🔪Leatherman CRATER C33 Review. This is a very fine EDC folding knife, check it out.

Leatherman has long been known for making very good multi-tools and part of the reason they are so well liked is because they come with a good knife blade. Well, what if you want a knife, and not a multi-tool, would Leatherman be able to deliver? I think they did. they call it the CRATER c33, and it comes in 9 or 10 variants. This review is of the most basic model.

If you would like to buy one, please consider using the links I provide a that is a great way to support this channel without it having to cost you a single penny.

Amazon.CA (may be out of stock on the first link listed, but they had a better price than the second – I included both just in case)
http://amzn.to/2kXiVug (I paid $28CAD when this link last worked)
http://amzn.to/2kiDUbJ ($38CAD)
http://amzn.to/2kXjCnm – for a variety of CRATER models

Amazon.COM (probably will NOT ship to Canada)
http://amzn.to/2jWF9MQ ($19.95USD)
http://amzn.to/2kiv8KI – for a variety of CRATER models

LEATHERMAN CANADA: http://www.leatherman.ca/on/demandware.store/Sites-leatherman-ca-Site/en_CA/Search-Show?q=c33
LEATHERMAN USA: http://www.leatherman.com/Search-Show?q=c33

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before this review I did not think that this crater was so good

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I came to the review just to kill some time and I saw this knife in another review but that review did not warm me up to the knife but you did such an excellent job showing the knife in all the details that you sold the knife. Now I want one.

Thomas Parker says:

MEC in Canada carries the c33 for $22.50.

Lifeisawheelie says:

Funny. I was in a shop the other day and saw this one in the window. Had to ask at the counter, was that a backlock or a tool or what? Oh a carabiner!! Do he let the carabiner dtay open and put it back in the window 🙂 important feature to show hehe. Well, i wouldnt consider this knife unless if i didnt know sanrenmu or if i was like a carpenter or had some other aerious application for this, and wanted the leatherman handles and blade and materials. Very worth a review though!! Glad i got to see

Jeffrey Koh says:

Thanks for reviewing c33. One of my all time favourites!

Dubglock23 says:

Had one years ago…served me well

Donny Hopkins says:

Very nice, I do like.

Syafique Sharif says:

my friend got this one and i really really like the aesthetic of it. im a fan of the spear point and the wood like texture of the scales. very classy looking. you’re right about the carabiner being puzzling to closed for the first time. how does 420hc compares to 8cr13 steel?

Punisher 666 says:

One of muy favourites EDC. Very good quality price relation

kidbach says:

cool review as always. a nice knife I just never been into Leatherman products.

Everyday Guy says:

great review. I was wondering if you had a review for this knife.
I’ve been carrying it all week and I like it. I own several of leatherman’s multitools so it fits right it.

Martin Meijler says:

Good revieuw Jake! I received one for my birthday from my sister an brother in law.I liked it very much immediately. But after this review I love it even more! It is a great knife!

Aiman Jamaluddin says:

i have video request.. can you make a video about big / chunky folding knives? i would like to see all big folding knife u have.

Lt Survival says:

The plastic stud in the handle is most like l’y to keep the edge from hitting the folded carabiner.

Joe P says:

I couldn’t see if the thumb stud has a screw which you could turn with a screwdriver. If not it might twist off with pliers and thereby permit you to use it on the other side of the blade. I’m pretty sure the guide inside the handle simply assures the blade will be centered when closed. Good catch. Cool knife.


hi Jake
looking at this knife on gearbest :http://www.gearbest.com/pocket-knives-and-folding-knives/pp_606097.html
its First sanrenmu with bearings, and sandvik steel.
It would be a great knife to have and review.
watch your videos is like having a chat with a friend!

German Survivalist says:

2.3 CENTIMETERS would be a very thick knife xD sorry for being nitpicky 😛

Kit Johnson says:

it rusts very easily.

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