Why I Don’t Use Electric Sharpeners

Should you use an electric sharpener to sharpen your knives? Here is why I don’t use electric sharpeners either. If you are seriously considering an e-sharpener, watch and see if they are really right for you.

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John Blalock says:

Hey Ryky, new subscriber here. LOVE your videos. Been watching them non stop. Have you ever considered getting a digital microscope to view the blade edges, bevels and scratch patterns up close? I would find it incredibly interesting to be able to see the edge up close each step of the process, effects of different stones, strops and compounds.

There are expensive lab grade, top lit microscopes that have camera attachments. But some of the guys on the straight razor forums I frequent have decent success with some cheaper usb digital scopes found on amazon.

Light Seeker says:

Great channel! I was wondering if you think there’s a way to achieve even better results with this electric sharpener by deviating from their recommanded procedure. For instance, maybe by making way slower passes, or by making lots of them instead of just 4 or 5 in each slot ? Thanks 🙂

A13tech says:

hi, question, is there any point to buy a Shapton glass with grid around 3000-4000 if i already have King kds 1000/6000 and leather strop with green compound ?

Mr. Z says:

Did something happen? We used to get videos regularly but it’s been 4 weeks since the last update. I hope all is well. Seems a sudden drop off

Roland Tran says:

Is the Suehiro SKG 43 a Good stone for $35

MichaelMing says:

Wouldn’t sharpen the knife further have removed the 2 divots on the damaged knife?

Lewis Maddox says:

what are your thoughts on the lansky stone knife sharpening system? i’d love to see a video on that

simezra says:

didnt see a video from you for 3 weeks, hope everything is ok buddy

Ishy P says:

Is it possible to get second hand high-end knife like that for a regular consumer? I would love to try to fix a nice knife like that.

Foldasaurus says:

Have you ever tried yoshihiro knifes or stones?

danoj77 says:

– Question –
Hi Ryky,
Thanks for the great channel and all of the useful advice that you have given. Until recently I have been using a steak knife or a paring knife to do all of my food preparation, so I am relatively new to using chef’s knives for my cooking needs. After stumbling upon one of your video’s while doing research on knife sharpening, I came to the conclusion that I should just buy a proper chef’s knife. So, I would like some advice on what to buy and look for.

I have narrowed my search down a bit, and based on how I handle and use knives I believe that a Santoku or Nakiri style of blade, those with a flatter belly, would accommodate me better than those that have a full belly. Also, because I tend to work in smaller areas and on smaller cutting boards, I don’t want a large knife. I feel that something in the range of 5-6 inches would suite me best. One last thing, I am a recent college graduate and at the moment, poor. I understand that quality comes at a price, however, I would like to keep the price below $130.

Question, what knife would you recommend?

ToyMchn says:

Ryky! Where ya been?!

Ralph Uriarte says:

I think a Ken Onion Work Sharp is way better than that Chefs choice sharpener

scott kirkham says:

this is a fair review

David Todd says:

Did Ryky go to Japan?

AmeriJam Acres says:

I’d like to see what you think about the Lansky system. I checked the video list and done see anything about the Lansky.

Fred Garvin says:

DId Lizzie Borden own that knife?

nowonmetube says:

Not biased at all. I was surprised to how positive you actually talked about the electric sharpener. (German here)

But I was a little disappointed that you were talking down German knives as those with cheap steel, then you showed knifes from Wüstenhof themselves. Of course the sharpener is made for their own knifes. But don’t you forget Solingen? Some of the best knives are made there. And we also have/had some reputable and not cheap knife manufacturers like Puma and Othello.

Super Scribe says:

Almost 3/4 the way to 100k…
“Professor X”?

Bernd Adams says:

Hey Burrfection, I was wondering we all know the warning of washing your knives with hot water, now what I’ve been doing when washing my new knives is actually finish it off with very hot water then dry off and immediately take them to the strap then put them away for next use and well they have remained razor sharp for the past year. useful technique or not?

Pedantic Pete says:

I would love it if you could do a video on cutting technique styles. I tend to chip some of my Japanese style blades. I understand the difference in technique and we all discussed on reddit if it was how it was stored, the cutting board type, the cutting style, what I was cutting etc. I don’t want to wreck the new Enso I just got (saw on your videos. Love it) I cant narrow down where I’m screwing things up I’m so careful with them and when I use them.

MichaelMing says:

Thanks for the great review! … may i suggest you consider reviewing the Smith’s Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System that is selling for $24 on Amazon? … Would you consider sharpening expensive $200-$300 Japanese knives on this sharpening stone system?

scott kirkham says:

Do you ever review Thai kitchen knives or Korean knives?
I know they are cheap but they present in a nice way with reveted wood handles.

Czr S says:

Where are you riky? Hopefully all is well. Hopefully just a vacation.

Remco Hijlkema says:

Yoo dude, is everything okay? You didnt upload for three weeks… I started getting worried (and miss the great vids).


I value your opinion quite a bit. I would much rather use a stone set. Whetstones are awesome and it takes a lot more skill to use one compared to just blindly putting faith and pulling your knife in those pull through sharpeners.

Windle83 says:

3 weeks and no new video… starting to have withdrawals lol

Dogge says:

I went with the electric sharpener for my cheap Henkel knives. They’re way better than what they used to be. I’d never use it for high end blades but it is perfect for the average kitchen knife. Thanks so much for covering this topic.


How can we find out what the Rockwell hardness of our knives is?

Lea Baltimore says:

Just sharpen it a bit more and run it through all three stages……… come on bro!

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