$20 Ganzo G7393 Folding Pocket Knife Review- Quality 3.5 in EDC Blade for 2016

Check out my latest Ganzo knife review! Need a great EDC folding pocket knife for about $20, that sort of rips off a Benchmade design? Check out Ganzo’s G7393P-OR, a great utility blade with 440C steel and an axis lock. It’s perfect for just about anything you can throw at it, and it’s sharp right out of the box. One of my favorites of 2016 so far.

If you want this knife you can buy it here: http://www.gearbest.com/pocket-knives-and-folding-knives/pp_309195.html?lkid=10117262



Spectre says:

How does it compare to a bench made griptillian ?

Steven Oro says:

You’re hilarious dude

God of Thunder says:

i used my Ganzo with an uncoated blade to peal and core a Butternut squash, which i then cooked and transformed into a pie using a pumpkin pie recipe. (Substituting Squash for pumpkin)


I loved when you dropped the knife! I do it all the time!!!

John Tedichwon says:

Cool review I like your dry humor. How well does the coating on the pocket clip hold up compared to that paint on the Endura? The clips on the endura and notorious for being extra bad but the ones on the Gayle bradley which are anodized hold up well.

Do the ganzo clips hold up any better compared to the endura? could ya test by scratching a bit the back of one(under the clip and scale ) if you can? Thanks

David Logan says:

dude, thanks for the review.

Heebath Daylack says:

I love this review style.

Kalan Guillory says:

like your style of review

Raychristofer says:

Ganzos are the truth MH, I was messing with you about not changing a thing but your credits say youre shooting on a Lumix G7, what made you switch from the BMPC and whats your take on the Lumix?

Lugermonger says:

I was wondering when ganzo would make a griptilion rip off

siladdict says:

I love you

Canadian Cutting Edge says:

I really like your sense of humor, and am glad I came across your channel.  For $20 that sounds like it would be a fairly cool knife to try out.

Pietro B says:

Good way to play off your statement revealing the “Cheap knife Industrial Complex” (CKIC), you don’t want to jeopardize your life. The CKIC started as a minor subset of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) back in the 1970’s but has since grown to a major division thanks in large part to the wave of production contracts won from major US knife companies. These massive CKIC production facilities are now producing knives branded as Ganzo, Sanrenmu, Navy, Enlan, Reel Steel, etc, and are also producing many of the budget lines for Spyderco, Kershaw, CRKT, Buck, Boker, and others. Donald Trump won’t mention them by name, but ending the CKIC division of the MIC is very high on his list of top priorities. Thanks for the review and putting yourself at risk for the betterment of us all.

bigpoppa578 says:

Ganzo garbage. Come on man!

Outpost 76 says:

Awesome videos, love the narration.

Sugar Sheffield says:

“to allow for blade forward or backward carry…because you have two left or right hands”….hahaha!

wojtekimbier says:

Your videos are really refreshing. It’s not like you’re trying to play an expert and do everything perfectly. It’s as though you did everything perfectly with ease, then added the little goofs to have some fun and show that you’re a normal person who doesn’t try to hide one’s mistakes. As a viewer I can really relate to what you’re saying as opposed to the know-it-all commandos. There’s just something special about the overall style that people here enjoy myself included

Loric1347 says:

Sweet review, they are always funny and informative. I also vote for more Ganzo reviews, they are some of my favorite budget knifes.

david sandlin says:

this channels getting better and better

noname1022 says:

Figures you would get the one with the Fleshlight styled grip texture.

SailfishSoundSystem says:

Since Benchmade upped their Griptilian price to $178.00, this might be an option worth considering. Well that or a shorting Morgan Stanley stock again. Thanks Under Armour!

WayBeyondGone says:

I have 7 Ganzos so far. They’re so affordable, why not? There are US based sellers of Ganzo knives on Amazon, the prices are still good and you get them WAY faster 😀

Patrick Richard says:

I believe the blade coating is derived from depleted uranium, and that causes the G10 scales to turn orange. It also makes squash taste better. And thank you for using the G7393P-OR to shave arm hair. It wouldn’t be a complete review without it. Another fine EDC review…

MasterK9Trainer says:

Very nice, you talk smoothly and clearly even if softly. And you were thorough.

Jeff Gater says:

Great review of a budget folder, raw and to the point… love you’re dry sense of humor, with me being from the Uk I appreciate it 🙂

Alibi McJohnson says:

Love your reviews as always. The knives are usually a bit below what I’m looking for myself, I’m still going to watch them anyways. Keep it up, amigo

Muambas Da China says:

you will be big soon and forget about us 🙁

Josh Lewis says:

What am I doing here?… this isn’t the homes and gardens channel?… directions please.

El Rabbit's Tactical, Reviewsl says:

I’m giving aways that knife on my chaane 150 subs GAW. The green one though.

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

I have more Ganzo knives than I care to admit. They are solid, well built and use good materials. I don’t have this one though……

Jadon Ingalls says:

Excellent intro…and vid!

martin_e says:

Is this available without a black coating?

CleetusVanDamme says:

i like squash

marshalllaw123 says:

Great video once again. May have to add that one to my growing collection of Ganzo impulse buys.

Dale Carpenter says:

2:39 . Birdshot tested the g727 440c against Ontario rat1( crap 1) aus 8 .the 440c won !!!

johnfranks says:

The subtle attention to detail in your videos is top notch. The multiple shots, framing, focus, color correction, scripting, pacing… its obvious the amount of effort you put in. Keep up the good work, it does not go unnoticed!

Chris Rohlfs says:

Does this pass the sandwich test?

Sugar Sheffield says:

“to allow for blade forward or backward carry…because you have two left or right hands”….hahaha!

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