Best Value Folding Knife Ever. Ruike P801SF. – The full steel list and some graphs of all my tests! Its on Patreon but anyone can see it. But if you like what I’m doing, become a patron maybe? – My patron. If you hate patron but want to support me, just watch an ad every now and then or something.


Clem Fandango says:

these are not $35 (anymore)

Don MacArthur says:

Looks like it cut through that cardboard like it was butter.

Jack FarmBoy says:

I checked out the website. I’m pretty intrigued by their multi tools.
Can’t find a retailer besides the link you provider. Ill search the interwebz a little deeper.

Thomas Nardelli says:

because thay have a black blade para 3 for $132

Harry Wright says:

I want it.

Quinn Canfield says:

I bought this knife a couple weeks ago from Blades Canada for 40 bucks. Great knife but my only complaint is after about 25 flips, it tends to loosen the swivel nut and go off centre. A quick turn with a T9 bit tightens it up again. Hopefully this isn’t common, and only on mine… but I feel it probably is common. Anyone else with this knife able to confirm?

Don MacArthur says:

$29.99 US from bladehq. Had to get it. Too good to pass up.

Fractal Universe says:

Australia needs to start making knives, crocodile dundee would be very disappointed.

Nelson Herrmann says:

Buying one now…


nice blade indeed seems like a winner for the price

Will K says:

Yay.. Aussie Flipper review! Thanks for the tip, I just bought 3 for family and friends

Ironically Vague says:

I ordered the same knife from eBay for 39.99 USD + free shipping moments ago. It’ll be here in several days. I love these gentleman looking knives.

benjamin felland says:

Very nice and in depth review. Subscribed.

Pegasus says:

Hey mate, do you know if it’s legal to carry in your pocket in Queensland? Do I need to have a ‘reason’? What’s a good cop-out answer you may use? Please help!

German Survivalist says:

There`s probably a reason why it reminded you of Real Steel Knives 😉 Since Fenix is a chinese company there`s a high chance Ruike knives are produced in the Sanrenmu plant where Real Steel Knives are produced aswell. Gonna ask around to see if I can get proof of my theory 😀

macmurfy2jka says:

I think you got that knife cheaper than I could here in the US. Looks like street price is about $43 before shipping.

kerryrwac says:

The thumb studs are out of the cutting path . I may have watched too many of MR Shabazz’s reviews lol .

Charles Collier says:

Thanks for the heads up on this. I’m having a hard time finding them in the US, but they showcase some beautiful blades on their website,

Mike Gregerick says:

Bought this knife 2 months ago and love it. Looks great and very easy to carry. Ruike has some nice stuff for great prices.

TheKRiddler says:

damn everytime I find something awesome an cheap it’s sold out

Ed Hopkins says:

Hi Pete, I LOVE this knife’s design and execution. However, I am now in possession of the second example, a replacement for the first one, both of which failed in exactly the same way. They both arrived with razor sharp edges (the second not quite as sharp as the first but close) and with blades perfectly centered. In only a few dozen openings, the first blade failed, going off center to the point of contacting the inner side of the scale (left side looking down from the top, pivot joint down) and the second knife failed in precisely the same manner. If you still have yours, is it working solidly? I bought it from Knife Center so I know the will replace it again and do whatever it takes to make it right but I just wondered if you had heard anything regarding this type of failure with this particular knife. The design is fabulous and I really want to be able to carry and count on it. Any thoughts or information will be appreciated.

sam henderson says:

I do wonder if your cutting test has anything to do with blade steel or if it has to do with hardness. Would be interesting to see steel samples hardened and tempered to manufacturing specs; effect on cutting tests

DrMike040298 says:

Looks like a great value. One question- does it want to slip or move in your hand?

paddys potato peelers says:

Now that looks like a bargain.thanks for heads up.atb paddy


Have you had any of the blue on the clip rubbing off?

Cory Frost says:

Reminiscent of my Land 9104 knife with minus a flipper. The 9104 has the 12cn27 steel. Great looking knife!

bastonor says:

Apparently Ruike is pronounced as “rake”. Checking the Fenix webpages I found this one:
I really like your rather no-nonsense reviews on gear, and the lovely little rants on c.o.c.k. and c.u.n.t. types. Cheerio mate!

Stassa23 says:

I’ve had my eye on a few of there knives looks like a great value I think you’ve helped me make my decision to pick one up thanks and I hope your having a great day

John Smith says:

Ordered it for $30. Seems like the cheapest flipper that uses bearings plus I love the way it looks

srg914 says:

Pronounced rake.

Just Tex says:

Does look like value . Cheers 4 sharing

Keith A. says:

I love my 801. I carry it everyday. First class flipping action which blows me away because its 40 bucks over here in Canada. I’ve debated buying a couple more, but hey, the one is working fantastic right now anyway

Alpha Centauri says:

I LOVE this knife and it often replaces my more expensive ones in my pocket. I hope Ruike comes up with some more good designs. It’s subjective, but in my opinion their other ones look corny. I’d like to see some lightweight knives too since I like smaller knives. I’m sure they’ll kill it.

ray1684 says:

apart from the flipper, this knife seems to borrow a lot of it’s design from the CRK sebenza

EDC elephant says:

agreed! just got this thing….holy crap is it well done. worth ever penny. a Ti version of this for around $100 USD I’d be all over it!

Icypotato says:

Looks pretty good. I like the blue hardware, it completes the look of the knife.

Ernie Turner says:

As usual nice video,any chance of a test of the Ruike P121B?

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