EDC Knife Review – S&W MAGIC Assist SW6000B Folding Knife

The S&W SW6000B has everything I look for in an EDC knife except a tip up carry. But the MAGIC assist opening is so slick that I still plan on making this one of my EDC knives. I just like it that much.

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Todd Gibson says:

Bad deal, but nothing to do with you…drive on…!!

KungFuTweety1 says:

Hi Brian, won’t be watching or supporting your Schrade and related videos anymore, because of what happened to Chris PM101 and Schrade and Jessica X without his knowledge or consent. they need to make it right! Sorry Brian. will still watch your other stuff. love the channel!

John Jenkins says:

I agree eaiser to clean, like the flipper and the lock. Got get one

Couch Potato says:

I enjoy your videos a lot Brian. I will continue to watch anything you post that isn’t schrade related after seeing Chris Tanner’s lasted video.

Josh S says:

btw Chuck Norris doesnt need a lighter to set off his fireworks he can just intimidate them into going off in fear!!!# Chuck Norris rules forever!!

Oblivion Tactical says:

Sorry now I question Schrades. Won’t be buying any more. That didn’t take long to mess up. I hope they learn a lesson.

Survival On Purpose says:

OK, to keep from typing this over and over, here is my take on the whole Jessica X – SCHF43-Chris Tanner situation. I have been aware of that issue for several days and I saw his video today. I talks to Chris (on Messenger) just to get some more details. He thinks the change was on purpose but can’t say that 100%. Either way, he has asked them to remove his name from the blade for any future production runs, even if they change back to a saber grind.

OK, you probably already knew all that if you watched his video (I even ramble in the comment section) so here’s my position as of July 1, 2017. If/when it changes you will know:

I know things are changing at BTI Tools/Schrade. They are moving their headquarters from Taylor Brands former Tennessee location. Many of the people who were long time Taylor Brands team members have decided not to move with them. My original and long time contact, who is one of the Taylor brothers, has elected to step away as well. I am not sure about the other Taylor family members but they did pretty good when Smith and Wesson bought Taylor Brands last year for a somewhere north of $50 million.

I have no idea how the deal was structures or how much liquid cash they wound up with but I bet they are doing OK. And, just to be clear, I think they deserved their success. They bought the name and trademarks from a failed company and resurrected some iconic brands and provided what I consider an excellent value product at a price the average person could afford. Which is why I have been such a big Schrade supporter over the last few years.

Oops, I’m rambling again. Anyway, my point is that things are changing and I think it is too early to know how they will shake out. I think it is still possible that the change to a hollow grind was either a mistake and not an attempt to save either money or production time in order to restock faster. We may never know. Right now, I plan to wait and see if they correct it. I know they said they randomly tested several knives with no issues. After Chris’ video I want to see if they change their response.

Having said that, I do have to admit I am a little concerned about the potential implications this situation brings up. There was a lot of concern from a lot of folks that the S&W buyout would result in issues just like this. I don’t think that has been proven yet. To be fair, we are talking about a possible change to one knife design. As Chris has said, he sold the design to Schrade. They have the right to change it however the want. If the changes they make result is a crappy product the resulting damage to their sales or reputation is the risk they take. If they agree to remove Chris’ name from the “revised” product I think that is fair. I know there are at least 2 production runs with hollow grinds and his name on them. That sucks but I understand how mass production works and that is just the way stuff happens. I think Chris has done a pretty good job of warning folks about the change. And I am adding an update to my videos mentioning the SCHF43.

As for other Schrade/S&W/Old Timer etc reviews, I am still thinking that one through. The reality is that I try to give my honest opinion about everything I review. (If I really think it sucks I don’t even bother to review it. And, by the way, here have been several Schrade products you never even saw- like the 3 sided whetstone thingy). So, just like the MAGIC Assist knife in this video, I don’t think the issue with the SCHF43 is necessarily relevant to other models.

Finally, having said that, it really depends on how they wind up handling the SCHF43 issue because that speaks to the integrity of the company. And one of the reasons I have been such a big supporter of the Schrade family of brands is because they have always shown the highest level of concern for putting out an excellent product at a great price. As Chris mentioned in his video – he, myself and others have pointed out issues with some of their designs and they have always (up to this point) resaponded by correcting the issue and thanking us for the help.
This is their chance to show us all whether that is still the case.

So, at least for now, I will probably continue the Schrade Saturday videos until they either redeem themselves or condemn themselves by the way they wind up handling this issue with the SCHF43. We’ll see. I have not 100% made up my mind on that. I have about 20 more knives on hand to review. You’ll have to wait till next Saturday to see.

As always, thanks for your support over the last 3 years or so. – Bryan

Jani Sukanen says:

🙂 Looks nice! Would make great EDC blade indeed. And with MAGIC opening system! Sweet! Is great to know that it is actually fire capable too. I agree with the tip up carry. It is my favorite too. I always find tip down carry bit uncomfortable and complicated. You found some sweet fatwood by the way! Nice 🙂 Great review Bryan! I like your videos a lot 🙂 As always big thumbs up!

elk hunter says:

Am I the only one that hates thumb studs? I assume they were invented when Spyderco put that little thumb hole in the blade for one handed operation. 40 years later apparently that patent has expired. I have Buck and Swiss Army knives that now feature that thumb hole/slot. To me those studs just seem to always be in the way when using a knife. Owned one once, hated it and gave it away. That aside, I do like this assisted opening knife. Guess I’ll just have to work on my OCD:)


kinda resembles kershaw blur

Jani Sukanen says:

I have been following the conversation about the situation with the new production runs of SCHF43. There are certain parts I understand and agree with. There is no use fixing something that is not broken. The Jess- X was perfect as it was. As it was designed. I understand Chris Tanners point of view. I would be angry too. Who wouldn´t? He is a great designer! What I don´t understand is the full frontal attack against everything and everyone having something to do with Schrade. Like YouTubers reviewing their products etc. I think it´s unfair. The whole “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality. Makes me sad to see that some people pour their negativity over people who have nothing to do with the whole situation.

By this far Schrade has made nicely priced knives for common people to buy. I have liked them. I have a bunch of them. And I like the ones I have. A lot. And use them regularly. Great knives for the money I´d say. I like knives. Who wouldn`t. Not just my Schrades. My Ka-Bars, Beckers, ESEEs, TOPS, Cold Steels, CRKTs, Moras, Bökers, Gerbers, Victorinoxes and other brands. For me and most likely many others Schrade has been a great option when it comes to price point. Cool stuff with economical price. Not all of us are willing or able to pay hundreds for one knife. There is naturally many options in the more budget priced knives. Many other brands too. And many ( if not most ) of them are also made in far east.

What becomes of all this? Is BTI Tools gonna response and how? I agree. We have to wait and see. Keep our cool. Seemingly things are changing with the new people in charge at Schrade / BTI Tools. I am somewhat worried about it. But the future will tell how things turn out.

In my opinion Bryan has done awesome job with providing us great reviews. Flashlights, knives, many kinds of gear. Honest reviews with a nice touch of humor. Great channel for every one to follow with great content and awesome and honest personality. Someone who cares for his viewers and respects them. A gentleman. I am for sure gonna keep on watching his reviews on every product he sees fit and worthy to review.

Michael Morris says:

Be careful about promoting this company. Go look what they did to Chris Tanner…. I guess it’s not the same company it once was… just be cautious.

Travis Tackett says:

Brian, I know you feel like you’re being attacked. Please stay true to your opinions but keep in mind this may not be the same company we once all grew to respect again.

DjS says:

you’re still spot on Brian. unfortunately I can’t say the same thing for Schrade any longer after what they’ve done to Chris and his knife


Great review sir pretty slick blade there

Marth says:

I just saw Chris Tanners video, I have to say I’m shocked at Schrade.

John J. Baranski says:

Brian. still a supporter of your channel and looking forward to more reviews. But I’m struggling with the idea of you dedicating your Saturdays to a company that is arguably pulling some shady maneuvers with the JessX. True its only one knife in their very extensive catalog but this one move calls into question the corporate integrity of this new version of the company. And with so many knife brands available and competing for my dollar, I prefer to spend it on a more upstanding company and therefore, for now, I’m tuning out of “Schrade Saturdays”.

M. Myrick says:

Can we trust ANY Schrade knife now that Smith $Wesson bought the company? … so far it looks as though they cannot be trusted… too bad…. I guess some one like Condor will have to pick up the slack…

Josh S says:

can’t wait to see it bud happy 4th

Joshua Frampton says:

Hey Brian! I love your content. Your intro song is the best! Absolutely love your honest and unbiased reviews. Keep it up!

Joe Marshall says:

I will NEVER buy another S&W or SCHRADE!! FAKE, SCAM company!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbWmNg3BO0A

Donttreadonme1001 says:

No more schrade Saturdays for me, I’m out, nothing against you but I’m done with schrade,

Josh S says:

Hey bryan just wanted to throw in a positive comment lol first, happy Independence Day and second i think the whole jess-x thing sucks like everyone else and you have stated but i will continue to watch all you vids regardless of the brand your reviewing cause ive bn with your channel for a long time and i feel like in a way i know you and what to expect from you and if you say a knife/product is gud then i will trust your opinion and if a time comes that the company in question is no longer making any quality products im sure you will make us aware. now im rambling lol but just wanted to wish you a happy 4th and let you know there are plenty of us who respect and trust you without giving an opinion as to what i think you should do cause just like i expected you handled it as best you could but without any more ramblin
( lol dont mean to steal your phrases) thank you for all you do and i wish all the best to you and yours

John J. Baranski says:

Brian be sure to update your jess x video to warn of the bait and switch per Chris Tanner’s latest post today.

LiL Binks says:

your MY favorite youtuber can u review some Wal-Mart fix blade and folders

M. Myrick says:

Brian, What is your take on Chris Tanner and Schrade screwing Him and the Jess-x design? Will you review the new Jess-X?

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