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Hiker Marapese says:

That is a good looking folder, like the contoured handles, excellent vid.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Taking a look at the CRKT Buku designed by Lucas Burnley, this is an extremely attractive knife, it has the mid-tech style, but the price will be very reasonable.


kinda ugly.

BeardedGearNut says:

My cabelas has it for 45. Thinking of getting it today. Wish the handles were made of something lighter but I can deal with the weight. Hell I want a Medford someday and their like 10 ounces.

IPPredators says:

It does look like a killer whale. thanks brother!

Holy botulism says:

Let me get this straight:
Whale back flip = No sir
Whale front flip = Good to go

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors says:

I like when they scale down customs to make buyable knives for everyone

jordan johnson says:

i just wish it wasn’t a smooth handle or id get one


crkt has been killing it with these knives good bye kershaw hello crkt

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

Sweet blade

beefyb93 says:

This knife or the CRKT you flashed/previewed?

Big Bear says:

Imagine the field day a knife pimper could have on that handle! A frag patter or some milling would look stunning on this already great blade.

KnifeTex says:



seems like a winner my friend really awesome looming blade for sure
have a good weekend my friend

Phil Sinex says:

The custom version of this knife is probably the best looking folder around

Steve Kushman says:

Your comments echoed what I thought when I first saw this knife last week. Got one due to be delivered tomorrow. Can’t wait to latch on this handle with my big mitt. CRKT has been coming out with some very nice blades lately.


Awesome. Thanks for reviewing the Buku. Your comments are really insightful and I enjoy watching your videos, especially liked your whale comparison on the design. Great information! Thanks again!

darkholyPL says:

A recurve blade = nope. I freehand sharpen by blades on water stones, and recurves are a bitch. Blade shape is one of the very first things I look at in a knife.

Hue Janus says:

Nice looking knife. But it’s probably on the heavy side, looks to kind of slippery and you lost me at 8cr13.

D Myrick says:

The only thing I don’t like is that it kind of squeeks when your are closing the blade with the frame lock

r0e0x says:

I just ordered this knife a few days ago. I can’t wait to get it. If you didn’t have a pig to cut through you could of cut a package of bologna or something. Thanks for the review wealljuggleknives.

Old Ben says:

Just bought this knife after watching your video. Awesome knife, and can’t beat the price. Thank you for reviewing it.

David Lawman says:

I like it.

latemmetal4 says:

saw where someone took one of these apart and it had bearings

Peach Jackson says:

I have tiny hands but I must have one of these. I love the look. I agree with you about organic designs but I also don’t care for too angular and modern looking frames either. A happy medium is ideal but this thing looks nice to me.

Andrew Kincade says:

Thank You WAJK Blade Bro!

C L says:

I appreciate you taking the time to do a review of this knife. I just received mine (my 1st CRKT) and its an amazing piece. As you said it opens effortlessly & is a beast. I’m so happy Lucas Burnley collaborated with somebody on a budget version of his outstanding Buku custom design. I know it’s not supersteel, but a $40 knife done to this level of production has me in awe. I have many great budget knives with 8cr13Mov steel, including Spyderco, Kershaw, OKC, and have come to appreciate the value & versatility of that steel. Just taking this one out of the box it has immediately become my new favorite. The design, weight & ergonomics are perfect IMO, and the blade came razor sharp. I see several more of CRKT’s new line-up in my future. Keep the great reviews coming.

The Red Duke Arminius says:

I currently don’t own a CRKT folder, but this is gonna be one of the first I consider buying.

Surago says:

I still wish crkt would make a premium line designed from their cheap folders

bigmanbowie says:

Knife cool look like wood cut

Kevin Rosales says:

Great looking knife and cool design

Joe S says:

Had mine a few weeks and love it.Didn’t know it’s made in China and would pay more if it was made in the USA.

Clap Forboobies says:

How is the weight? I bet it’s heavy

White Kita says:

love the sound of  it…….very nice looking 2…

darkgodofdeath says:

I’m sold just on looks alone. Ordering one tomorrow.

Robinson Review says:

I love how it has a clean slate and clean design, perfect for customising!!!!

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