Pelican Case Foam Cutting – WAY TOO MUCH FUN! Rex Reviews

Cutting Pelican Case foam inserts can be a fun time. In this videos, Rex does custom fits this Pelican 1750 Case foam to his better half’s new Remington SPS .243 in its AWT Long Range Precision Chassis (Applied Weapons Technologies).

In order to convince you how tough he is, Rex dresses in all black BDUs for this video wearing a cool tactical vest and skin-tight black Tac-Shirt while acting like he is on the verge of being very very angry at any moment. He even spent the day rehearsing in front of the mirror to master the classic P.O.ed scowl. He almost got some really sweet barbed wire / tribal tattoos installed on his forehead but he changed his mind at the last minute. Hopefully this new extra serious tactical persona adds to his credibility concerning his foam cutting skills and now people will ooze with respect and fearful reverence wherever he treks due to his outward coolness.

Sorry, that was over the top.

Buy an electric kitchen knife and some spray glue before attempting this project. The rusty miter saw and pruning shears is NOT recommended.

All the music in this video was created by TiborasaurusRex, an unsigned artist.

Song Titles: Green Leaved Recherché, Minefield, Particle Jam, Wadi Watir
Music and Lyrics by: TiborasaurusRex
Instrumentation and Vocals by: TiborasaurusRex
Recorded by: TiborasaurusRex


Ryan Bingham says:

I wouldn’t glue it down that way you only need o buy 1 new piece of foam to use the case for another rifle. Now ya gotta buy 2 brotha.

Josh Thompson says:

You should have set the things up to be cut out reversly that way you could trace and cut out then flip foam over to hide the marker marks

YZFoFittie says:

How many pieces of table did you find on the ground after? XD

Jose Eduardo Prieto says:

Hey Rex, I have a 30″ Barrel and 3″ break on my .338 EDGE and the damn thing won´t fit in my SKB 5013. Any suggestions on a proper case for a rifle that size??

KiTTeNChaoSS says:

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I have an idea I havent tried yet.  Using many strips of closed cell foam, of varying lengths laid on their sides at right angles to the rifle.  Each length of foam would be cut to length.  Each one glued into place, about 1/2 inch wide.  Any ideas?                                 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

jynx 1966 says:

forgive my ignorance but what is the temperature gun for ?

North Carolina Gun Enthusiast says:

What is the full length of you gun there?

Mathesen says:

I have this exact case. Pelican sells the foam in three packs for about $50. You have two choices. You can elect to forego gluing so that you can remove the middle piece of foam, or you can glue it like the video shows it. Here’s my advice. GLUE IT. Otherwise you’re constantly battling the foam when you remove the gun. Eventually you’ll tear the foam. If you buy two 3-piece sets of foam, the case can be set up for four different configurations (2 pieces of foam per configuration plus the foam that comes with it when purchased). Awesome case. Mine is set up for hunting rifle, hunting shotgun, AR15 range toy, and pistols. $325 for a four-gun set up. That’s good value.

Phantasmos says:

A jigsaw works better!
I know!!

david garcia says:

Ted Nugent Jr. carving foam. Thx for all you and Uncle Ted do for the citizens.



thewolfchild says:

stop whistling you jackass

Steve H. says:

Good tutorial and I will be doing the same to the foam in my new Pelican case. The round corners could be eliminated and the firearm would still remain motionless with sharp corners. Just food for thought.

Risky Business says:

which brand knife is this? im reading mixed reviews of over heating, dull blades after a few minutes from most brands

arfbarg says:

What model# is this Pelican case?

beancountingzombie says:

Great video- off to cut foam for a MK12

artefact says:

Should do this for others and charge $$$, nice foam cutting!

Jim Thomas says:

My GS wanted $75 to do it on a CNC machine. I have a jig saw and you have shown me the way. Thx.

Brian Troesch says:

Thanks for the video. It worked like a charm. I used tube glue instead of spray because I was indoors, and I did the suggestion of flipping the foam to hide the lines. Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g O/U. Thumbs up!

Jashonk says:

Great video! I’m trying to get up the nerve to do it. Got my new Pelican case in the mail to me right now. Trying to educate myself on what to do and not do.

Phil Tylka says:

Hey Rex, great video! Would you ever take the bolt out and store it in it’s own cutout (in the case) to avoid the top lid pressing down on it?

Justin Bouvier says:

Rex. Who makes that chassis you have for that rifle?

Jacob haughney says:

yes, very interested in knowing what kind of rifle that is there. great video, very helpful!

H4RV45 KOSO says:

Only question…How in the fak do you give that a thumbs down? lol TROLLS

Joseph J Johnson says:

Really Good Job Window Licker…

spetsnazgdr says:

Hello Rex. What’s the brand of the electric knife you used to cut the foam? Thanks.

Bobby B says:

idea would have been to flip rifle and such….that way, after cutting and drawing with silver tip… can flip foam over and have no marks…   i watch youtube, im a pro….lol   great ideas though

Parachute216Reg says:

im sending mine to you to cut for me – good work

DwightMS1 says:

Thanks for the great vid.  There’s another guy on You Tube who shows you how to make all that good work last longer.  After he cuts the foam, he sprays it with a polymer product made by “Plasti-Dip,” I believe.  He says that keeps the foam from tearing with use.

Steve H. says:

Nice final fit! You couldn’t have picked a harder pattern than your AR 15 with all the accessories. And you made the tight corners with curves look very easy to cut out. Thank You for this posting!

jonnebanan says:

At that distance, under those conditions you really got to compensate more for wind drift. You of all should know this Rex. And remember, no jerky on the trigger of the meatcutter. The case looks great. I’ve done this for my camera gear. Works great and keeps everything safe, dry and tidy.

Zac McQuade says:

I love this guy!

francis dolarhyde says:

very clever ,you have by far the best pelican rifle case video.

John Flemming says:

I made the dumb mistake of trying to do it with just a steak knife….looks terrible even though the fit is perfect. guess I’ll have to sand the edges down a bit to make it look nice

Cesar De La Sancha says:

love the music anyone know the track names?? great tutorial cuts look really good bro.

david behle says:

Id think you would want the optics up toward the handle? also I’ve seen people put the muzzle end towards the back/wheels..?????
but what the hell do I know? ;o) GFC peace

Joseph J Johnson says:

Minefield, i dig it…

ok Not Really…


Raquel Foster says:

Now I’m gonna have to go watch Maximum Overdrive again… I’ve seen that almost as many times as Road House 🙂

frobi6852 says:

Always make sure the foam is safe for optics, Out gassing can damage the coating on the lenses.

Robert Larson says:

Great video!

Joe Dirt says:

Joe dirt says fuck yeah

JB says:

its upside down, you want the scope to face the carry handle so there is no force pressing down on the scope.

ValcoBayrunner says:

Dude can shoot, are you in Montana, looks like badlands, but you have mountain terrain.

Sean Cassidy says:

Instead of gluing the two layers, I cut holes in the bottom layer below areas where the top layer was still full. This created hidden pockets accessible by lifting the top layer of foam.

Joseph J Johnson says:


let your kid take the cut out of the gun to school and see what happens….

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