Blackhawk MOD SFK Folding Knife Review

Blade Length: 3.95 inches
Steel: N690Co
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
Handle Scales: G-10
Weight: 6 ounces
Made In: Italy
Price: $150

The newest tactical folder from Blackhawk, featuring better steel and made in Italy. The grind and edge geometry on this knife is not the best for slicing through things, but this is a tradeoff for the piercing ability of this type of false-edge dagger shape.


Алексей Сичкарук says:

Maybe Extrema Ratio?

Thelema9331 says:

Cool video, Blackhawk sure has become weird, what the hell did they ever do to M.O.D.? Why buy a company just to screw it up? They still have some nice knives, just let’s make everything not quite as good, so many of M.O.D. knives were designed by people like Michael Janich, James Keating, Duane Dieter etc. now it just feels like some guys in suits seeing how much money they can make, I have to admit i like a lot of their other stuff besides knives though they really screwed the whole concept of MOD up, maybe this is a step in the right direction hopefully, too bad I’m on a Spyderco kick oh well.

Living Survival says:

I was hoping you were going to review the LMNOZ but next time won’t you sing with me?

ShooterMedic says:

Nice knife would buy for sure.

kerberosWXIV says:

Most likely Fox or even Maserin. Highly unlikely to be Lion Steel, cause they don’t really use N690Co…

Kali Sikaran International says:

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Luigi B says:

Have you tried

zednotzee7 says:

It’s not surprising that a dagger made in Italy would be “efficiant”. For centuries, the Italians looked upon a dagger in the night as a perfectly legitamate way to express your dislike of someone. They’d probably do the same now if they thought they could get away with it, lol.

Антон Коломоец says:

Definitely FOX makes them. I have Fox 599 karambit and the furniture(screws and pivot screw), G10 texture and pocket clip are exactly the same. Google it and see yourself.

HelmutDoork says:

For a knife like this, there is only ONE demo. A melon, straight in, THUCK!!!

michael987655678 says:

Great vid

DropForgedSurvival says:

Wow a very well made….unknown….very taboo WAJK!!! lol hahaha nice blade buddy!

Hissatsu5 says:

Maby viper knives but look like fox

Jörgen Eriksson says:

Like it !

kerberosWXIV says:

btw, ‘Col Moschin’ is not ‘Colonel Moschin’, it is an Italian version of the SAS unit

MrPocketfullOfSteel says:

Interesting. You sold me, though it would be nice (like you inferred) to know who the actual maker is/was. For really no reason other than perception in my mind – Blackhawk has been one company I have never made a purchase from. I didn’t know if it was a hokey/cheesey type of product and (just for me) having a moniker of MOD and then using Aus8….well you know where I’m going with that. Definitely looks like a piece that I wouldn’t mind sharing my pockets with. Well done take as usual. 🙂

0rgazman says:

Excellent knife, great design
man, and  the specifications on youtube ?
how much for this ?

Stoney Lonsome says:

Hey guys, sorry this is off topic I know- but i have to tell someone and it is about blades anyway- just not this one. I just got back from the hospital, almost lost my right index finger. Its was literally hanging by a piece the size of a thread. I had just got done sharpening my carving axe after shaping a bow stave- its a custom axe from a local artist, very sharp, 1.5 lb, head on a 16 ” hickory handle. Anyway, I laid it down on my table and didn’t put the sheath on it (first mistake). Then I tripped over my keyboard cable because my wireless keyboard took a shit on me and I’m not used to having a cable stretched across my room like this (second mistake). It pulled the keyboard off the table and at the same time it knocked the axe off, I reached for my keyboard to keep it from slamming into the floor not seeing the axe was also falling (third strike I’m out)- it bit me good.

They saved the finger, but they don’t know how useful it will be in the future. Probably will be unable to bend it from the middle knuckle on up- depends how much scar tissue forms. I work leather for a living guys- I am covered up in orders right now. How in the world am I going to stitch, lace, use my awl, etc., etc.? I also play guitar in a local band, mostly for kicks, but it’s extra cash as well- this sux!

Whats really cool though- the piece of hide and meat it took out was still on the axe head, cut so clean it looked like a scalpel did it. I am soaking it in tanning solution- gonna keep it to remind me what a dumbass I was. 20 years of carving and axe work, 15 years of collecting and playing with knives, working leather with knives that are unbelievably sharp for the last few years as well- and the first cut that requires medical attention takes my finger.  Sorry I’m rambling, this morphine is really kicking in- gotta lay down now- see ya guys, wish me luck. 

Oh, the moral of the story- always keep tanning solution handy, you never know when you might need to pickle a finger. (LOL)  

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

thanks bro

V.C. Davis says:

Hey Bruh, I really appreciate your honest and in-depth reviews. Keep um coming… and by all means, Stay Safe and Sharp!

Sharp Chronofighter says:

Fox knives makes excellent knives. And I’m not saying this just because I’m italian… ;-). Owning many of them myself, I have to say that all the ones I have do perform very well! N690 (austrian) steel is the same used by Extrema Ratio. Only that Fox is generally much cheeper than ER! 🙂 Beautiful review as usual from Israel…

Bennett Montgomery says:

What is you favorite axis lock knife? And is there and axis lock that is affordable? Thanks

Jeff McKishen says:

I like all of your reviews, but have been especially pleased with this one and the OKC SP53 review from the other day. Would also love to see more ultra heavy duty US made chopper reviews, factory and small shop/custom. How about Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works, Miller Bros blades, and Zombie Tools. Need to see some destruction of discarded household appliances in addition to the awesome water bottle cuts and stump of truth lol. Keep it coming!

Rich Johnson says:

Blackhawk is actually the Sporting Group division of ATK. ATK is based in Minnesota and Blackhawk’s facility is in Norfolk, VA. ATK owns stuff like Primos, Bushnell, Hoppes, Federal Premium, Blazer, Savage Arms, and much more. There is a start, now see if you can figure out who is really building their knives 🙂

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

Superb knife and I bet the guards will also function as a wave opener like the guards on the Cold Steel Ti-lite. My only concern is with the strength of the liner lock. I know that being a high quality blade it will probably withstand a fight but it’s not proven like in here: Cold Steel Ti Lite Series


It’s not the season but I find pumpkins to give the best feel when used with my katana’s.. Maybe a watermelon would give the same resistance..

Luis Diaz says:

Nice looking tactical knife. Definitely not an EDC. Blackhawk makes great durable knives. I have the Point Man by Blackhawk. Serves me very well.

Kane says:

Thats a good looking blade I knew nothing of this knife awesome review.

mike65 says:

yes, is made from Fox Knives in Italy.I love N690 steel, IMHO, is one of the best steel on market. Good rewiew as always. 

jd chavez says:

Recommendations on tank like beefy blades??

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