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Sharpen every knife you own like a pro quickly, easily, and with repeatable, consistent results because of the include knife guides
-40 degree kitchen knife guide
-50 degree outdoor knife guide, including scissor and serrated guides
Comes with premium abrasive belts to meet all your sharpening needs: 2 coarse P80, 2 medium P220, and 2 fine 6000

Precision sharpening guides provide fast, easy, repeatable and consistent results

Can also be used to sharpen a wide range of bladed shop tools and lawn and garden tools

1-year warranty valid for North American 110v power source applications

Made in the USA


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Fred Hart
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Colin Gomez says:

So far from the traditional way….

Paul Hastings says:

Nice video would you use a leather strop after you use that

5150hs says:

I found this video very informative. No hating here. Thank you for sharing.

dseed norway says:

been looking at these, thanks for the review.

not2fast4u2c says:

Looks like a Nice tool for the money I have knives that are not expensive so I wouldn’t be afraid to use this tool on them also I like that I could use it on an axe or hatchet

D Kat says:

Ya I don’t know it don’t look that good. looks like it gets it fairly sharp but no wow factor.

wlehtola says:

can u fix your glasses please

Deaddreamsofgaming says:

can you buy this in europe?

Scott Jackson says:

After watching this I got sold. I went directly to Amazon and got this, and an additional belt set. I can’t wait to use it.
I have the stones and “V” pull through types but they are what they are. I have struggled for years especially with kitchen knives and scissors. Hopefully this will solve many of those problems.

Lellobeetle says:

Just ordered one. Maybe you could do a visual demonstration on an axe.

Leon Grötzinger says:

Best channel ever 😀

J Dubs says:

Fred I apologize if I’ve missed it but where the heck are you getting all these awesome shirts from??  Do they make big boy sizes (2xlt+)?  Thanks!

Rich M. says:

Leaving the unit on while putting the knife in before aligning the proper angle will guarantee a damaged edge. The company states to align the edge in the guide before powering the unit on and turning it off right before the edge runs off as to avoid a blunt point.

John Dough says:

Pull through the other way…..the tip won’t fall off the guide.

Travis K says:

I looked for years for a sharpener. Tried everything. Then I bought an EdgePro Apex.

KamakazeTaco says:

I got the work sharp guided sharpener with the diamond plates and I love it. Even comes with a ceramic honing rod for serrations. This thing just seems entirely too loud.

BMK says:

Belt sander harbor freight

Eddygeek18 says:

I’m always haven’t problems sharpening my knife. I have tried everything, and i have it sharp but no matter how much i work on the blade it will not go razor sharp. It’s only a cheap knife so the only thing i can think is that it’s the metal quality. Recently i have been sharpening it on the bottom of a ceramic cup and a crystal ashtray wish has made it the sharpest it’s been but still not perfect (how i want it) I think i will give this device (or similar one) a go 🙂 Thanks for the review.

Jim Cooper says:

Good video on the work sharp. THANK YOU.

3bd z says:

Thank you a looooooot

Malvina Carabas says:

Nice . Thank you. Subbed

tim kitzmann says:

Thanks for sharing Fred. I have been eye-ballin this for some time now as well. Maybe Mrs. Claus will get it for me….lol. Have a great one and keep the blades comin.

Yiorgarra says:

Hey Fred what’s up… we have similar hobbies… Ecigs (sqounker) and EDC gear……Anyway, I watched the spokesmen of this product pulse the power button while only allowing the weight of the knife for downward pressure as opposed to leaving it run and applying downward pressure…. which is what you did here….. I’m just wondering if you still use this system? Other ppl have mentioned this here, so…. have you changed up your technique and are you getting better results?? I was considering either this or the lansky rod guide sharpener.

Dinner-fork tongue says:

Have you tried the Ken Onion version yet, Fred?

Bruce Kersman says:

NICELY DONE !!!   what about the black guide ???  I’m confused and mine does not seat properly; is this for sharpening or just a guard/protector ???  thanks

TheCarChannel says:

Does it have 15 degree guides? That seems like an oversight on an otherwise awesome tool.

gdZyper says:

You round off the tip by pulling of the band. You need to practice more and make sure you stop when your tip is in the middle of the band.
Don’t press down to hard, just touch the band lightly.

Jay Lancaster says:

Rich M. Is correct. WS doesn’t recommend using the always on feature when sharpening your knives. The intermittent button should be pressed AFTER you have the blade placed all the way in the guide. The button should be released just before you get to the tip.

Dropping the blade onto a running belt will cause it to wear more in that spot more than the rest of the blade. And keeping it running while pulling the tip through will easily take the tip off the knife.

The instruction manual is invaluable.

Shelby Asch says:

Very good instructional video. Thank you very much!

JosheyG34 says:

I go the other way through that guide. Then your supporting the knife with the entire pull, the tip won’t go wild across the belt

Blake Matthews says:

Ive had one of these for over 2 years and its best sharpener ive ever owned

lason conrad says:

Anyone else see his vape collection by the computers in the beginning of the vid???

Joseph Myers says:

these are sold at Tractor Supply co. for $59.99

RowdyRoddy says:

Worth the extra money to buy the Ken Onion edition?

Michigan Edge says:

I like it! Thanks for sharing

Ted Spacey says:

you’re not actually doing it right

propnut50 says:

Thanks Fred!  Yet another Great deal /find, Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!

RippingLips3 says:

could u put some rubbing compound on this for a nice polished

zaperfan says:

I am at this point in time waiting for it to be delivered today sometime.Thanks for the demo I’m sure its going to be invaluable to use for my hunting knifes and kitchen knifes, pocket knifes .

Krim Med says:

a very goooood tool !!
a really appreciate  

thanks  a lot…….

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