Douk Douk Knife Review. Made by the French, Used by Death Squads, Merry Christmas!

Since 1929 this non locking French made folding knife, the Douk Douk has been used the world over as a perfect small EDC blade, and also by Algerian Death Squads from the FLN, whatever that means. It weights about an 1.5 ounces, and is on of the thinnest folding knives you can buy. The handle features a picture of the Douk Douk which is a Melanisian ghost or spirit. The knife features a slip joint blade, a stainless steel handle, and is right under 3 inches in blade length. If you’re a fan of the Higo No Kami, the Mercator, the Opinel, or MAM give this one a look too.

You can buy the knife off Amazon if you’d like to support the French and my channel.

The 3″ version:


Ken Fair says:

I swear I kept waiting for you to cut yourself while slicing up that box. Not that I was hoping you cut yourself (because that would be mean and I’m really an chill kinda guy who would never laugh at someone cutting themselves), it was just for some reason that knife looked super awkward in your hand. I mean more awkward than usual…. anyways, glad you didn’t get injured… at least physically. I’m not in charge of your mental health. Thank God.

Lakshmi Narayanan Srinivasan says:

May God shower his choicest benchmades and spydercos on you. wishing you moar edginess, senpai.
Merry Christmas and happy new year.

SteelBearingHand says:

Get a KME. The Sharpmaker can only do so much.

Christian St. Cyr says:

I really like your channel bro.

Michael Morgan says:

Nice one.

Alexander Binz says:

Douk douk?, more like THE BIG GAY

- - says:

Thank you for all the dick dick jokes. Happy New Year

Thomas says:

It’s Boxing Day. I’m too late to say Merry Christmas, but have a Happy New Year! Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your videos and cynical quips.

Chris Loew says:

sog slim jim rocks, not sure I’m comfortable with a french blade in my pocket?

FlamQ Dbltap says:

Translates to shit shit.

themanfromfrance says:

As another Frenchman I agree with what you said about us….. doesn’t mean I have to like it though.

thechugdude says:

I’m about to buy a SC600w Mk III HI as my first decent edc flashlight. Is this a good choice or should I consider anything else?

Brett w says:

“Thousands of years ago in the 1800s “

SailfishSoundSystem says:

Trust me I’m French… The Maginot Line is good really. Impenetrable. The Douk Douk came with a shit edge. I guess if ran a knife factory…..I would want the knife to be sharp when it left the facility. Apparently Corky runs the fucking QA department there.

13irishsailors says:

Your style reminds me of the “you suck at cooking guy” but only for knives! It’s great thanks for the reviews!

mythrol says:

Never trust the French. I should know, my wife is one.

john curley says:

I dont like Frenchness in my knives

Mere Blather says:

Which investigative reporters are we trusting, the one’s who’ve been fired for sexual harassment or the ones who’ve been fired for spreading lies?

- - says:

Digging the french theme. Please review the National Razor next.

The Red Duke Arminius says:

“You know what? Good enough.” What everyone who hand sharpens says after 30 minutes to an hour of sharpening.

macmurfy2jka says:

Oh, nice review, btw!

darkencypher says:

It looks kinda like a miniature scimitar.

misanthrope says:

Always nice to find a Youtube knife or gun person who doesn’t have psychotic “political opinions” (conspiracy theories whispered to them by their dog or Alex Jones during the last full moon).

Rebuswind says:

talking about traditional folder…I have some northern wood GEC, case and Queen laying you care to do some reviews on them?

603 Predator says:

Yeah that’s blood.

MT scott says:

Looks like a cool little pocket knife. If it had a cork screw and came with a condom it would have everything needed to enjoy a nice warm evening in the French countryside.

Jacco E says:

Knife people don’t do Instagram, Bro. Insta is gay and for kids and SJW’s. No offense. Or offense!! What am I, gay? Well maybe I am gay, but if I was I wouldn’t be on Instagram. Nothing against gays, trust me. I know gay people and I like them too. Somehow this comment isn’t really doing great at bringing my anti-Instagram point across. I apologize.

Daffa Wiratama says:

i think the tip was dull because someone previously use the knife to stab a robot

Eddie King says:

I predict this knife will become very popular. Kinda like rectal cancer; -) Have a Happy New Year Bro.

Jason’s underwater steak shop says:

Smoking is cool ! I went to a party two weeks ago and people were smoking and I’ve almost picked up on the cool habit

Mitchell Delmar says:

Would love to hear your review of net neutrality. Seriously.

John Counts says:

Well is it? A piece of…

Fredrick Rourk says:

Very easy to turn them into a fixed blade.

D Gray says:

What does a Frenchman say when he drops of Deuce of Dooks in his pants?

Lemon Slush Loves Knives says:

douch douch

Stef Z says:

The larger version is the historic standard size. Algerian Death squads used to get around it being a slip joint by hammering the daylights out of the handle until it became a fixed blade.

knives save lives says:

The dowk dowk looks like there’s some hot spots on the handle.

darkencypher says:

Notification bell on, bitches!!!

CletusAwreetusAwrightus says:

whatever. if it’s so cool why did Papillion use a Sebenza to defend Dega on the ride to French Guiana??

N English says:

Nice knife rev-wait-there’s sex robots?

Joe K says:

You’re reviews are awesome man. Keep it up. I like how you add humour to them, most knife reviewers are boring as shit when they try to be too serious

ropes channel says:

No joke, go get the ozark trail 3.87 traditional folder(looks like a buck 110) I got 3 washed them out and oiled them up and 2 are super smooth and the other is decent. They actually hold a better edge than I thought and came sharp as cheddar

Jason Chatham says:

AKB!!! why did you tell me to ask my girl about bigger ones??? thanks for fucking up Christmas……Bro!

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