Cold Steel AK-47 Folding Knife Review (CTS-XHP Model)

Cold Steel AK-47 Folder (OD Green):
Cold Steel AK-47 Folder (Dark Earth Brown):
Cold Steel AK-47 Folder (Black):
Cold Steel Mini AK-47 Folder:
Cold Steel AK-47 Fixed Blade (3V Steel):
Cold Steel Immortal Folder:
Cold Steel SR1 Folder:

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James Hinegardner says:

You have a great channel I love how you go in great detail. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of knives. Take care brother. By the way I have a couple of them.

Rl Badger says:

“Assaulted my pallet” usually I hear that, after I cook my wife a meal.

Spottdro55el says:

Cant be shipped to germany fuuuck… me

Ron Broeders says:

Any idea why they named this model after the assault rifle?

drizzie says:

More coldsteel please

Ääripää says:

Cold Steel Colossus

cyclist01222 says:

Thanks for sharing this video. I hope YouTube turns on the money. If not I hope another freedom loving video sharing site will rise up so we can all go there.

Hidayat Tay says:

Thanks for sharing. I too at first thought that 3.5″ is too short for inflicting serious damage, but a military friend of mine told me that 3″ of blade length is enough to hit vital organs. Not sure if thats true. But anyway, a great knife!

Tom Sawyer says:

Looks like a good pick for a last ditch defense option. I just wish that Cold Steel would grind their knives all the way to the edge.

BushcraftOutdoorMesser says:

It’s a great knife.

Rosemarie Cooney says:

I had an older version and gave it to a friend as a gift used cuz he helped me with a plumbing problem.   I was into bigger knives at the time but remember how ergonomic it was and wicked blade grind…. it felt really good in hand…. hmmmm i may buy another…..if they would only make the voyager series with wave… right?

Scott G says:

My main complaint is the blade length being too short for the expressed purpose. My secondary complaint is the hollow grind. I am more of a fan of the current large and extra large Recon 1 blades. Still, the AK47 handle fits my medium/large hand very well.

Reflexions says:

A really loadable, stress-resistant and well functioning work horse, again a nice contribution from cold steel, thanks for sharing…

Preston Mcentire says:

I have used mine pretty hard core over the last several years it’s an aus8 version wish I had the xhp version but I own a couple cold steel code 4 folders and the tiger claw. The ak has been one of my favorite folders to the point I tested mine with batoning small kindling and all kinds of abuse and it’s still great works like a well broke in knife smooth no blade play and sharp AF!

True Blade says:

I was fortunate enough to get an older one (Aus8 version) for $50.00 a year ago. Although I don’t use them as my EDC I love my larger Cold Steel knives, especially the G-10 handles.

Kit Bloke says:

That edge/sharpening choil arrangement hurts my brain more than any striking pommel could

Andrew Kincade says:

I have the Spartan – and I LOVE IT

Infidelmedic Olmmedic says:

I loved my ak47 except for the aus 8. I should pick up another in xhp

Barry Hemmy says:

Great review and just a stellar knife.I wish it was 4-4.5 inches long as well.Cold Steel make a larger version of this knife.

TAC-HILL says:

great review as always bro. for me the price makes it unobtainable but i do really like the looks of it.

CO45422 says:

Real good.

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

If someone thinks that the wave feature is mandatory there is nothing better than a Cold Steel with Tri-Ad lock and the thumbplate for self defense. Its grip, it has reach, its strong and it is fast. #OnlyTriAdLockOrStronger

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

This is a knife which has been recommended to me by many viewers over the years, so when I saw Cold Steel upgraded the steel, I decided I must try one out. It is definitely a beast.

vernon shartzer says:

bought a knife a year or so ago with cts steel.   folks, …..that is some tough steel!

Bob Wampler says:

Glad to see you review this awesome knife. I need to upgrade mine to the new CTS steel.

Иван Драго says:

Salut from Russia) Thank you for video. I opened all links)

Nick Fornara says:

I have been debating on getting one of these for a few years now. It may be the time for me to get one as well. My only gripe with the knife is the amount of handle that protrudes from the pocket. The best weapons are the ones that can not be seen.

ethr95awd says:

My fav feature is that its waveable! Love mine – i would redesign the pocket clip tho for a deeper carry.

Gray Man says:

I have the American Lawman with the CTS steel. Hands down my favorite folder. Easy to sharpen and holds and edge well.

little woody says:

Good video.

Roberthurz says:

I don’t own one now but after this review from you… I think I am going to have to purchase one in the near future.

Chinese knives says:

I like. But, do you think this is better than the recon one drop point?

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

Looks great

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