10 Best Folding Knives

Here are some of the best folding and EDC knives available. Please share your picks and comments too! Purchase links are provided below:

1) Kershaw Knockout 1870; 7.87″; 3.25″; Sandvik 14C28N; 3.6 oz; $65. 3:01 – http://amzn.to/2q4Ewa1
1a) Kershaw Leek 3:35 – http://amzn.to/2q7uvXH
2) Sebenza 21 Large – 8.33″; 3.625″; S35VN and 6A14V; 4.7 oz; $410. 6:25 – http://amzn.to/2q4l9Ob
3) Flash II – 8′; 3.5″; AUS8 HRC 57-58; 3.1 oz; $55. 7:58 – http://amzn.to/2r1ZTWE
4) Sage II – 7.5″; 3″; S30V; 3.6oz; $155. 11:10 – http://amzn.to/2q7joh8
5) Spyderco Tenacious G10 – 7.75″; 3.375″; 8CR13MOV; $35. 18:18 – http://amzn.to/2q7yXFB
6) Spyderco Endura; 8.75″; 3.75″; 3.4oz; VG10; Japan $60. 12:08 – http://amzn.to/2q7pyOt
7) Boker Plus Subcom Titanium – 4.625″; 1.875″; 440C; 2.3oz; $35. 13:52 – http://amzn.to/2q7gU2p
8) Zero Tolerance 0560 – 8.8″; 3.75″; 5.8oz; Elmax; $260. 17:10 -http://amzn.to/2q4n3hZ
9) Kershaw Blur; 7.87″; 3.4″; 440A; 4.2oz; $69. – http://amzn.to/2pAQBRf
10) Scientist – No longer available new –


Jimmy N says:

Awesome video and beautiful lanyards. Did you tie them yourself or did you buy them like that?

Summer H. Kawasaki says:

why dont you flick knives?

Eldrich Blacklion says:

Each knife has it’s value. No use making a list, everyone needs something else.

Carl Clarke says:

When I need a nap, I turn to a NuttyFantasy review…five minutes of information “crammed” into thirty minutes or more.

Ashley Riel says:

no rat 1 no griptillian, wtf

Arrieta 187 says:

410 fucking dollars? Smh.

toxic flipper says:

how the hell does this video have almost a million videos. that’s insane. great video tho man. I’m just kinda surprised a knife video has that many views. I wish more people would get into knives

The Product says:

I’m not sure I could disagree with any on this list as I own the majority of them. I bought them because I liked them and seeing them on a “top” list gives me a certain comfort with my choices.

Benjamin Gibson says:

Am I the only one that it annoys that he keeps saying EDC instead of everyday carry

Drew Rumpf says:

On the 0560 that’s not a thumb stunt. It’s a blade stop.

Chingus696 says:

So you have a left hand Sabenza (so you’re a lefty) yet you keep your other knives setup as right hand carry? None of them look used or carried much. Not a visible scratch on any of them. Do you ever use a knife for hard, long duration cutting or mostly light use edc?

IrishSavage87 says:

Fuck SOG

James Ritchie says:

That’s all the paracord you carry in the field? Tactical knife? For what reason?

M Mon says:

Best knives are made by cold steel

James Gordon says:

He says aluminum wrong.

Randy Clendenin says:

Hello, by chance do you know of anyone that’s selling a Kershaw Speed Bump – that’s not in the CLOUDS w/their idea of $$?? Thanks, be safe, take care, “GOD Bless”, sincerely Randy. Oh, I’m also a Veteran(if that matters ), also totally disabled (mutually exclusive). L8TR!!!☺

chris c says:

Of course the ZT can handle being flicked open, I mean, it was designed as flipper… I’d say you’re putting more “power” into a push on the flipper tab than you would on a thumbstud

Dustin Rowe says:

Nice review. You are spot on about rounding the top of the blade & hole on the Sage 2. I thought my Sage 2 had missed a final step in production because those edges were left untouched. I live only 20 minutes from the Spyderco outlet, so I went to see if they are all left unfinished (that is how the blade looks to me). Of course the answer was yes. The $150 price mentioned in the video was a sweet deal, I paid $185 from eBay & Spyderco had it marked down from $300 to $235 and when I asked if they price watch the rep. said no but they had a 20% off deal, which still put the price at just over $200. Just a small amount of work to the edges on my Sage 2 made it a better knife.

tommylabors _ says:

no rat 1?…..

spoke1183 says:

frame locks have failed on me would never ever get a knife with a frame lock again..junk

Life Reviews says:

Check out the new Zero Tolerance 0095, S35VN, All Titanium Handles!

moshe oz says:

I like this one :
Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/272838106247

R Dizzle83 says:

what a bull shit list. not one benchmade made the cut??? i saw 2 knives that could actually be considered the best. the rest are garbage. and a sog??? lmao

celeriacmarcus says:

For some one who knows nothing about knives, you gave a lot of info. At the moment I have 2 cheap knives in my collection but looking for more. Thanks.

Evil Mike says:

Chris wants you to pay $410 for his knife and he doesn’t want you flick it open a certain way?.
Because he has no confidence in his product .

Rodger P says:

I’ve heard the Boker has a stainless back.  You said you tested it with a magnet, but 300 series stainless is non-magnetic.  That’s why so many stainless refrigerators can’t use magnetic clip holders, because magnets don’t stick to 300 series.

Shane Scott says:

Did you really just recommend a Wal Mart knife with 440A steel? WOW

RE-L Mayer says:

i have been carrying kershaw blur for about 3/4 years and it is an amazing knife,im not a knife guy but this knife serves me well to this day

Nihad Japanes says:


Eddy Eddy says:

u’re not left handed bud

JP3 says:

which one is the best to cut a cop with if somebody (not me) would want to cut a cop trying to arrest him
what body part would the person have to aim for, should he or she stab or rather slice the cop?

Imirish 21 says:

400 bucks for an ugly knife what is it made out of gold!?

Brandon Sackett says:

I dig your vid Craig. its too funny to hear people bitch when there favorite knife doesnt make the cut. Make you own god damn list

Nathaniel Graham says:

IMO the SOG Flash should sell for around $10. In my experience it’s incredibly overpriced. I had one for about 3 weeks before the handle cracked open. About a week into ownership the clip was already bent and basically useless. To SOG’s credit, they did offer to fix it under warranty, but since I wasn’t going to trust it ever again why bother?

slayerofFUD says:

i choose the manix 2.

Knifeaholix says:

Poor mans Hinderer @ $250. I would say the Kershaw Thermite would be the poor mans Hinderer.

clusterguard says:

funny thing is that all of those knives are sold at overrated american prices while they are made in China. that’s cheating and it will imply the end of the american industry.

Xiaohua Qiu says:

Hi everyone, I would be very happy if you would like to come to my shop to see my knife. I sell Chinese brand knives. If you are interested, you can see my profile to find a link to my shop. Thank you

Evil Mike says:

Good video by the way

Sara Shen says:

what about 940

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