CRKT M-16 Folding Knife Review

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Is there a link to these knifes?

The Aharanha says:

The pocket clip is not actually reversible. Both sides are drilled for it, but the pivot screw rides so high that the clip will not fit right if you put it on that side. The fit and finish is not nearly as good as some of the other (more expensive) M-16’s. Otherwise, i love the knife.

StarPuss www.ToxicRedNeck.Com says:

*They Are a Cheap & Cool Knife!!*
_Love mine!_

Jarhead6 says:

Sweet knife bro!

ClashKing says:

Saw it at Walmart for $20

Zack Halverson says:

How hard is the framelock to move?

Garrett D. says:

I’ve had this knife for a year and a half and it’s still going strong after being put into use almost everyday!

Dominic Banowetz says:

not a frame lock

Living Survival says:
trav v says:

Would the cutting problems go away if you sharpened it?

David Downs says:

I just got one and mine doesn’t open as smoothly as yours here. I find it opens just half way and stops when using flipper and i have to do a flick of the wrist when I open to get it everytime. Sometimes I can do it without if at right spot and use more force. There was some blade play in mine when first opened, but that was fixed by just tightening screw a little. Hopefully just normal.

Mitch Eckler says:

Had mine for 3 years. I use it everyday and the blade is still black. Also the point is amazingly tough to kill… That spear point is perfect.

wolfman011000 says:

Thank you for your review and demo, just ordered 2 of these knives from massdrop $44.69 including delivery to the UK. I am really looking forward to recieving them and trying them out.
Take care and God bless.

Mat 86 says:

Is this knife also good for cutting food like all kinds of fruit, bread etc? Could such things harm the blade?

dseed norway says:

its a sturdy little lightweight that I use as my secondary blade very often. cool video

James Santos says:

I love this knife, was a Christmas gift to myself this year. Next is the Spyderco Tenacious. I’m finding that I’m getting obsessed with edc carry knifes lol

elan really says:

1. Mine is really sharp. It already bit me. 2. Opening and closing is not at good as yours. Sometimes it’s difficult to open and close. I wish it was spring assisted. 3. I bought it because a. it’s aerodynamic. Don’t even feel I’m carrying it b. It’s a superb self defense weapon. c. Mine is serrated, so it can cut a seat belt. d. the blade blocks at the frame I believe can be used to break a car window, or as a “skull crusher.” I bought it for these reasons but I’m not happy at all with the trouble deploying the blade.

new2survival says:

I bought this for my brother. it was stopped by customs. police came to my home threatening to arrest me for having an automatic knife. while 2 hrs previous they waited until a released murderer finished his assault on my neighbours home. it took over 9 officers sit outside my home to deal with one situation. police in the UK are gutless fascist idiots.

ROFLfusionknife says:

of course it’s it not sharp, you just fucking dulled it by cutting a bunch of paper and cardboard

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