BRAND NEW: Spyderco Efficient — Budget Friendly EDC [Everyday Carry] Folding Pocket Knife Review

Spyderco just came out with a new budget-friendly EDC folding pocket knife!

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Big Boy Bushcraft says:

Thanks for the review. I might pick one up.

Green Hat says:

It realy looks a little bit like some Spyderco Byrd Knifes! 🙂

Chad the African bull frog says:

4th comment

3roundgaming 664 says:

Gg I’m 2nd

Screamingeagle1200 says:

great video!
will ypu be doing more spyderco 2017 models?

Abraham Azar says:

Great review and comparison between itself – used and new – and with higher-end versions of same knife maker. Had you not had “duplicates” , how would we know? Thanks…Abe Azar

Toby Quach says:

I would like a budget friendly compression lock from spyderco instead of the liner locks

Alan Williams says:

Or you might be like me… I open my knives with two hands (unless it is a flipper) …period. I don’t have to be “cool” to myself… I just need to get the blade out of the housing and use it. Kind of like electric or “roll down” windows… it all gets the job done. I’ve lost a lot of skin (and blood) in my 60 years trying to be “cool”. This one would be a great Christmas stocking stuffer… we never have enough knives! The only question… is it Efficient? Thanks BBO… stay safe in Europe bro.

Ryan Toan says:

Keep it.

Joseph Arkell says:

Giveaway??? Of knives

ErodedBlade ErodedBlade says:

Good review n good info…thank u sir will b getting one as a new Spyderco fan/user…Z’s…

Garry- kiwi says:

Good to have a spare; in glove box,bub,etc.

pennwoodsman says:

nice reveiw,..thanks for your honesty….stay coo l bro!!

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

I see no problem in owning two of the same knife but if you don’t mind adding to your giveaway, please do. I like the knife size and shape.

Kaylynn Strain says:

nothing wrong with having 2 or giving the duplicates away

Zombot says:

Nice looking blade. Too bad I can’t stand 8cr13mov though >.<

TacticalArtist says:

So it’s basically a Spyderco Byrd knife material wise but with Spyderco branding which makes it more costly than the already budget friendly Byrd series.

Rico La says:

Love Spyderco, thanks BB.

Alex Kurbiel says:

Give away

Jason D. Stone says:

Have you tried using pipe cleaners for cleaning knives? They might be harder to find then Q-Tips, but they work well and last. Also, sometimes you can trim some cotton off the tip of a Q-Tip to make it easier to fit the handle.

Waldkauz says:

In Germany it is not budget friendly ;( It cost 72 € But have a great look and i think its a good EDC!
Best regards!

Diego Marroquin says:

Giveaway! (I’ll probably not win again, oh well)

John S Brewer Jr says:

It’s awesome man I’d like to have one but I can’t aford one being a single dad of 3 it’s really hard so if ud like to help me out with hooking me up with one I would truly appreciate it it looks like I could use it in bushcrafting a get backe wth me my friend

JonathanB00K3R says:

Give away 🙂

UltimateSource says:

You should add it to your giveaway or make a separate giveaway.

WarGrrl3 says:

can’t find a price or the knife for sale. Amazon doesn’t seem to have it n in fact no one seems to. oops re watched the vid. knife center has it i love this spyderco.

Vortex Apple says:

give the knife away

Dillion W says:

Sweet blade. If you decide to do a giveaway with your extra, I’ll for sure enter.

robert decena says:

Hi I really like your review on spyderco knives I just bought my first spyderco knife it’s a the Byrd I just loved the ergonomic shape of the of it it’s budget friendly so I loved your explanations of its products reviews so to make envy how you flick your knives I would really appreciate if you can do us viewer on how to instructions how to safely do it without cutting myself as anew owner of spyderco just like you do loved there products thanks your so cool keep up the good reviews .

mike allen says:

I wish they would just update the tenacious with better steel, rather than coming out with all these new models.

Twitch says:

Awesome video ! Nice knife

Phoenix Biomüll says:

im the first 😀

Harry Wright says:

Would you choose this or the byrd raven in bd1 steel, about the same price? thanks Harry

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