Affordable Mens Folding Pocket Knife For EDC ~ Kershaw Filter Knife

If you are looking for an affordable mens pocket knife, you should check out this Kershaw Filter I found. While in Walmart I saw a Kershaw Filter pocket knife in the display case listed at $13.97. I thought it was a misprint but it wasn’t so I bought it. I have owned flipper knives since I started carrying knives. I’m a Kershaw knife fan and I think this is an amazing price for a verry good folding knife. I also like speedsafe assisted opening knives and I’ve carried Kershaw’s for years. The Kershaw Filter will become one of my EDC knives for sure. For under $20 this would make a great gift for anyone.

Here is the link to Amazon if you would like to purchase or read more reviews.

The Kershaw Filter Blackwash 1306bw.

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Greg Boss says:

3CR steel is a soft steel. You will be able to sharpen it easily, but edge retention will probably not be good.

Jaime G. says:

I held it in my hand and it was over…….had to buy it. Lot of steel for that price.

Last Man Standing says:

Fantastic bargain knife, sturdy and well made for the price, one of the only Kershaw’s I’ve seen with the speed safe with thumb and finger deployment, love this knife takes a beating and at $15 wont break the bank!

Jim Cyr says:

wow, I’ll go check my local walmart….kinda thinking I won’t see that mode but damn I do like that finish.

Kayak Chris says:

Very nice! Liked

zanzaro18 says:

I have one, got it at Wal-Mart too, for a little more than $13, actually it was $15 plus tax, and I love this knife it’s my edc knife

the salinas rippeeman says:

Just got one today would u recommend this for edc? Like for self defence

95discowhite says:

I’m an electrician and had 3 of these knives over 5 years. Favorite pocket knife I’ve had. Only reason for 3 of them is that I lost the other 2 on the job sites. Super durable, even withstood saltwater submerssion multiple times while fishing

Scott Bryant says:

Bought me one today! Gonna carry out for the next few days and see how it goes. Mine says 8CR13MOV steel, so I am not sue if they changed steel in production or what, but so far I really like this thing.

XxStratAttackxX says:

I have a lot of cheap knives nothing over $40 the only one that surpasses this one in my arsenal is the Keyshaw link. They make excellent budget knives. I don’t put them through heavy use mainly just shaving, opening boxes, sharpening my pencil, or occasionally used as a marking knife. It holds an edge well enough for me and takes an edge on my worksharp field sharpener with minimal effort because the steel is so soft.

shlisa shell says:

Good idea for gifts. Get ’em while they last!

Smell N Roses says:

ok so you’re telling us how you like the assisted open feature then say “I was in my local Walmart…” and I’m thinking ‘Oh God what happened?’ and ‘Is this in the news?’ LOL!!! Great looking knife and unbeatable price.

2nd Chance George / The Novice Survivalist says:

arghhh just bought a buck…dammit. now I gotta find an excuse to get this. pressure to much pressure…lol. nice blade

Deez McCoy says:

found it at wally world for 14 bucks about a year ago. Great EDC knife.

Steve Moore says:

and it comes with Prime shipping. nice

Jesse Simmons says:

I got one as a gift from Walmart for $20. The material is 8Cr13MoV Chinese steel. This blade is amazing and the best Chinese steel for the budget love this knife for the quality and the beautiful blackwash finish.

Jesse Simmons says:

I have the cryo 1st gen as well.

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