$1 Credit Card Knife // Does it work?

Review of the $1 credit card knife from ebay.
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Kejsarn says:

Im gonna get One for self defense

Rikth Dcruze says:

its not a saw blade, its called a gimping

RangeBoyVlogs says:

thats not a saw its a thumb grip

Giorgi Janjgava says:

you forgot to press something in, it has a place to press it in and it wont bend

_BlaKat. says:

Its illegal in Portugal, fuuuuuuk

Scarcasm says:

I bought 1 for 0.44 cents xD

My penis is unbelievably small , But says:

Get the branded ones it’s only 3.50 and it’s wayyy better then the cheap 1.00 one

Sage . says:

Don’t sharpen it to much I had one and I broke it because I over-sharpened it luckily I got a new one

masterchief87513 says:

The little saw blade is actually a serration just thought I’d point it out.

F.E.K. says:

This is not daily use knife, only emergency or backup tool. Cheap, disposable (well used a few times) tool…

Spider Man says:

I really want one but my dad wont allow me sad

LesPaul2006 says:

That is not meant for cutting fruit or letters. It is meant for self defense.

Oliber rhy says:

it’s good for cutting string or letters, it’s not really that good for self defense as it takes some fiddling to unfold and would probably break if you tried to attack someone with it. nice little novelty though, and could be quite useful depending on what situation you’re in.

J M says:

On eBay u can get 20 for 10$

Paper crafts and Stuff says:

Nice video I subed it is sad that there isn’t a lot of comments hope you become famous

Jaimee Moreno says:

I have one

Tyler Phaneuf says:

That’s not a saw blade you tard. It for grip for your thumb.

Mr. VZX says:

I have it

Jeremy Eaton says:

I have one

Anthony says:

This is perfect to carry around in my opinion. You always carry around your wallet even if you are going to a 5 star restaurant or a bar you won’t look sketchy walking in with a dagger in your pocket


I received mine for free and it was really dull. The steel was really easy to sharpen but the steel is soft. Making it easy to strop with newspaper.

rc helistef says:

Good vid man

Salman Khan says:


Raz or says:

thats a fake cardsharp 2 xDDDDDD

SmileysGamingJR says:

I thought you could have your card in it.. 🙁

Joseph Stalin says:

Worth a buy?

Alex Is AWESOME Mig says:

Just got one


I’m gonna get one of these next week (so exite)

Giggity Gaming says:

i got 5 for 3 bucks on wish

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