Banggood Mini EDC Folding Knife – Unboxing & Review

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Redpillow2 says:

You’ve got the wrong link in the description, surprisingly impressive little knife though. Good review.

Mark Cavender says:

Lol @ are tooth picks illegal in london

Take It Outside says:

Nice knife for the price. I have a couple “cheap” knives that I use for edc and stash within reach of the car / tool box / shed / etc. for “utility purposes” around the ranch / farm. If I lose it, ruin it…who cares. I have plenty of others. 🙂 <3 Great video.

K R Knfmkr says:

I have a friend who likes miniature things. I made him a hunting knife that was 4″ overall.

Ghost Knives and fishing says:

You should do a knife collection video to show of all you knives

Russ Rainier says:

This looks like a clone of the Serge Panchenko bean knife. Not a bad one either and I’m sure a fraction of the price. Good review.

B.D Epic says:

Hi doc, i was just wondering what ganzo knife do you like the most.
Mine is the ganzo firebird G733

Squirrel Saga says:

Perfect to throw in pack and freaking affordable. Bought three to throw in my packs.

Native Badger says:

Would this knife be TSA safe?

ThunderflashGaming says:

Hey Doc, just a question for a budget knife what do you think of the company tac-force? Would you recommend it?

marshalllaw123 says:

That “cool design” is Serge Panchenko’s makers mark, illegally reproduced here in yet another Chinese clone of his custom Bean model.

collins crest says:

Nice video keep it up doc

Moom Mook says:

In london we have to make sure wee trim our nails down before we leave our houses so we dont stab people

Kire EDC says:

I own a rainbow titanium one of these clones with a cleaver blade, I love it but I hate that they left the counterfeit makers mark on it.

litty like a titty says:

I got that knife

EDC with Aaron says:

Its a counterfeit of the Serge Panchenko Bean model, kind of sad that they keep his logo on it and even right his name and the model on the box… With captain America? It was funny how you said “I could see this being made by a custom maker…” Because it’s a design 100% stolen from a custom maker haha

Robert Shadbolt says:

Docp91b love it, awesome little knife, I’d lay odds my hands are bigger than yours so recon thats my only downside to it.

Sarge PalmettoVIP says:

Looks cool…I would want the liner lock though…maybe in the next generation version

no one says:

03:42 isnt this a clone of a custom?

ian macbrooke says:

Google translate gives me this as the simplified chinese. 哔哔豆 Looks similar to the letters on the box, but comes back as Packing. Don’t know what to make of that.

anthony brennen says:

Nice little knife but totally illegal to carry anywhere in UK because it has a flipper! I know I know, sad.

bzr160 says:

Have the Fura version of this in ti and s35vn,bad that it’s a copy but a great little knife for the UK etc.

Thinnawi03 says:

There is a clip
Also first

lance Cool says:

DocP I just brought a Swiss army knife Fieldmaster as my EDC pocket knife. I spent 40 dollars on it. Was that a good deal?

ian macbrooke says:

It’s probably a decent enough knife, but I prefer something with a bit more meat to it. That one would end up lost in my pocket. Having a knife that reminds me it’s still where it belongs is my preference.

Randall Kelley says:

I think it would be ok in England, tooth picks, now those are a serious self defense tool.!

Bayley Anderson says:

Pretty cool knife. Would be perfect for me in the uk

Robert J Byrd says:

Hey doc maybe when you feel comfortable with your kids using spring assisted knives that may be a good start for them.

Brandon Cornett says:

This is a serge panchenko clone of the bean

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