Benchmade Crooked River Folding Knife Review. A New Classic Hunting Knife.

In 2016 Benchmade added a big folding knife to it’s lineup… in hoping to answer the question what’s the best hunting knife? This review covers the Benchmade Crooked River 4 inch folding pocket knife. It features S30V steel, and a large handle in either G10 or Stabilzed wood. In this knife review I test the cutting ability, the chopping ability, and the batoning ability. Does an Axis Lock hold up to batoning? The Benchmade Crooked River is part of Benchmades’s hunt series. Check out this review.

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knives save lives says:

Great video! Still lookin forward to the review on the Spyderco k2.

ATech Reviews says:

“Advertising has us chasing knives and flashlights, working jobs we hate so we can buy sh*t we don’t need.” T. Durden (sort of).
Another great vid Bro, keep em coming!

SailfishSoundSystem says:

I swear Benchmade hires people with Parkinson’s to do their sharpening. My Presidio Ultra had the same issue. My 707 doesn’t, but then again the mini griptilian has a better grind than my 707 which pisses me off because it’s 40 dollars cheaper. I’m not a fan of most of the Hunt series, but the Crooked River is pretty sweet.

Bruce McIntyre says:

As a Bro, who operates within extraordinarily fine tolerances and at an advanced level, do you think it’s advisable to include “Crooked” in the title of a knife? I noticed that the AXIS lock was, indeed, somewhat crooked during the batoning phase of this clip…
Did you get a haircut? Or, did you possibly use a stunt double during the more dangerous sections of this video? etc.

Raymond Williams says:

Dude, YOU BEAT YOUR WOOD, and then TOUCH THINGS UP. Do you really think you should be saying things like that on YouTube? What if your wife finds out? It’s looking more like the spare bedroom for you! Thanks for the laughs. And keep up the good work, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Howlin000 says:

That pivot is sexy af,,, Great review as always, wish I could like twice
I “need” this knife, maybe next year but if I know myself it will be before

lowwkey91 says:

Think I saw this knife in an episode of Mad Men. Anyway, I can’t afford it now after getting stuck with all these AR-15 lowers. Thanks for the review Knife Bro!

Mark Blanc says:

How’s she holding up? Any adverse affects from the batoning? Excessive blade play? Axis damage? Unsubscribed viewers? 🙂

igloo2 says:

Nasty pumpkin. Do you think this is a classic looking knife?

Liberty4Ever says:

I’m buying this in the gray G10 but that orange backspacer has got to go. I think that’s why they invented the word fugly. By the way… do you think this knife would be good for pedestrianism like my Ganzo knives? 🙂

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

That knife always catches my eye. I love the way it looks. Thanks for the review.

Brian Kerby says:

Cool intro


I wish they made a bigger crooked river 🙂

Ronnie Durbin says:

Now, that’s a knife!

Denis Bowman says:

Thanks Bro. After a full day of holiday travel and family bonding, I appreciate watching someone who’s jokes I understand. Cheers and happy holidays!

Alibi McJohnson says:

Had to stop watching after the first ten seconds. Can’t handle watching such a beautiful knife put through an abusive task like that

maram Ovidiu says:

Exteamly entertaining review bro. Now i can rest ashore, my ganzos open like that to, i mean by shackeng the blade out.

Lefty Hook says:

What else do you buy that’s crooked? This review makes me want one even more… Great knife, fantastic review bro

Joseph D says:

I wish they’d make a Mini Crooked River with a 3″-3.25″ blade. I’d buy that knife in a heartbeat.

Sean McRae says:

haha nice video bro, just bought this knife! cant wait to fuck things up with it… maybe.

Eddie King says:

Some big knives just carry in pocket easier than others. Case in point. My Spyderco resilience is about the same weight, but I hardly know it’s there. P.S. Getting wood is always nice. On knives I mean. wink wink nod nod say no more 🙂

Sau Hund says:

Nice boots! What brand are these?

Charles Collier says:

Beautiful blade. Also, I think the discourse starting at 5:49…time to join KA – Knifeaholics Anonymous.

Knifeaholics Anonymous – the cutting edge of recovery.

Chad Lampe says:

Not sure how I missed this video. Maybe it’s because I didn’t want a Crooked River until 3 hours ago. I have zero need for this knife, but that is completely irrelevant to whether I’ll eventually end up with one.

NotTooSuckyReviews says:

Back in fine form I see AKB! Is it just me, or does this model seem to have an inexplicably disappointing handle to blade ratio? (More blade being better, IMO)

TheDrummer4Life says:

One of the best knife reviews on Youtube. I laughed wholeheartedly in public…. Subscribed, bro

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

My consumerism addictions are knives, Arkham House 1st’s and scotch.

Nelson says:

I wish u could commentate my life. Your style of video’s are supreme

Greg J says:

So, I’m gunna come right out and ask the question we are all thinking. Will it chop down my particle board desk?

Bushcraft Tasmania says:

“Consumerism, that’s the point!..We buy knives, feel bad about buying knives, stop buying knives for a little while…then we buy more knives.” HAHA. Couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂

Patrick Richard says:

Another entertaining review. Keep them coming…

KnowYourHistory says:

I’m just curious how long it took you to write and edit your verbal review. It’s very concise and informational. Good job, man.

Pietro B says:

5:49 that about sums it up…lol

With a trade war in the works, Benchmade will keep doing well. Of course this means some knife companies will bring production back to the USA and the ones already being produced here will become a better value by comparison. I have no clue what I am talking about by the way!

Joe Talaiver says:

hahaha. love the commentary

ogenmatic says:

Classic video for a classic-ish looking knife. I like the stupid stuff you do on your channel so I’m going to go outside & play with some knives now.

Chase Outdoor And More says:


Steed Andersen says:

I love the “Classic” looks.

Howlin000 says:

05:51 and forward, that summarized me pretty well rofl
EDIT: Reading the other comments I’m not alone, that’s good… I guess 😀

Ryan Harnell says:

Extremely well produced vid man. I had one single question. Will it Baton. Answered it nicely. Keep’er up.

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