BROTHER 1501g back lock folding

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Micah Davis says:

That’s a real good looking knife but man, I wish it had a pocket clip…

Dave Donkey says:

Just too big for me ,you are getting really good at these paddy ,u better check for wood in your tea ! Lol

Matthew Seuch says:

I love how you’re just honest and it feels like it’s a conversation with a friend. You’re not trying to review the same knives as everyone else on YouTube.

databloom70 says:

Nifty looking but don’t like the gap between the back of the blade and handle while in the closed position. Also no pocket clip?

Flint and Steel Survival says:

Very nice piece Paddy! I like it!

Martin Meijler says:

Hi Paddy. I expect mine in about a week or so, I’ll let you know my findings if I’ll ever receive it. Thanks for the video!

Coca Bandi says:

I bought a sodbuster a couple years back for nostalgia reasons more than for any other reason, and I used mainly in the garden. A slip joint is not ideal folder for heavy use, that I can tell you, so I ended up giving it away. I’ll take the knife you’re showing us any day over the sodbuster. Yes, i know some now come with a lock back but for 3 times the price. I’ll take the Navy any day. Nice knife, good review.

Steed Andersen says:

Enjoyed the review. Been looking at this knife as I have a Brother 1601 and know what a deal they are. Just imagine if this knife were made back in the 80’s.

Thomas Landers says:

Never heard of that co but looks like a good knife.. I hope I can trust you being across the shuck.. My long deceased Sicilian Grandmother used to tell me (I’m half Irish) that Ireland is full of nothing but drunks and liars..She was married 3 times to all Irish men and would really help anyone..I used to torture the poor woman.. I’d answer her phone and tell her it was Mussolini looking for more gold..Have to laugh at it.
Anyway, your reviews are all great.. Just do whatever you think and it’s enjoyable..

David Vanderstelt says:

This point of view is great

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

Nice little blade Paddy! Thanks!

NotTooSuckyReviews says:

Good review there Paddy! I told myself after your original unboxing/first impressions video on this knife that I’d wait and see your full review before ordering, but truth be told I hauled off and ordered it yesterday 😉 Itchy trigger finger, it seems! Just a gorgeous-looking, classy knife, and I’m a sucker for such a thin handle. I just hope my pockets are deep enough to hang it on a little suspension clip.

Dave Donkey says:

Sorry paddy this paper eyesight is going ,is that an I or an o in shot ,lol

Dale Carpenter says:

Slim! good utility blade ! Good lock ! Nice little knife !

slidetek says:

This is a really handsome knife with a very unusual design. I could see this being a bit of a turnoff to the typical tactical crowd though. I love the full flat grind, I think it would look better sans Spydie hole. But I can’t judge how useful it is for opening. If you can open it one handed then it’s worth the potential downside. I think the pivot design is really unique, the overall build looks to be surprisingly good. For $16ish, it seems to be an awful lot of knife, and different sort of alternative to a Ganzo.

Steve Kluver says:

Thank you Paddy, for giving us this review.
I sure like those brass liners too. I’d like to see more of that, in the this bigger knife, world.

DocP91B says:

Reading through the other comments, I think everything about the knife has been said already. So in that case, I love the art work on your arm! Nice review, thanks for sharing!

EDC with Aaron says:

I actually really love the design of this knife… it’s like a Spyderco meets a case knife. Absolutely beautiful… Hopefully I’ll get the chance to pick one up soon!

Steve Bowman says:

Shame. GearBest won’t allow me to add the promo code. I like this knife. Great review Paddy.

Matt Szymanski says:

Great review! Now I want to pick one up.

road runner says:

Thats what you call a ‘pocket’ knife.old school kool design for the pocket.

chris osh says:

Looks as though the performance lives up to it’s looks. I keep wondering about the pivot pin, I guess one is false and the other works.
I am still waiting for my Brother 1607 from Gear Best, probably a couple of weeks to go, that is a fair size too 19.5cm.

Troy Wheatley says:

Wow…i dig it Mr. PADDY. ..looks like a super solid lock and knife…id buy one….thanks again brother

Scott G says:

I have a few Brother knives, but not this one. It really looks like a good knife, for a pinned construction. By the way, I think pen knives were used in the old days to quickly make a quill and they were small knives. It is one of the skills lost once feathers were no longer the choice for ink pens, but the knives remained handy. Anyway, my Brother knives are good quality, and very much like the Byrd line from Spyderco. One I recently received was a discontinued Byrd knife, yet has the Byrd name on it. The Chinese labels for their discount brands is not entirely reliable, especially when they are labeled 440C or D2. Still, the Brother brand is well made.. in line with the Byrd brand.

Ron Broeders says:

Oh yeah, been waiting for this review! 😀 I have a Byrd Cara Cara backlock that also moves when the blade is closed. It’s the nature of backlocks I think. This kbife looks beautiful, I’m getting one through your link. Cheers!

Dale Carpenter says:

Much better than a liner lock !

Thomas Lennon says:

Hello Paddy! I have the 1601, really like it! That small amount of play when closed is no big deal, a lot of knives do that. My Griptillian is broken in, didn’t take long, so far I really like it! Take care and God Bless!

ima4ster says:

Nice user knife. Case and GEC knives aren’t perfect either, btw.

Daniel Beekhuizen says:

Great! Thanks Paddy!

bladecentered says:

Good looking knife paddy, thanks for sharing!

Moose's Gear Goo Review says:

That is a really cool looking knife. I like the blade shape and the pinned handle and G10 looks great. Wish it had a pocket clip. Thanks Paddy

JCB 67 says:

…if Buck & Spyderco had a child 🙂 …have a great day…

The Knife Beater says:

Thanks for the video pad. I really like the design of that knife. Where there’s muck there’s brass, right?

Dale Carpenter says:

A bunch of reviewers cry about copying .if the buck 110 wasn’t copied there could hardly be a pocket knife on the market .like features of the 1911 pistol are in nearly every handgun .features of the buck 110 are in nearly every pocket knife .in one form or another !
The funny part is they say that the company is getting rip off .when its those companies customers that are actually the ones getting ripped off!
Knowledge is power !

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