Case Sod Buster Pocket Knife Review. The ultimate cheap made in USA Grandpa EDC

If you think of pocket knives rarely, you might have pictured a Case Sod Buster style knife. This review examines it’s ergonomics and presupposes character flaws of people who don’t give boring internet videos about durable goods thumbs up. If you would like to buy this knife and support the dumb ideas voiced on my channel, check it out here:

Or don’t.


LitoGeorge says:

Tx for adding to my worldly knowledge with the sodbuster comment from the urban dictionary. The things you learn…

Mitchell Delmar says:

I picked up a well-used GEC Sod Buster for its straight-forward simplicity and plan to abuse it in true AKB fashion. Just gotta find some sod to bust since I don’t have fences to mend or cattle to rustle.

Michael Rossi says:

I have one. Clipped me once n never used it since then.

Joshua Doty says:

Hmm. Cool knife. Nice review. What were those Klingon looking thing in the opening? Did You make them?

Arjun Gandhi says:

“Yellow is pretty and the color of pee-pee”

You deserve more subs.

cyclist01222 says:

I think Cudeman is pronounced Koo-da-man. I answer because I actually own one of their fixed blades and feel like that qualifies me to think I know how to pronounce it… maybe.

Lemon Slush Loves Knives says:

Yea I waited for the last people bone drop but they sold out. Thanks for nothing knivesshipfree

malapropism27 says:

You have an IQ of at least 106, I think.  Maybe even a little higher, like 30 points higher.  Are you just another  wasted talent on the internet, or secretly you are a stock trader genius investor type and this is all sub 30USD stuff is you being ironic so you ‘stay grounded’ and hone your street smart for the big deals.

Chris Allison says:

Nice patin. I also choose to ignore the second A.

MrZlooze says:

This particular budget knife “engenders turgid, flux states on participating lower chakras.”

Lance Weidauer says:

I cant find the human bone version anywhere on line. Please post a link where it cant be found. Or is that an outside the u.s. thing

Old Ben says:

More of a Buck person, but hey, different flavors for everyone.

Brad Hutchison says:

Man, you weren’t kidding when you said you were reviewing EVERY traditional. This is an awesome knife though. Even better if you can get your hands on a GEC model.

Mr. Grinch says:

Looks like a great knife.

Nick Ypoo says:

I’ve found that the cheap slip cases that come with reading glasses work well for larger knives without pocket clips. They’re a lot like the leather slips made for traditional knives, just fabric and cheapy.

Marc H says:

Are u going to be reviewing the nitecore mh23 by chance?

Steve Kluver says:

Thanks Bro.
Looking at this knife again, sure does bring back some memories.
We had two general knife groups in grade school. Those who carried a Case Sod Buster, and those that carried a Case Barlow. I was on team Barlow. I’m not sure why, at this point? Probably because, it was the only knife I could find to buy, in the back of a Popular Mechanics magazine.

This was at a time too, that I was also reading Mad Magazine, and the adventures of Spy Vs Spy. And collecting *all* of those funky stickers >
: – )

Jonathan Wilson says:

You made me proud. I think Big Bird is a recreational user though. Gotta maintain a job.

Remove Kebab says:

Check out the aitor castor mediana it’s a traditional Spanish knife, and also the mikov fish knife/Rybicka from Czech land if you are doing the traditional comparison thing

Ed Vanek says:

I can’t wait for your cold steel review!
Your last cold steel review should earn some kind of award.
Anyways, looking forward to it.

bbnguyen92 says:

I thought it was pronounced Van-aid-dee-um.

Eric Boss says:

Man, they were out of eagle bone AND human bone for the handle. I went with swan beak, because I think orange is next level tactical…

Miziel Gonzalez says:

Holy shit I laughed probably harder that I should have at the color of peepee lol!

N English says:

You glorious bastard. Your videos are on my weekly todo list.

astrozombie2099 says:

some real “lol” in the last few minutes.. good work as allways

Charles Collier says:

“…like Big Bird after a drug problem.” I howled.

hypervigilance1 says:

no lock no thanks.

zoo says:

In a Super Mario voice… I like it. She’s a nice.

Blake Grendel says:

Non tactical I’m. Out. Thanks for wasting 7 mins of Time. I’m sure it was a good video tho I’ll like also cause I’m not a jerk

SailfishSoundSystem says:

I had a Case Sodbuster, but I didn’t care for it much. The grind was fucked up and it looked at me sideways. However, I gave Case another chance with the Tribal Lock in antique bone. I really love this knife. I’m used to a Spyderco Delica for edc and it has a clip. I decided to go grandpa style and get a Case belt sheath. It works well for me.

Levon says:


49Giants says:

I like the last definition lol
Also yellow is pretty

matt peter says:

Thanks bro

chuckles470 S says:

You should be writing for a sitcom or do knife reviews.
Need more slow mo!

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