10 Best Folding Knives under $100

Best in 1080HD! Grab an frosty beverage and pull up a chair, your going to be here for a while. I take a look at 10 awesome production knives for $100 or less. A good variety of knives from Kershaw, Spyderco, Benchmade, Cold Steel,etc. Thanks for watching an as always like, share, and subscribe.

Knives in the video
Victorinox Alox Cadet
Kershaw Leek
Kershaw Skyline
Kershaw Blur
Cold Steel Code 4
Buck Vantage Pro
Benchmade Mini Griptilian
Spyderco Paramiltary 2
ZT 0566


James Burns says:

One of the better reviews I have seen!

The sᴜᴍᴍɪᴛᴠɪʟʟᴇ says:

Did anyone else find this while searching for cs knives

Mason S says:

put links in ur vids

Archergrl5 says:

delica 4 is not listed in your description

Beast of the Far East says:

This video is brought to you by KERSHAW®

just kidding, great video! Really helpful.

Arak Seepoom says:

cold steel doesn’t make anything, no? all their stuff comes from where, china?

JdsCutlery says:

If i sold my microtech i would prob get around $220

Lord RaptOR says:

Spyderco Endura 4 should be on the list. Can’t find any Paramilitary 2s for under $100.

Jack Ridge says:

1. A used but not abused PM2 or Manix2.

James Bonventre says:

Can you sharpen my spyderco manix s110v please?

Abel Delgado says:

“secondary market” by that, do you mean ebay?

teakey says:

No Chinese blades to be used? This goes against your title.

EpicMonkeyGaming says:

Fuck 100$ i just got 1500$ custom made one from finland with my name carved i was saving money for that knife for 2years but is is awesome

WarriorX says:

[RIIING] “You chut-up I’m doing veedio, maing!” [SLAM] lol

MSIdleon says:

what sharpener do you use?

Jeremy Goldberg says:

Fun video, thanks.

Arak Seepoom says:

what is the knife at 24:05?

fwapwap288 says:

Should I buy an Ontario RAT (D2 Steel) or a Kershaw Skyline (Sandvick 14C28N)?

Nick Glos says:

Can you pls put the link in the discription?

srg914 says:

Rat 1 in d2 steel with carbon fiber over g2.. $52.

The Tomcat says:

who the fuck has laws against locking blades…

Nick Cantlon says:


Bruce Swearingen says:

thanks now I want 10 more knives

Zac Paul says:

I like the list! The extra $30 or so for the Benchmade Ritter Mini Griptilian is a very worthwhile investment IMO. The Ritter Grip’s blade design & geometry is so superior to the standard blade options that they shouldn’t even use the same name. Now the Ritter also comes in M390 steel…for each time I sharpen my M390 Benchmades, I’d guess I would have to sharpen the same blade in 154CM at least 5 or so times!!!

Tyler Moser says:

Pm2 is not under 100

boring banana says:

I think they added a torsion bar I bout my mom one this year and it doesn’t fall like that.

JB6789 says:

An updated video should show the Chinese made CH knives, mdels 3501 and 3504. The 3504 is titanium, annodized, 3D titanium clip, steel on steel lock, SVN35 steel, ceramic detents, ball bearing, frame lock flipper….all for $80 delivered!!!! No trademark infringement either. The 3501…also with similar materials except D2 steel.

Nicholas Hoffmann says:

Hey my Kershaw leek has started to rust even though it is stainless steel do you have any recommendations?

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