Cudeman MT-4 Folding Knife Review – Spanish Camp Folder

Cudeman MT-4, White Micarta:
Cudeman MT-4, Black Micarta:
Cudeman MT-4, Cocobolo:
Cudeman MT-9, Smaller Folder:
Cudeman MT-1 Fixed Blade:
Cudeman MT-5 Fixed Blade:

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oncboy says:

That’s the most beautiful knife I’ve seen in a while.

bk5up880 says:


Ángel J says:

Cudeman is one of the best knives brands we have in Spain. MT5, Boina Verde and Spartan are quite impressive models.

Player Review says:

Nice knife. I’m hoping they make one with T-Rex bone scales and meteor pivots.

cyclist01222 says:

Good solid talk on folders and steel. You are a thinking person! 440c is one of the most misunderstood knife steels I know of. The key is proper heat treat… done right it is very good. The problem is it takes knowledge, practice and skill to master the process which is not forgiving if mistakes are made. I have a Boker with N695 and am very impressed… from Spain also. They say 690 is even better but I have no experience. Real good presentation!

sevenrayz says:


guncotton 1 says:

class looking knife traditional looking beauty scales -have a good evening Izzy

awesomeGuy adventures says:


brianminkc says:

I agree 440C is an excellent steel.

MrGeerbear says:

Nice blade. Well designed with good materials. Thanks for the heads up.

Crusher Destroyer says:

Gotta love gentleman knives like these, i carry a lockback folder everyday from fox’s “win” collection

Fire bug says:

i have Cudeman fixed blade with the same shape blade and hollow grind, rubber handle, and i use it as a camp knife for batoning firewood and food prep, and it still shaves hair after one day outdoors (as long as the edge don’t hit rocks or dirt). And it’s just 440 stainless without “c”. One of my favorite 30$ beaters

bogoljub djordjevic says:

it’s good brand in EU

Dan Hazard says:

how do you maintain your swords, what do you do to care for them,also do you sharpen them and if you do would you mind Making a vid showing how you sharpen them, and if you sharpen knives show that aswell. pleasee

Greenmachine305 says:

Its really nice.

Yakoob Junior says:

Already ordered one

GunCollector007 says:

Definitely a pretty knife for sure

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

i like this one a lot

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

I like that thing! great video

Jules Thurongi says:

Very nice review! Good to know that there is still some nicer, well thought out folders coming out of Europe, to America.
I’ve been interested in some of the older designs from Europe, like the Large Navajas, some of the super pointy Corsican and countrified French folders that served every role a knife could: from slicing cheese, to skinning rabbits, to dispatching foes. There isn’t a ton of info on such blades anymore.


that’s a very nice looking blade there
just got myself 2 Spanish blades but not this brand o never seen it before

Ivan Beard says:

what the shit that looks like a nice knife


veryy like it menn pinoy got stlye in reviewing


pretty classy like that nice bro

Jack Bailey says:

I Am a old school guy when it comes to knives, and this one fits the bill even with modern material one thing I noticed was the placement of the thumb studs, “maybe just the angle I Am seeing it” the seem to far out on the blade, may be due to the bolster design,, I don’t know if my OCD could handle that, good vid as usual,,,,,,,thanks

jay unitedwestand says:

that really is a nice knife,how is the liner does is stick? seem strong?

James White says:

Thanks for Reviewing this knife! It Seems Like a Great Folder at a Decent Price!

40belowful says:

nice looking knife:) well built. thanks

Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond says:

Looks gorgeous!

chuckv5150 says:

I would definitely pick one up if it had a pocket clip. Love the looks but I need to be able to clip it to a pocket or a pack. Thanks for the review.

ogostaboy says:

I became a fan of Cudeman and already bought two MT-5/fixed blades/.The fit and finish is awesome,so is the price for their quality.They all have a level of sophistication which i find irresistible.I love knives which are not only well made and functional but actually look good as well.The company offers several models for hunting,bushcraft ,’survival’ and few folders.

El santo 650 says:

I welcome you like a brand of razor Spain. Greetings from Spain and enjoyment.

Raymond Williams says:

THAT is a very beautiful knife.

Nightwolf866 says:

thier fixed blades are popular in Germany. But they are cheaper over here.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah, WoW, That would look great with my new Modified Battle Horse Attitude check it out it’s on Google Plus just search Paulie 4x

Tactical Patriot2000 says:

I’m not really feelin this knife for some reason, that bolster just doesn’t work for me.

Medeiros says:

How is the lockup? From the video seems to be quite late lockup.
Don’t you think it’s going to develop blade play with extended use?

Robert Briggs says:

Gross. Steel liners.

Nightwolf866 says:

there is a 3 inch version.

coolplayz Nogame says:

Fine looking knife,like the tip design and scales of that one,,Yeah! it looks classy.

Chinese knives says:

Cudeman, Muela, Aitor… are very good spanish brands. You must see the mt5 fixed blade, spartan, boina verde, 106, 107… from. cudeman.


Hiker Marapese says:

Beautiful folder, those materials and steel for $65.00, wow! Thanks for sharing as I probably never would have seen this knife! Excellent vid!

Jake Davis says:

I really don’t like where the thumbstud is. Really in the way of cutting at the base of the blade.

DamionJR4923 says:

That is a cool looking knife!

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I can understand a bushcrafter wanting to carry a folder along with a fixed blade. Most folders simple are not strong enough to wood tasks but there is something charming about a folder that we like. I think it’s the action. The opening and closing of a folder enchants us all. I myself should carry a fixed blade since I am concerned with self defense but I end up surrendering to the easiness of carry and discretion of folders.


If you like that you need to see the Aitor Oso Blanco

SuperRtrtrtr says:

I own an MT5 fixed blade with black Micarta. It’s well made and the leather sheath is outstanding quality. It’s the only knife that I bought from an online store other than Amazon that I was completely satisfied with. Check out Bushcraft

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