I used tore up the side. After I figured it out, it is good.

Randy Correia says:

I bought a ChefsChoice 110 I wasn’t happy at all. It left a uneven edge on my knives. I’m a farmer & not a butcher but I think I’m pretty good at figuring tools out. Thank God I used it on my cheap knife first. You can see waves on the edge. I looked with a magnifying glass & the edge looked rough. It seemed a little difficult to the knife against the edge as I pulled it through. I usually use a wet stone but like you said it’s difficult to hold the knife perfectly at 20* please update us later & thank you for the video.

ZanderKaneUK says:

I bought the Chefs Choice Electric Knife Sharpener 1520 Angle Select 3 Stage and I would agree a wet stone would get it sharper than the machine I just have better things to do with my life than fuss over getting a “mirror” edge. Does the machine get my “cooking” knives good and sharp to safely chop and slice, absolutely. I’ve not yet had a problem where I needed to cut/peel etc anything on or near the hilt area of any knife including a 3″ paring knife, so for an average joe home cook it’s no fuss low learning curve.

The only advice I would give, you don’t need to press down just drag the knife through parallel at about 1″ per second if your setting the angle for the 1st time (maybe 1/2″ per second if its real beat up), making sure you alternate each stroke and feel for a bur before going to the final honing stage. And my bread knife (serrated) was restored with about 10 strokes each side on the honing stage, just need to keep the knife parallel and not pull through too fast.

murad seifo says:

Use this machine and then use the bar sharpener .. you will shave your hair easily

Pierrot Marzadori says:

Böker Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Messerschärfer Messer Schleifen Küche

Osbaldo Hernandez says:

I take 3 edge pro stones with me in the bush

Paul Collier says:

You are going to lose quite a lot of metal sharpening your knives with that machine. As someone has pointed out below – the Edge Pro Apex system gives you all the precision benefits of a whetstone – but takes only a few minutes to use. You should give it a try – I have been using one for about a year and think it is brilliant. It handles all sharpening angles (and can do serrated knives though I have never tried). Don’t bother with the sets which offer a wide variety of stones – the 220 and 400 are all that most people will ever need.

Pitmaster X says:

Diamond Sharpening Rod –
Honing steel –
Electric knife sharpener with a 15 degree angle –
Electric knife sharpener with a 20 degree angle –
Wet stone starter set –

stripymccatpuss says:

Get an edge pro or Lansky system if you have trouble sharpening, also buy yourself a decent leather strop and compound.

Variety Mind says:


deplorable infidel says:

try a bench grinder to sharpen those knife. using the wet stone is always the best.

Black Eagle says:

i use a polish steel and a diamond steel to sharp my knifes
and i had a stonekit for sharping knives

both works very good

Brett Hurrell says:

I really like the Minosharp water sharpeners, designed for Global knives but good for all Japanese knives.

Lee Jordan says:

Honing steels are not sharpeners.

YouzTube99 says:

The problem is not the sharpener but the design of the knife. This is why none of my knives has a bolster that extends to the heel. Theoretically that protects fingers, but it also makes sharpening difficult regardless of the tool one uses.

Dwayne Wladyka says:

Very informative video. I think the wet stone looks the best for knife sharpening.

steve gale says:

I have Hockiyama knives, they never need sharpening. Typo, i miss spelt the name.

Munch WillbeBlue says:

Sorry, the cutting angle hardly depicts what you can do with a knife. its the shape and thickness of a knife that depicts what it is good in dooing. The angle will say something about how long it will perform well or how easy it cuts something.

I am really interested in hearing how long these knifs stay sharp for you after you sharpened them through that machine.

Aleksamaker says:

Can that black thing sharpen hunting knives

Osbaldo Hernandez says:

I like wet stones better and I have the skills to use one i have 8 water stones and a strop

michael landry says:

good info to know, thanks Roel!

Olivier Morin says:

Shrade triangle sharppener is the best

BBBYpsi says:

buying electric sharpeners is gonna take to much metal off. I have two different wicked edge systems. The newest & most affordable I just got. The wicked edge go comes with a nice little carrying case. I am gonna get there deluxe case so I can carry two more sets of stones with it for on the road. Best system by far & also have a angle guide to go with it.

Big Papi says:

I’m a Neanderthal when it comes to sharpening my knives. I use a 1″ x30″ belt sander with a 1000 grit belt to create an edge and polish it on a bench grinder fitted with an MDF wheel loaded with jewelers rouge. I use a diamond rod for realigning the edge during use. I also give names to all of my knives. Dexter, Lucy, Rusty, Toshi and Franklin are my favorites.

MrNiceGuy80x5 says:

Wicked edge. Completely takes out human error

nikumeru says:

I have the 3 step chef’s choice machine, you really need to pass the knife a few times to create a perfect new edge, I’ve even used it on cheapo IKEA 3-5 euro knives and they can slice tomatoes extremely thin.

Ken Roman says:

read the instructions for the Chef’s Choice as it is obvious you did not or you would not get those poor results.. Just as with whetstones you feel for a burr……

Joe Joe says:

My wet stone takes hair off my arm. Like you said it is quicker. I like it

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

Good review. Thank you 🙂

Bill King says:

You can’t beat the stone for the sharpest edge! The machine is good for a quick edge but it will eventually grind you blade away.

Michael King says:

you look like steveo

gmshowtruck says:

Weer een leerzaam filmpje Roel 🙂 Ik wet m’n messen met de hand nat, eerst met de grove wetsteen daarna de fijne wetsteen om na te wetten. De hoek maakt denk niet zoveel uit of dat nou 15 graden is of 18 graden. Ben vroeger gereedschapslijper geweest o.a. veel ervaring met slijpen van boren frezen ruimers enz

Gen 1 says:

For how long did the diamond sharpener last? Thanks

Cremantus says:

Bro… as always… handcraft is the solution… heat control on the grill and sharpness control of your knifes… I use Wüsthof for a long time… WITH A STONE… what else and I will not stop it… the point is to control your joints and then you have it. Wüsthof is stable enough to complete fuck up a knife and to resharpen it up to the base. As you said… the stone is for life.

CastIronSkillet says:

Thanks for the review!

Lange Makki says:

great video again! handy mate 😉

Deimos000 says:

Wetstones for ever. I polish with a 10k grit stone for a mirror edge finish. Latest at least a couple of months with regular abuse.

Downside though that it takes around half a hour sharpening from grit 500 to 1000 to 2000 to 5000 to 10000.

GamingFreak076 says:

question, on the beginning side where i start grinding on hard stone to get a burr,
do i continue the other side with the same stone untill there’s a burr coming to the other side,
or do i continue with a finer stone to get rid of the burr, or do i continue with finer stone to get the burr on the beginning side?

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