ESEE Zancudo Knife Review


The new Zancudo folding knife designed by ESEE is a great, affordable option for everyday carry.




Rusty Shackleford says:

End of the day, since it is a ESEE I added it to my collection. Though I would like to see something along the lines of the Izula folder down the road maybe their take on a 3 or 4. Hopefully this is just a test run for many better ones down the road 

Severus34564 says:

Thanks for the Review. I really like the comparison of the knives. I was just looking for reviews, because I have to decide for buying the Zancudo or the Spyderco Persistence.

EcchiSpud says:

Last I looked, there isn’t a RAT II in D2 steel (yet) — but there ARE Zancudos with that tool steel!!

soapmact says:

In reference to deployment stiffness with tip up carry, it looks like the springyness of the pocket clip is pushing on the top portion of the frame lock adding friction to the base of the blade on deployment. Nice looking knife though, and great review!

Shoge Kimura says:

you left out foliage green? i have the foliage one and love it!

Squat Puke says:

I have about 6 of these in different colors….I really like them…
Very nice size, great price…good all around blade.

Show me a better knife for 25-28 bucks….

Love you videos by the way Boy Scout!…I think you are my favorite knife reviewer!!

Bushcraft412 says:

they just released this knife in d2 steel for like $35. couldn’t buy it fast enough!

Kustomconcealment says:

I’m on BladeHQ Sight now – the OD & FED is very cool ….

Grizzly Country says:

I had the rat 2 but couldn’t with the way the blade is raised higher than the handle I thought it made it a little bit more difficult to pierce various packages that I was opening. In the market now for a zancudo. One of these days I want to do a road trip to blade hq. We don’t have stores dedicated to knives here in Illinois.

CampfireTalk says:

Good comparison of the Rat2. I just picked up mine in December & have been thoroughly impressed with it, but this is about the Zancudo. I’m going to have to agree with you & TheApostleP on the flimsy scale. Those Taiwan produced knives are just good bang for your buck. Much better than other over seas blades twice in money IMO. 
Great review as always

Homestead Launch says:

ZAN-CU-DO. brings back some good memories buddy… 🙂 When I handled this knife it really did strike me as a great EDC. super slim! -dan

shcmoly says:

I prefer the Rat ergos over it. I found the lock bar is seriously strong making deployment slow. Loosening the pivot to did not improve speed.

Enrique Sonora says:

Love the colors. Thanks for comparing it to other blades. When I saw the introduction of this blade from BladeHQ months ago, I couldn’t get a visual scale of the size. This review has helped me greatly. Now I do want this in my line-up.

Roberto Castelli says:

Hey, cool vid, what do you think, wich one is better, the esee zancudo, the kershaw cqc 4k or 3k?

Pass Hype says:

Got the desert tan

woods vz says:

Is this the only folder esee makes? Is there an xl version of this knife?

Justin Russian says:

The reason The knife got stiff when you changed the clip position is because end of  the clip now rides directly on the “moving” part of the frame-lock. The added pressure on the top of the frame lock puts the pressure on the base of the knife blade, making the opening stiff. WD-40 fixes this completely.

FullBlownRedneck says:

I’ve heard about this knife before and have heard it referred to as the BRK Zancudo and the ESEE Zancudo. You said it is made by ESEE, but I notice that it says BRK on the blade. What’s the deal?

Dennis Bible says:

They could have fit a little more blade in he handle.

Winshtf Illbrdy says:

I own the Johnny Cash version and have a hard time deciding between it and my skyline. More to buy in 2014, getting the rat 2 for sure… Thanks

Phil Herb says:

I just love that blade’s shape

bloodydishtowel says:

I had absolutely no idea this existed, I just sold my RAT 1 to my friend as his first actual folder (besides some cheap crap I gave him before) and was about to buy another until I saw this review, thank you so much.

Steven Burgess says:

i gotta be honest, i really like the looks of it from the front.. but ive never been a fan of frame locks wiith one scale. it just looks cheap. i would rather it be at least a liner lock.

mtnfit says:

Whoa, wait…did you just say the Griptilian beats out all including the Recon? That cold steel will out live in every aspect any knife double it’s price….geeez, was on my soap box there for a second.
Good review, I’ve been on the fence about the Zancudo.

koomo801 says:

Best beater knife I own. Spent 9 months straight in front pants pockets. Just rotated it out to give other knives a chance. It’s the most practical folder I have that allows access to other items in my pocket (usually, an iPhone 4s). Narrow, thin, right blade size, right weight, great clip and no pocket damage from the SS slab side. I’m going to pass on the Avispa…just don’t see the use for it given my uses and my choice for EDC knife placement.

Gerrit Hofman says:

I HATE mosquito’s! Nasty little blood suckers…. But this knife looks impressive… love my Rat 2 sooo much though, thanks for the review! Great as always!

mike65 says:

fine little EDC. Good vid!!

Jim M says:

Got the red and black from blade hq found it a bit hard to disengage the frame lock. Kinda been sitting around in its box for a while because of that. Prefere the rat myself. Once again great review though.

Pass Hype says:

Got the desert tan

Carson Moran says:

how did you get a spydee hole on your mini griptilion

Roberto Castelli says:

Really cool review, but what is the name of the second spyderco?

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