Benchmade Folding Knife Collection

Mini Griptilian, 555HG:
Mini Griptilian, Sheepsfoot:
Griptilian, Black/Sand:
Griptilian, Sheepsfoot, Black/Sand:
Sequel 707:
Stryker 909:
Barrage 580:
Mini Barrage585:
Styker 909, Black:
Mini Stryker 904:
McHenry& Williams 710:
Emissary 470:
Large Emissary 477:
Pardue 530:
Pardue 531:
Nakamura, Carbon Fiber:
Osbrone 940:
Osborne 940, Carbon Fiber:
Osborne 940, Carbon Fiber, w/Bonsues:

Benchmade Nakamura Review:
Benchmade 477 Review:
Benchmade 531 Pardue Review:
Benchmade S30V Griptilian Review:
Benchmade 470 Emissary Review:
Benchmade Doug Ritter Griptilian Review:
Benchmade 710 Review:
Benchmade Nitrous Stryker Review:


jacob manalang says:

i love spyderco but im interested in getting a benchmade. i am going to skip the grip because it doesnt speak to me for the price over an endura. my dilemma is i want a paramilitary 2 and a manix 2. but for benchmade i was thinking a 710 since i want a bigger knife but i know those 940’s are pretty slick.

530 was the original benchmade i wanted. need more money or trades! LOL

Donovan Armstrong says:

I have a mini griptillion, and that is the best knife i have ever had in my life, HIGHLY RECOMENDED

Anthony Sharp says:

My two favourite Benchmade that i have are the Loco and the Contego.Strong tactical blades.

FoxMulder503 says:

Nice collection, I love Benchmade. There are 5 in my collection at the moment. Also I have never had a problem with the axis lock. Benchmade with out a doubt has the best customer service in the knife industry.

Dryden Brown says:

what are some really good knife companies? i know Benchmade, cold steel, schrade, spyderco, buck and also sog. any others?

Vin Ellis says:

You’re half Filipino and you don’t even have a balisong?

Jonathan Ocab says:

I need to send my 470 Emissary back to Benchmade. It has developed blade play (lateral and vertical). It’s been serviced once by Benchmade (they actually kept it when I dropped it off at their booth at SHOT Show one year because they didn’t have the tools to disassemble it on site for bushing replacement and took it back with them to Oregon), but it seems to have gotten worse since I originally bought it.

IloveallKnives O_O says:

ya! benchmade!

heco deleon says:

any balisongs in your collection? i really like what benchmade did with the morpho 32 and 51. thank you for being so consistant with your channel.

Crispy Last Word says:

love all of these knifes i am actually geting a griptilan

MrGabrielJude says:

Only 2 Benchmades here.. the Barrage Tanto, love it, how it handles, it’s tactical and smooth, very useful box cutting as well. The other is the fixed Marc Lee Glory knife, it’s for the collection aspect, but wouldn’t be afraid to use as a back up survival knife to my EGKH 12″ kukri. Don’t have much of an opinion of Benchmade as a company, only first heard of them cuz of their quality butterfly knives, which as far as I know they still make the best of all the knife makers.

Officer 330 says:

thinking about getting a benchmade so it my first one. Any suggestions on a good benchmade edc knife.

slitherwenger&more says:

should i get a benchmade folder???

MrLotus0303 says:

Thanks for doing this

Justin S says:

I like benchmade, but ever since I got my manix 2, I have become Spydercos bitch.

Flinch Fu says:

Love Axis locks… Had a 710, Griptillian and a few Osborn’s and a Snody… Don’t remember the specific models but they were all Axis locks.


how to do a knife collection

Eli Ronsman says:

I am wondering what knife I should get, the PM2 or a griptilian

Tony Fletch says:

Dude I’ve wanted the grey Emissary for ever…… I cried when they moved to the black handle.

edc cutting edge says:


Robert Storment says:

Thanks for your video.  Please check out my original songs, He Wasn’t Just A Dog, Go’n Downtown and Evergreen (We Remain).  Thanks for listening and thanks for your video.

Josh Skaggs says:

im wanna get a benchmade but idk what one, i think im gonna get the griptilian but i heard it had some play in it

Jules Thurongi says:

But that 710 though….
The only benchmade I feel that’s worth what they cost.
I don’t know what the frick possessed me to sell mine.
Easily one of my top ten boneheaded moves.
It was in ATS-34, they’re all in D2 now. ☹️
Maybe I’ll get a D2 one someday just to have the feel of it again…

specopsbrat says:

I wish I had a dollar for every time I broke a Benchmade knife or had to repro file a tip or edge due to chipping or breaking. It is my opinion that Benchmades are delicate and waaaaaay overpriced for what you get. I have many other knives with 154cm without the same issues as Benchmade. I truly believe that they either have a shitty heat treatment process or they are lying about the type of steel they are using. Sorry for the negative rant but I never miss an opportunity to trash a sorry ass company.

heco deleon says:

griptilian s30v with kevin wilkins g11 scales.

Jay W. Hat says:

that custom 940 is sick


love yr videos dud

GetYouSome85 says:

I should have skipped the Griptilian. the frn still feels cheap imo. love my 940. Can’t put it down. it’s a great EDC and gentalman carry.

Jordan Hardy says:

The 707 Sequel may be the best pocket knife ever designed in my opinion. I’ve sold a lot of my collection just for the simple fact that the 707 is all I really need or carry. McHenry and Williams ftw!

oxman198 says:

Ive walked into the knife shop several times ready to get a benchmade but I always walk out with a Spyderco! Their designs are beautiful but when I get one in hand it just doesnt have that “feel” like a Spyderco. I would love to get a 940 its just a tad too small for $190.

Rc robot 2 says:

I just bought my first benchmade today it’s a benchmade 908 it’s funny black

Casey Johnson says:

I went from mini-grip sheep’s foot,557, 531 then 940… with that one I’ve stopped my stupid knife buying rampage. I’m 8 months since other knives… while I’ve only purchased a Spyderco Tenacious (I’ve decided to try a paramilitary 2 since tenacious loosens like a girl on prom night) and a used opinel #8 from the 80’s. other than that I haven’t found anything I like more then the 940 in a folder. I’m sad I can’t order aluminum orange scales from Benchmade but I have paint and check I still have the knife a couple times a day during harvest.

Glidden Martin says:

I just ordered my first Benchmade and I want to invest in getting an auto Benchmade

Wes Griffin says:

I owned a 551 Griptilian for over a year and fell in love with benchmade unfortunately I lost the knife like a month ago. Made me sick so I will be ordering another soon. best production knives in my opinion. Nice Collection by the way too. I have my own but miss the benchmade. Infact I even have a William henry knife and honestly I felt the benchmade was more fun.

Jayson Polanco says:

what do you think about the benchmade bedlam 8600. I’ve been looking at it for sometime now and was wondering if you’ve ever gotten your hands on one. love the videos keep them coming

Nolan Webster says:

Nice collection. And I have to agree about the griptilian. I was going to consider getting that as my first benchmade but then I decided I was tired of the same FRN handles on my knives. I’m getting a pardue 531. I love G10 for a knife handle.

thrillbywill says:

Nakamura is so sick.

Jacob Elder says:

sell me the light gray griptilian??

Steve Kushman says:

Nice collection you have. I have 2 of them – the Bone Collector with D2 steel and the Doug Ritter with M390 steel. I had some custom black G10 scales with OD Green inlays made for the Ritter. Ended up real cool looking. Don’t know what came over me as I never had any custom scales built before.

Anthony Burke says:

if u don’t already u should try their balisongs ♡

Last glance says:

My wife bought hers because she thought the butterfly was cool Who knew it was gonna be such a good knife

AdventureCamping says:

I only have one Benchmade, the Barrage 850, and it rocks. I am really thinking of saving up to get another. Which one I’m not sure yet, but I need another! Great collection dude!!

Lila Tenniswood says:

940 all the way!!!

Caden Braun says:

benchmade over priced there knives

Fabian Fiso says:

I have the 530 but mine also has a serrated edge.

Gabriel Torres says:

danng he dissed the griptillian I got coming in the male. that exact color to -.-

Patrick Sullivan says:

710 is crazy tough

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