Bestech Scimitar Folding Knife Review ($40)

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TAC-HILL says:

I like the blade shape alot. Price range is around the most i spend for a folder. Great carving!

Frinkle Funke says:

i like this shank. lots n lots. thanks for the reviews. keep up the great work.

Kevin homer says:

Harpoon some fatties, get shankie with it

MrGeerbear says:

I think Bestech was the surprise company of 2017. Their budget line is second to none and their titanium models in S35vn are also great. Great review.

Harry Wright says:

Bought the Lion liked it so much I ordered the scimatar. These are quality folders at any price! Harry

SuperRtrtrtr says:

OZ is one of my favorite TV shows.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

My review of the Bestech Scimitar Folder, enjoy! 😀

SurvivalInFlames says:
tonyelbows says:

hey, what are them gloves you got on? Mechanix what ?

Darren Yoder says:

Anyone who puts that many links in the description is worth watching!!

Jon Luchtefeld says:

gotta love that blade shape. tool steel as well.

Mt. Baldwin says:

I got the black version, the machine work in the g-10 is impressive too, the only other knife I have that has similar sculpting and texturing is the cold steel ultimate hunter. Bestech has a bunch of new d2 budget models coming out and an ultra budget line using 12c27 sandvik steel, so yes the are aggressively trying to take over the budget market.

cody stolarcyk says:

just ordered this knife cant wait to get it loved the blade shape

markerparker80 says:

I bought the Lion model and it’s awesome!

TheIrcbully says:

Thumbs up button hit g4t making a coming back I hope lol

Mike Uman says:

Try the Swordfish model. It’s like a large gent’s knife. Sleek, neat, and, kind of unique.

Mohamed Shwesh says:

can u plz do a review of a svord peasant knife

I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it says:

The color desert sounds more manly than beige.

Trail Blazer says:

Someone needs to cut some water bottles

BladeObsession says:

Really like that. Ganzo beware this company. Better steel too.

magic says:

Disney’s Aladin approves of this knife.

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