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Custom quality folding knives, especially those manufactured with Titanium handles and Titanium leaf spring locks are undeniably strong, lightweight, and beautiful to look at, but they’re also quite expensive.

We know that many of our customers love the look of our Ti-Lites® but find the prices a little steep. So we have created some very affordable alternatives. The Zy-Ex Ti-Lite® with a 4 inch blade mimics the look of its more expensive counterparts almost exactly, and our model that features a six inch blade is a completely unique Ti-Lite,® virtually in a class by itself.

Instead of 7075 Aluminum, we used 43% glass filled Zy-Ex for the handles and high quality stainless steel for the leaf spring lock and liners. The results are extraordinarily lightweight knives that are remarkably strong, sharp and good looking, at a price almost everyone can afford.

The Cold Steel Zytel Ti-Lite XL Knife designed in collaboration with custom knifemaker Phil Boguszewski, has a 6″ stiletto style blade made of AUS8A stainless steel, 4mm thick. The blade has a thumb stud for one hand opening, and dual blade extensions. The top blade extension serves as an index finger trigger opening option, and the two extensions form an integral guard when the blade is locked open. The drilled Zytel handle, 7″ closed, has a stainless steel leaf spring lock. A removable stainless steel pocket clip is mounted at the butt end.


Item Number: 26SXP
Name: Ti-Lite : 6″ Zy-Ex
Blade Length: 6″
Blade Thickness: 4 mm
Overall Length: 13″
Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless
Weight: 6.8 oz.
Handle: 7″ Long Zy-Ex
Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip

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The Enigmatic Index says:

I got 2 of them.

Jonestown Clown says:

every guy talk too much !!!!!!

Stiletto says:

Love mine!!!

Night-Vision Productions says:

Is it spring assisted

Lauren Mann says:

i bought 2 of this model, one for myself and one for a relative, i also got 1 of the 4″ model. Tested them out on a 15lb piece of beef, both blades went through it like butter, stabbing into meat no effort little pressure needed, letting gravity take effect i dropped them from about 1.5′ and each penetrated half way into the meat.Using the 4″ i did a reverse grip slash and the depth of the slice is something id expect from a much bigger knife. My relative tested the point by doing 4 med power stabs into a metal plate and dozens of throws into hard wood, the point still looks as it did coming out of the box. Super fast opening whichever method is used, very fine blade, the 4″ is my edc now. Highly recommend this line of knives.


Would’ve been much more helpful if the knife was in the center of the frame and not almost cut off to the top….

malik A. Arnold-Walker says:

Do they have 10″ cuz here we can’t carry anything over 10″

Oso Grande says:

Check out the Cold Steel Ti-Lite XL… a Mega Folding Stilletto for those who like clean lines and big folders!

Michael Mowder says:

Good review bad knifes

wallace lee says:

thmbstud is NOT reversable

John Rouse says:

you can not change sides with the thumb stud. how can you do that. the lock would be in the way.

Jörgen Eriksson says:

So nice !

Michigan Edge says:

Nice review! Also a great knife. I love mine. It is built like a tank!

Mike Hunt says:

why would you get one of those? you might as well just buy a sword at that point

lastgunslinger3759 says:

This is now avaliable in aluminum scales in the 6 inch version

John Rouse says:

The thumb stud is not reversible. Or it would catch on the blade lock. I own the same knife by cold steal.

The Killer His Vanilla says:

:O was there a cat somewhere when you made the video?

TheCaptain008 says:

Do a review of your cat.

Smoketastic7 says:

I wish it was a little more lefty friendly. I reversed my thumb stud but it was just awkward. Thank god im ambidextrous.

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