Cold Steel Finn Wolf Scandi Folding Knife Review


Blade Length: 3.5 inches
Steel: AUS-8
Locking Mechanism: Tri-Ad Lock
Handle Scales: Griv-Ex
Weight: 3.4 ounces
Made In: Taiwan

Several factors combine to make this folder a strong value; the light weight, reasonable price, Scandi grind, and strength of the lock.

Hold Out III (with Upgraded Steel) Review (another high value model pick):


dandandatreeman says:

just received one of these today. pleased that your review was and always is right on bro.

benjamin dover says:

Would this be a decent hunting knife for skinning?

Gw Awe says:

ever stabbed or been stabbed?

Lord Reaper says:

Honestly, the sound of the blade opening always puts a smile on my face

Tactical X-Rays says:

still waiting on mine. takes so damn long.
i always considered the updated spike series scandi ground too, they may have the tiniest microbevel, but for the untrained eye it’s a zero grind

Timothy Ryan Fisher says:

I have one on the way, 31 bucks on Amazon? It has one of the strongest locks on the market. I wish they would make a version with a steel liner.

Joeby says:

Is this good for wittling?


Good for lefties!!!

Survival of the Fittest says:

Two questions. Do you know if it is a true scandi aka zero ground (no micro bevel). And does it have a 90 degree spine or at least a somewhat sharpened spine for ferro rods and scraping? It seems this would be a perfect bushcraft folder if it had at least the sharpened spine which i think it does but i can quite tell on the bevel (sense i dont own one…YET). Thanks in advance.

Timothy Ryan Fisher says:

I posted a video comparing the the Enzo Birk 75 and the Cold Steel Finwolf, you hit many of the same points.

Aitor A says:

Great review!

Trey says:

Ordered this knife and I am sure I am going to be pleased with it. Just so everyone knows, the price on Amazon for this thing seems to be dropping a little bit every day right now.

Airik1111 says:

Perfect campfire knife IMHO ….I’ve also seen people really use that thing and it didn’t skip a beat. I think some folks who might have bad experiences is all do to poor heat treatment, I would love to see this in a more robust knife and also why are companies so anti scandi?

matthias66 says:

I think it is a beautiful looking knife. I think the use of olive drab color for the scales was a good choice, and compliments the steel, which is grey. Probably gives it that earth tones/outdoors feel to it.

I like the blade shape, and the Scandi grind, and it is in keeping with the Scandinavian theme- “Finn Wolf”. I’m pleased to see that Cold Steel made a folder version of this knife for ease of carry- both in the outdoors and an urban environment.

Kenneth Robson says:

got this knife thanks to you i injoy finnwolf

AnnoyingName999 says:

$35 in the USA….probably means $135 in Aus.

AssistanttoRM says:

Scandi is where there is only one bevel right?

Jdmsword14 says:

I’m generally turned off by folders but this is very cool and at a great value i would say

uddo speck says:

thanx for the video. i am a puukko fan. but this knife will not be cheap in germany. i need to send you one of my uddopuukkos one day. i would like to know what you think about them. greetings from germany..uddo


The blade reminds me of more of a sword /bushcraft blade in one like he says it is an looks more to b a defensive slasher knife

RealBushMonkey says:

I recently purchased on of these, cant go wrong at that price point. Took it to work in the woods for a week, WOW, great budget woods knife. That skandi came very sharp and simply tears into wood.Nice and light, great for sliceing and light carveing tasks.Its like having a folding Mora in your pocket. I also found the clip holds strong and that horn at the end of the handle makes for easy deployment, a real winner for a budget minded woodsman in my opinion.Cheers

Reyese 13 says:

this knife is just awesome . i buy it and when i got it i was very happy is very very sharp very very sharp and its easy to open light weight and it close easily thanks for making a such good amazing product

Bit Cloud says:

Bought this knife and the edge rolled and chipped in two places the very first time I used it (on soft plastic strapping!) Had such high hopes for it too…

Timothy Ryan Fisher says:

I carry both the Finwolf and Enzo as EDC. The Enzo around my neck, the Finwolf in my pocket.

Danzig Rulze says:

I have been carrying this for a month and it is very good knife.  Plus you can’t beat the price..  Oh and mine was razor sharp too.  Oh and the actual color is grey, it isn’t OD green at all though Amazon post it as such.

benjamin felland says:

I think I like this knife more seeing it in your channel. Was able to see better the size of the knife. Still think ill have to pass though.

Timothy Ryan Fisher says:

That scandi grind just grabs me, I can sharpen it. Other grinds are more difficult.

Tyler says:

Just paid $26.xx for it but the tag was $34.xx (25% off at field and stream!)

KBar666 says:

How easy is this to sharpen on a spydie sharpmaker? I haven’t sharpened a scandi grind?

Rick Sanchez says:

Good video

coolsly64 says:

If you were to look at that knife compared to the mora 749 (the 8 inch bladed mora) which would you recommend for value scadi knife designs?

bob kirk says:

it always surprises me how cheap you guys get these things (everything really) i suppose it’s the tax difference but shipping from the USA is bloody horrendous, it ends up being even more expensive to buy then ship to the UK, these are £40 here, (£1=$1.42) you fellas are really getting stung on your postage , as always chap another good, simple and unbiased review.
Keep em coming, Regards

Bandit032X says:

Over 70 euros in Finland. Not very cheap.

Seattle206723 says:

Picked up mines today! Thanks ma man…

Stoney Lonsome says:

I’ve been waiting on this knife, I sold my Birk because I wanted to get a new one with birch scales instead of the carbon fiber and I’ve yet to replace it- thought I would grab this one and see how it did in the mean time. One problem I had with my birk was that it was so nice I didn’t really want to do hard work with it, this one is just 35 bucks- if it gets scratched up or something it won’t matter. Besides, the Birk is a liner lock and the tri-ad is much more robust.

Andrew Tadsen says:

I wish I had this when I was a Boy Scout.  This really ought to be the official knife.

rldickie says:

I work in a fast food restaurant where I mostly use my $70 Spyderco resilience to cut open plastic bags of lettuce. I am such a gangster. That wolf is nice though. Probably scare the hell out of a plastic bag I bet.

Stealthgeetar says:

I’ve had this knife for almost two weeks and the only thing I don’t like is when you go to sharpen it the thumb studs get in the way and you can’t lay it flat on the grind. You either have to sharpen that part at a weird angle or take the thumb stud out every time u sharpen it.

Shannon Lodge says:

Great knife, if they corrected the index finger grip, thickened the blade 1mm , some deep gimping it would be an excellent knife

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