Budget Knife Series: Ganzo G753 Folding Knife Review

Ganzo G752: https://goo.gl/oiUm95
Ganzo G753 (Carbon Fiber): https://goo.gl/Xs51B9
Ganzo G753 (G10): https://goo.gl/APblPx
Ganzo G738: https://goo.gl/QgVVW4
Enlan EW054: https://goo.gl/soVEzF
Brother 1605: https://goo.gl/qz5Zna
Brother 1601: https://goo.gl/PUyDUY
Y-Start LK5008: https://goo.gl/8CugjR
Y-Start JIN02: https://goo.gl/XYzvmT
Sanrenmu 7112: https://goo.gl/lkDVqg
Sanrenmu 4112: https://goo.gl/p2Qlba
Sanrenmu 6040: https://goo.gl/E0LfLq
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Ganzo G752, Elite Ganzo Folder: https://youtu.be/mjd3zaDZACA
Ganzo G738 The Ganzo barrage: https://youtu.be/4_Jq3S2Zfa4
Enlan EW054 Folder Review: https://youtu.be/cGNz4j8oLPs
Sanrenmu 6040 Knife Review: https://youtu.be/GN4DPxY430c
BTU PK26 2000LM EDC Flashlight: https://youtu.be/ohFjNHQ8Ll8
Manker U21 Thrower Light: https://youtu.be/Pgx1qC7UKtM
Outu Multi Purpose Pliers Multitool: https://youtu.be/XQ0Au5QQJFc
Outu Pocket Knife Pliers: https://youtu.be/1Hwi6nzl1-w
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Flinch Fu says:

Scribble around Axis locks with a no2 pencil, it works like graphite powder in lock tumblers. It’s a simple way to dry-lubricate.

Liberty4Ever says:

I just ordered the black G10 version of the 7533 (“titanium” blade coating) from Fasttech. The carbon fiber coated G10 looks great, but I wanted more traction, so I got the black G10. Ganzo has really been maxing the value in their knives lately and producing knives with features that American knife consumers want. It’s hard to believe a knife this nice is under $18 delivered from China. Thank you to our Chinese communist capitalist friends!

NotAHappyCloud says:

Blade looks like it’s based on the protech tr4, I really like that type of design, might have to pick one of these up. Nice review as always.

John Montgomery says:

Those pivot and stud accents sort of remind me of something Kizer or We Knife would do. So we have Chinese companies copying Chinese companies now? 😀
Oh, and the axis lock on my Ganzo is SUPER stiff. Worked itself out a bit over time, but still problematic once in a while.

Steve Kushman says:

A nice looking & performing blade for the low price.

lesamourai777 says:

I wish Ganzo would makes knives with the Tri-Ad-style lock.

Chinese knives says:

One of the most wanted knives at this moment for sure.

Saber904PlaysMC says:

Nice Review. I was wondering, Should I Go with the Ganzo G753 , The G738 axis lock, the g7522 or the ganzo 730 (spyderco Look alike)? I want Good Quality A Nice blade And A Good Slicer. I don’t Care for SPring assisted/ball Baring but Should I go with the g7522? Thanks


Nice warning lol

paul palmer says:

Ganzo are fine budget knives. I have several.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Showing a high value budget folder from Ganzo, this is part of their Firebird series, which seems to be their higher quality line. Also Gearbest is having crazy holiday sales on outdoor equipment, flashlights, and knives, see the text box for the relevant links.

WeaponCollector says:

Great review, I’ve had quite a few Ganzo’s now and for the price you can’t go wrong, really decent knives when compared to knives of the same price

gone rydin says:

I have two of these. They are very cool but I think I am over the whole carbon fiber thing. Too slippery for me. Fortunately they come in G-10 as well. Nice review!

TheKimjoh560 says:

I’ve got this as an automatic both with g10 and aluminium. They are basically a Protech copy but I really like them and the blade design is excellent for pretty much anything from stabbing to choppong up onions. I have over 30 ganzos and I have never had a lemon yet.

MrGeerbear says:

WAJK- I have this knife and it’s my first Ganzo. My axis lock is fine too. Don’t be scared off by the 440c. It has been proven by Birdshot IV and Dutch Bushcraft Knives to hold up quite well. This is the first Ganzo with milled out liners too. Great budget knife.

Aaron Oosterhoff says:

Hey Juggle, I’m looking for a new knife. I don’t really want a frame or liner lock, and I want like a 4 inch blade, you should do an updated higher end favourite folders video to give me some ideas. 🙂 I just got a Brown Manix2 LTWT and it was an utter disappointment! I was pretty displeased with Spyderco when I handled it, super gritty opening, sharp edges on the handle… just messed

Michael Daury says:

Yea im getting a few if them for sure

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Is, Thanx You, I just bought a Nessmuk sort of carry, I got the Bokor Plus Tec-Tool that I found out about them from your video. Thanx You. Yeah their pretty good and made from the 12c27 the same stainless that Mora uses on their stainless steel knives, Oh, they also use it for Ice Skates, I’m teaming it up with a Steel Will Druid 220 a 4.9″ blade made in the 8Cr18MoV which is similar to the 440b. but a little better, Yeah, Nessmuk used around a 5″ butcher like belt knife and a Moose Pattern Slipjoint Pocket Knife, which I bought (2) Rough Riders in the Moose Pattern Pocket Knives at a sale last year, Except mine have the same blade shapes as the Trapper’s except in the Moose Pattern. Yeah sort of a modern day wannabe Nessmuk, heh heh heh. But I’m also incorporating my Estwing Double Bit Hatchet and my Corona looking folding saw with a opened egg shape handle, Mine is made by Bond, But it looks identical to one that Corona makes, Maybe Bond makes the Corona or visa versa. But anyhow, It’s a good combo for wet and snowy weather use hikes, and a coffee break along the way, I stole a recipe of Mors Kochansky, he uses evaporated milk and honey Hmmmmmm mmmmmm good, with one of my Victor Sinclair Canada Cigars, It just doesn’t get any better. Thanx You Is. ,, .

Dewey Fisher says:

I have two of them and they’re two of my favorites.

Scuba Mike says:

Thumbs up for the run down

ImJamon says:

that’s a sexy blade

Le Grand Fromage says:

So would you recommend this one or the g752?

Aiman Jamaluddin says:

anyone try purchase it today? after check out, there is no shipping method available. so i cannot proceed.

Survival Gear says:

I’m from Singapore, and from my experience with gearbest:

If you want faster shipping, use priority line, which cost lesser as you buy more stuff. Like if your total order is us$10, it might be around us$3. And if your total order is us$20, it will be lesser, maybe around us$1. Then when you hit over us$30, it will be free.

Priority line, takes about 1 week to reach me, but might be up to 2 weeks, often depends on when they dispatch the goods out. Then cheapest shipping which cost a few cents takes around one month.

Btw, Gearbest don’t ship for free anymore, since some months back.

In Singapore we have a few local stores that sells knives of various brands, Kershaw, buck, gerber, schrade, cokd steel, benchmade and etc. Basically, everything is available, but its common that knives price from local stores can be 2 to 3 times the price of what it should be.

And knife law here is pretty strict, that why in my review I never do knife cut test and knife use outside, like what you have done. Don’t want to get into trouble with the law here.

Josh Warren says:

One of the ganzo,s looks like a clone of a lion steel possibly the orange ganzo,s 🙂

Josh Johnson says:

I’ve had this one for about a month now and it’s an awesome slicer/cutter. blade has a nice thin cutting edge that holds a wicked sharp edge. good reveiw as always my man!


I’ve never gotten a bad Ganzo from Gear Best! I own 10 of them.

Steed Andersen says:

Thanks for all the links. Enjoyed the review as always.

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