The Wusthof Chef’s Choice knife sharpener PEtec IN ACTION. Electric Sharpener Review MODEL 36375

Wüsthof PETec Electric Knife Sharpener IN ACTION. Today we sharpen henkel and wusthof knives, new and old. Can this sharpener bring back an old henkel? MODEL 36375 available at amazon, home depot, bed bath beyond.


walt2t says:

Looks like a great device, nothing worse than a dull knife when trying to cook. Great looking pie, I picked some black raspberries yesterday and am thinking about making a pie, sounds really good, I love pie.

SalivateMetal says:

Wow. that is a very cool contraption my friend. It does a great job!!

MrVegiita says:

Great knife!

Silver Wolverine says:


BeachBum Silver says:

Nice man, might have to get one of those myself.

Silver cat says:

where can I get a knife sharpener like that. also brother you have a awesome kitchen great places to do some cooking. That is one of my favorites thing to do I l love cooking dinner and hearing people brag about your food. I drive a truck and happy doing that but if I could pick any job and money wasn’t a issue I would definitely be a chef Thanks for sharing my friend

shiny packAGe says:

i have never used one of those sharpeners before, looks like it worked well. i was a chef for 15 year’s and did it the old fashioned way. thanks for sharing Louie

Silver Wolverine says:

Wow! I have one Wusthof Classic 10 in cooks/ chefs. I had it for about 10 years.
I used to send them to Wusthof to get sharpened, now i take them to a local Knife sharpening place and they charge $1 per knife.
That is nice sharpener…
Love videos like this…

iPat6G says:

I like that you leave the pie intermission in the video. Very funny.

3D Outdoors says:

Very nice.

Tomoko's Enterprize says:

I have a sharpening sideline so I ove a fine edge. I have Cutco knifes. All they need is a quick lap with ea use and I have shaved with them. Any time I hear a grinder working on a fine edge I sutter. They pull the temper from the edge. Not saying they are not sharp but the edge will not last long or at all loosing it on the first cut when it hits the board. .It is just the nature of carbon steel. I would suggest learning hand sharpening techniques to be practiced for all. A good view on knives there fella. If anyone sees a chance to see a Cutco demo do so but warm up yer wallet a bunch eh. Thanks Louie,now get back to your bench eh !

Benjamin O'Connor says:

I don’t know, I’m not convinced of how well the machine did sharpen the knives. Maybe it was your cutting technique that made it look as though the knives are sharp but not as sharp as I would like. Would you say you could slice a ring of the tomato with one movement without having to use to much pressure? I am thinking of getting this machine but I don’t know how well it actually sharpens a knife. Nice video by the way!

S S says:

I think the “tried and true” knife was made in china, I have the exact same knife. can you see the “made in ____” mark on the side? please tell me I’m wrong! I just got an electric sharpener by chef’s choice, but it is 3 stages all diamond, would have been another $40-50 for the 3rd stage to be strop. I always steel my knives after washing, but they’re in need of an overhaul.

basanta nepali says:

how match price I like This

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