Dirt Cheap and Tough EDC Pocket Knife – Schrade SCH104L – Review – Best Sub-$40 Folding Knife?

Today we’ll look at a Manly, NEW Every Day Carry, Tactical-looking, Pocket Knife from Schrade, the SCH104LS. Could this be the best, new, low-cost folder of 2013? Let’s take a look and see in this new review from from http://ultimatesurvivaltips.com

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As Promised… Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

Schrade SCH104L – Fine Edge – Pocket Knife:
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/Schrade-SCH104L-S4L

Schrade SCH104LS – Part Serrated – Pocket Knife:
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/Schrade-SCH104LS-S4L

Bear Grylls Compact Scout Knife:
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/BG-Compact-Scout-S4L

Smith and Wesson – Border Guard Folding Knife :
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/Border-Guard-S4L

Old Timer 25OT – Traditional Pocket Knife:
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/Old-Timer-25OT-S4L

Gerber Hinderer Combat Life Saver – Tactical Knife:
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/Hinderer-CLS-S4L

Buck Vantage Force Hunting Folder:

Gerber Gator 154CM Folding Sheath / Survival Knife:

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Gerber is garbage. When you unlock the blade you can bend the blade with you bare hands.

buffyou812 says:

Your reviews are great! Lots of detail…some of the best on Youtube! Keep up the great work!!

Ultimate Survival Tips says:

Thank you! Thanks for the encouragement ~ David

zubeast says:

All this guy ever reviews is shrade and gerber shit there are much better knives that are the same price or even less

oobligah says:

one of the thickest framelocks you’ve seen to date? lol don’t kid yourselves

Emory Bragg says:

it is actually equal to american 440C steel

AlaskanUndead says:

You say thickest framelock, but how thick is the spring relief cut. The weakest part fails first.

somethingelse says:

Are these knifes legal everywhere?, or is it an American thing???

Blue Sky Country says:

Schrade, AKA Taylors Mfg. has been coming out with a lot of downright tough and reliable knives over the past years. And the best part about them is just how affordable they are. I would trust my life and safety to a Schrade tactical folder any time, and my SCHA6L is one of the best knives I have ever handled. It is a perfect companion to my EDC handgun when I am in a place that allows CCW and when in a gun-ban city, the SCHA6L is my main defensive weapon. And just like the model featured in this video, I purchased it for a song from Smoky Mountain Knife Works. If I were to give the only criticism I have about this knife company, it would be just the retractable assisted openers that they lately have been coming out with. I handled one at a gun show. As a person accustomed to traditional assisted openers, the blade on the retractable rockets out the end at considerable force and then locks in place. Kind of an awkward design.

kingfish4488 says:

This knife is made by Enlan (model EL-08) in China for the New Schrade. I had the Enlan version(sold it). The lock up had up and down play(which can’t be adjusted), very stiff opening, pivot pin can’t be adjusted or taken apart unless you buy there special tool which is half the cost of the knife. There are better knifes out there at this price point, that are user friendly. Example– Rat 1, Tenacious, Ganzo G704 —-This was a good review about a not so good knife.

brianminkc says:

Why is it nobody has any idea how good that steel is… its similar to 154CM

Brysk says:

Please do a review of the border guard 5

T.C Thompson says:

You sir are most certainly a gentleman and a scholar. Please continue to do just exactly what you do. Hooah!!!!!!!!’n

Fit & Finished says:

the yojimbo 2 will open your ass up more that quickly leaving pints of crimson behind……

MrLaklander says:

The Schrade SCH-104 is just a re-branded Enlan EL-08.

Lloyd Vosper says:

this knife is produced by enlan model el08 so you could probably get for around $25 if you look

David Grech says:

Thoughts on sch302(s)? I’m looking for a folder that is serrated, no more than 9cm, NOT spring loaded/assisted and I do like index flippers. Also anything cheap is good because I’m not looking for anything super good/expensive. By the way I live in Melbourne, Australia. Love your vids as always and thanks. Anyone else feel free to reply too :))))))

Tim Tdb says:

Yep rebranded Enlan for sure.

Ultimate Survival Tips says:

EDC stands for every day carry. Something that you can have on you every day. Thanks!

Ben Sheen says:

this is an edc knife so i dont understand why you took of a star because it is not a good survival knife. retard your channel is shit

7Storm7 says:

Fantastic job David….

Fit & Finished says:

try the yojimbo 2 compression lock or the para military 2 compression by spyderco if ya want a quality tactical folder boys

Daniel La Breche says:

that gerber gator has literally saved my hand from a hydralic press fail i was cleanign n i had knive blade down against the plate and the press came on and pushed down on the knife. took 1000lb for 3 seconds and bam. shatted i got myhand out in time after i saw my blade get crushed into plate. i can say its a great knife that will always have a great lock up . ive even stabbed them through stop signs.

reddwarf60 says:

I’ve been EDCing the SCH104L for a little over a year as my quick to get at large blade (I also EDC a Leatherman CORE) and I’ve beat it like a rented mule- Literally. I’ve batoned with it a lot and though that has loosened the blade slightly side-to-side, the lock-up is still like a bank vault. The frame lock is extra thick and features stabilizer. Even the finish has held-up well. The open construction makes it very easy to clean and the 9Cr18MoV blade takes a great edge from my Spyderco Sharpmaker.

The down-side: Weight- Its heavy. It also sticks too far out of my pocket. I would like a deep-carry clip. 

 I paid just under $30.00 shipped and believe I got a great deal.

Cerph says:

Does this knife’s extra thick, sturdy frame lock make it as solid as a full tang?

Dexter Norman says:

Great video

Justin Dorotheo says:

Great video! Do more of these please for us poor folk

OperationWeekend says:

I would like to see your opinion on assisted (not automatic) opening knives and your rating on the Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS.

Tim Tdb says:

Yep rebranded Enlan for sure.

Jordan Phillip says:

Your channel should be called Walmart review . All those knife you recommended are cheap quick buys for people that don’t know anything about the product . A cheap knife is just that . A cheap knife . Bears grills? Smh

fadugleman says:

You would be much happier with a Spyderco Tenacious and your world will be opened to the world of quality knives

Fit & Finished says:

liner locks suck be it spyderco or whomever framelocks lock backs kick their asses

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

“So who is this knife for”

Cheap cunts who would rather buy Chinese made and continue to enable China to get away with cheap labor and poor quality control all while boosting their economy and killing their very own.

bakimakilaki says:

On amazon 25 dollars.

Vas Vaskel says:

David…  You mentioned several other brands in this review, including *Smith & Wesson* and *Old Timer*…  What you did not mention, is that both of these brands are made by the same company that produces the *Schrade* and *Uncle Henry* brands, as well as *Imperial* cutlery…

BTW: At the time of this post, the SCH104L is currently on Amazon for ~$23US…  Enjoy…

Johnathan Davenport says:

Got mine from Amazon today for 21 bucks, Cant beat the knife for that price. The only knife close Is the Kabar Mule but thats also 41 bucks

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