Frost Cutlery Eagle Eye Knife | Folding Knife Review

Low cost=Low quality, good for a cheap knife 6/10
A larger manual folder, Mostly serrated.

Steel: 420HC
Blade finish: Stainless
Handle: Black plastic “Injection Molding”
Blade Length: 4 in.
Closed Length: 5 in.
Overall Length: 9 in.

3/4 Serrated Blade
Pocket Clip


Saber904PlaysMC says:

Use it. Abuse it. Throw it away? I Thought That’s what Pimps say About Hoes.

Kelby Edmonson says:

These are the junkiest knives in the world. I felt sick holding my Rat Model II and this knife in my hand at the same time. I love my Rat…

TheYankeeGI says:

You’re right, soon after I made this video I came to that realization.

That hype Rx7 says:

My mom had those for so long had whole bunch real good work knife if you don’t don’t want to mess up your nice knife

Ethan Cyr says:

We’d I got ripped off then I got mine at bend trading post and it was $35.00

Holo Teh Wize wulf says:

I’d rather sell dope than resort to selling frost cutlery.

Amazing Cookies says:

I bought mine at a local thrift shop for $5 and overall I like it a lot but like you said it’s a cheap knife and I wouldn’t spend more then $20 on it.

A.J. Rusinek says:

Byrd didn’t rip off spyderco spyderco made byrd lol

wingmanalive says:

I know I posted a long time ago about this knife and yet I’m here again. I (was) a HUGE Frost vendor and I will say this, don’t buy into their composite framed knives, they are junk. Actually they are dangerous. If you must buy into frost do so with only their metal framed knives. They are decent for the $. The composite ones will break and probably when you need them most. Yes I made $ selling the plastic knives at the marts but eventually stopped mainly out of conscience. I bought over $16k worth of Frost’s knives some years ago and I say with a clear mind that their metal framed knives are well worth their price. The dealer sets you get in those late night deals, are not. You pay $.99 each for them and that’s what they’re worth. You make your $ in selling the swords and bowies they throw in the deal. 

hugh neutron says:

Im drom europe and they got that knife in belgum for only 2$

Weizenale silver says:

Byrd knives are Spyderco value line not rip offs

TheYankeeGI says:

Haha, yah, great job finding one of my least interesting videos. What can I say though, I like reviewing each knife equally.

Ultra2k says:

Got mine for 50 cent

Ethan Cyr says:

Did they update it or something cause mine is a little but different

Ulph Wahlbom says:

Got one. Good for garden work, or just having laying around. Good review, Yankee. 🙂

Rick Hendrickson says:

I sell knives at gun shows and flea markets. Anything frost cutlery is complete garbage. I resorted to giving them away to people who bought other knives. If they gave them away it wouldn’t be worth the cost of shipping.

wingmanalive says:

I wouldn’t spend almost 6 minutes reviewing a $1 knife. I’m ashamed I watched lol.

Dee Jolly says:

I had one. It just FEELS horrible.

MrPocketfullOfSteel says:

Frost Cutlery. Enough said. 😉

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