Best Pocket Knives Of 2018

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Where To Buy My 8 Essential Gear Items:

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
Fallkniven A1

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39
ESEE Junglas


Justin Wolf says:

I need a knife with around a 3.5″-4.0″ inch blade and it needs to have a very thin blade stock, I basically need and edc paring knife, I could get a paring knife and a custom kydex or leather sheath but I was hoping there’d be a folder I could get instead

Ian Osborne says:

Aaron! Benchmade will send you the deep ride loop over clips for your Crooked River for FREE! You just have to call them and ask for it. They send up to like… 10 clips per customer per year at no cost to the consumer. Benchmade does customer service right.

Joshua Henderson says:

So many knives to buy! Here goes all my Christmas money….

3174 jordan says:

love the list great job and thanks for a great year cheers bro

Dano DeMano says:

Thanks for the look-see!

Travis Turner says:

I have been following your vidoes and reviews for over a year now and have enjoyed them very much. Thank you for doing such great job with your channel. I do have a question. As a backpacker, hunter, and fisherman is there a folder that could serve as a hunting/ campknife that could be capable of some bushcrafting duties such as wood processing or light batoning as well as animal processing? ( Possibly an idea for an episode in 2019)

Luke SKYWLKR says:

Don’t try to be #Instafamous on your thumbnails dude. Seriously, you’re way better than that! I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t cover his face with damn emoji jap crap!

Brendan Williams says:

Have you had the chance to review Tops brother of bushcraft folder. If so can you do a review or send me your opinion I dont what to shell the money if it’s not worth it.

Rafael S. says:

Check out the new Buck 110 and 112 Slims. They’ve got thumb studs and pocket clips and the Pro version is micarta with S30v.

Darren Yoder says:

Getting myself a custom mini crooked river, sometime!!

Ruger 44 Redhawk says:

I know I’ve bugged you before, but can you or do you have any plans on reviewing the ‘very hard use’ Benchmade Adamas 275 folder? I’d love to hear your take on it because I want to pull the trigger on one. I currently rock the Gerber 06 Manual everyday and rotate a full size Ritter Grip M390 w/AWT handles. Those two need an Adamas friend!

Silvo says:

I completely agree with you on the mini crooked river. I absolutely love mine.

zhenbiao li says:

Even though the Ruike KNIVES is a Chinese company,but it‘s impossible to buy a ruike knive in China in a legal way except muti-tools(like ruike trekker).And muti-tools r also illegal when u carring them out of ur house,actually in my city there was a man been arrest because he carry a muti-tools knive on his belt and walked out the supermarket where he just bought it from,3 days to jail.

Troy Manning says:

Thanks Aaron! Love these end of the year best of lists. And…thankfully I finally got my order in for the GT patch. God bless

Justin H says:

I know you’ve said before that CRKT doesn’t grab your attention, but here is their new Seismic.

Graham Wiltz says:

Hey Aaron, I have the Mini Crooked River. I didn’t like the pocket clip either. I reached out to Benchmade and they sent me their deep ride pocket clip free of charge. Definitely like it a lot better. Love their knives!

Pg R says:

Wow dude are you carrying a buck knife

Kimhi says:

Next for 2019 – CS ultimate hunter!

ditch1776 says:

Ironic that you started with first “nice” knife I bought as a boy the buck 112 I’ve had it over 35 years of honest ware on it but it’s still kicking and strong.

ShutYourFuckingHole says:

Just got the cold steel american lawman recently, it’s in s35vn and hasnt been outta my pocket for a second.

Bilge Pump says:

I didn’t know the epic and amazing knives from last year changed that much?!? What do they do now shoot down f15’s?

George Brakatselos says:

Love your videos Aaron! One suggestion: don’t use “kickback”. Kickbacks are generally considered to be illegal. Use “commission”. Keep up the great work!

METH Review says:

I’m sure you might know this, but you never have to buy after Market pocket clips for Benchmade Knives. Just email there customer service department and they’ll usually send a deep carry loop over or two for free!

Frank Hellman says:

Have you looked at the Kershaw Launch 7 yet?

Matt Arendale says:

I like the Gerber 06 but too big for your pocket imo and I wear dickies. For anyone wearing blue jeans it would take up most of your pocket. The ruike looks interesting may get one try it out . Great video!

Backcountry Exposure says:

I love CRKT!

miller73179 says:

Curious what is the brand jacket are you wearing during the SOG terminus recap? Around 18:30

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