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About the Swifty Sharp: The incredible new cordless, motorized blade sharpener! Swiftly sharp is a cordless electric knife sharpener to give you precision sharpening for all your knives and tools? It has a professional-grade sapphire stone, which will hone it at the perfect angle and will make any blade razor sharp in just seconds.

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Buy Swifty Sharp Cordless, Motorized Knife Blade Sharpener

Vivian Tries Testing As Seen On TV Products – Kitchen Gadget Reviews. I make 3-4 New As Seen on TV Products Videos every week. If the Food Network, Comedy Central, and Buzzfeed had a baby, this would be it. I’m a recovering Diet Dr. Pepper addict with a slight cussin’ problem. I make videos about top 10 lists, weird kitchen gadgets, strange food and life hacks, reviewing products, testing as seen on TV products, tasting crazy candy, diy food, how to, tutorials, review new foods, challenges, pranks and random shenanigans!
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Steve Davis says:

After I smoke a a joint , out comes my pocket knife I sharpened with a rock and cut my zig-zag papers into 78 peices all in successful cuts !

K.C. McCormick Jr says:

my granny had a knife sharpiner on her electric can opner , anyone remember those?

Shadow Walker says:

to be honest it would greatly surprise me if you could actually do an apple to apple comparison. I am sure that the knife on the infomercial is a true chef’s knife. you know, one of those that costs hundreds (yes, plural) of dollars each. very few home kitchens have those. that you got the results that you did on a home knife was impressive. keep up the great vids

Dan Montgomery says:

I think the screwdriver sharpener is for those people that think a screwdriver can double as a chisel or scraper… or maybe when the zombie apocalypse happens and a still screwdriver just won’t do

ZombieX65 says:

Ouch! That’s painful to see!

Also, for the tools stuff… Ever try using a dull screwdriver? It strips your screws and stuff so it’s a good idea to repair you’re dull heads or just get new tools if yours are in bad shape.

Cynthia Logue says:

My knives are super dull! I need this product! Next time I’m in the states I’ll purchase it. Thanks for trying it out for us.

Heather Brown says:

As someone who was trained professionally in Culinary Arts and had to learn how to sharpen knives properly this machine makes me cringe! I love Vivian and I love her shows, but this product makes me cringe. I’d rather use a sharpening stone and honing steel to get a precision blade than this. No thank you!

Elizabeth Shaw says:

You don’t Smack the paper like that you slice through it not where I got it because you just going to hit the paper and bounce off.

April Cortez says:

Same way a screw can get stripped a screwdriver can also get stripped like it al blends together and doesn’t have the star effect as much. I love these videos and definitely gonna be getting one of these

Rachel Bartley says:

My kitchen is loaded with gadgets but I don’t have a ton of products you show.. I sure do love to watch your channel!!

Johnny9 says:

this product sux i tried it its not reliable

Paul win says:

Pull thru sharpenners will Overtime ruin your knife. For long term use stones or a mini grinder will work much better.

Janice Tryon says:

screw drivers ware down over time with a lot of usages, so do alot of tools just saying, good demo

Donnie Haymon says:

just so you know Vivian if you use any kind of grinder on any kind of blade it will lose the”temper” of the blade ruining the blade ask anyone who sharpens knifes for a living use a grinder you’ll have to end up buying new knives

Gwedo KCCO says:

Im a professional! Best quote you have ever said. lol

Susan Hendrix says:

glad to see you back. missed you and your heads. 🙂

evodesign4 says:

GREEN is my favorite color 2

VampyrDjevelDeity says:

I’ll sharpen your chef’s knife for free if you promise to keep it out of that thing of a sharpener. Message me if you’re interested. I’ll pay return postage as well.

Patrice Williams says:

You were pushing to hard on the knife, just glide through

This Guy says:

Vivian tries to be a ninja. Vinja

Nichole Fander says:

because can’t be wet when u sharpen it u went from tomato test to sharpener clogged it with shavings

Joe Schmoe says:

I think you might be bearing down to hard on the sharper just pull the blade through without pushing down and I think you’ll get better results

Kelli says:

I could see needing to sharpen a Flat head screw driver, when they start to get dull they won’t grip the screw any more. They wouldn’t need to be too sharp they’re not supposed to be able to cut food but their tips do need to be kept sharp for them to grip and do their job correctly 🙂

Elaine Marie says:

My cheapo automatic can opener has a sharpener on the back of it. Works great, and didn’t need batteries or buy another appliance.

P.S. Every time I see your last name, I wonder if you knew Tenorio is a Sephardic Jewish surname? As a teen in San Francisco, my BFF was a Tenorio from New Mexico. I discovered in 2011 that my very unusual last name (cannot disclose) was listed as one, as well. Although the enforced conversion (by death or exile) was super long ago, I have always been drawn to Judaism. When I backpacked around Europe, between my high school & university attendance, I paid my respects at Dachau. When I went to a synagogue, I could uncannily sing the Hebrew words flawlessly, which freaked out my friend who took me. I also realized in hindsight, my father had us following kosher practices, despite being raised Catholic. We also have the Archuleta name (another Sephardic) from my paternal grandmother. Anyway, with the upsurge in genealogy & DNA testing, I thought it was interesting.
Apparently, until 10/18, you can apply for Spanish dual citizenship with help from a New Mexico group.

General Porkchop says:

Nice video. I always have used a power hollow grinder for my wood chisels with very good results. But for kitchen knives I use a little non powered sharpener. Couple of swipes and it cuts meat nicely. Picked mine little hand sharpener at sears 8 bucks 7 years ago and works perfect. This product would probably be best for knives that are really screwed up. thumbs up on the vid.

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