Ganzo G704 Folding Knife Review (Budget Blade, $12.99

Ganzo G704
Blade Length: 3.3 inches
Steel: 440C
Locking Mechanism: Axis Lock
Handle Scales: G-10
Made In: China
Price: $12.99

Available Here :
Discount Code GB704 reduces the price of the black scale model to $12.99 (I have been told this discount code works for all the colors except green and khaki)

(***Shipping Time is 4-5 Weeks)

This knife is based on an old H&K folder that was like $100 and is now discontinued. Ganzo does manufacturing for US companies, therefore I believe they were manufacturing the original knife for Benchmade’s H&K line.

My Review of the H&K Snody Axis Tanto (same as this knife but different blade shape):

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Mike Belcourt says:

definitely buying one of these bad boys, probably not the blue though. Thanks for the review! Nice job

Tim's Tanks says:

I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you ten bucks for that baby blue one 😀

TheGodTell says:

I personally am a big fan of Ganzo folding knives. I have the G704, G710, G711, G712, G714; all is really good and can easily sold up to 3 times from their original price and still considered a worth purchase.
The edge retention, scales, lock up, opening, fit and finish, damn…
Amazing quality for the price, seriously!

Jadon Ingalls says:

I like that blue knife…☹️

Douglas Barrow says:

Thanks for the video. Just got one in the mail today, got the black one. Very nice knife. I also got a Ganzo G727M with it. Similar knife with similar size blade only it has a flat grind and a satin finish.

Josh Lloyd says:

I like the blue. Just my opinion.

daicamping com says:


Canadian Cutting Edge says:

I have four of the colours already.  I sure wish I could find some place that has the RED one in stock.  If anyone knows of a place were I can get a red on please let me know.

Paul Hughes says:

Amazon price is $16 not $20 and I have the blue one. The company that makes Ganzo and Sanmenru also makes Benchmade knifes.

Elmardx 15 says:

I like the blue.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Thanx Israel, I like them, and tge price, I like 440C and if it’s close to a S.O.G. Axis Lock, it’s not bad then, both my larger and smaller Pentagon’s are kewl beanz.

The Brush Dragon says:

Cool knife – pocket clips sucks, like a dummy I was waxing my car with my 704 in my front pocket and scratched the hell out my paint with pointy pocket clip.

Jawnboi says:

I’d get one because I can’t afford a Benchmade.

Michael Mist says:

I’m kinda embarrassed that I like the blue

Cory Wesley says:

Anyone have experience with compared to AliExpress? Seems to be alot of negative reviews online. Great review of a great EDC knife!

CSharp says:

That shade of blue might not appeal to a guy but it might appeal to a woman. Just a thought. 🙂 Benchmade still makes the blue Mini Grip as well as the pink one.

Mark Gray says:

That H&K looks like it was made in the same factory

D D says:

dude what the fuck sky blue is kickass

Phil Herb says:

I think the blue scales look great, too

david sandlin says:

I bought this knife for my nephew for Christmas and as soon as I opened it I was like damn now I gotta buy myself one.

DamionJR4923 says:

What blade steel is the HK knife?

Melina Reed says:

I have the Camo version which I quite like, great knife for the price!

Jose Casillas says:

Great review. Thank you, I have one of these on the way, Blue!


I would get the Sky Blue knife.

traderjoes says:

I saw a test on one of these not long ago where the blade was buttoned through wood and it held up, however, the stop pin on this knife is actually a hollow tube and the force of the battening actually deformed the hollow tube enough so that it split. If it was a solid stop pin, it would likely be a real workhorse of a knife. Personally, I do avoid knives from that company and a few other Chinese companies because despite whatever agreements they made, they still so tend to blatantly copy certain knife makers designs to such a degree that the parts are interchangeable. Case in point is the H&K you showed along side this. I bet the handles and parts will interchange with the Ganzo, and what bugs me about it is, if there is a guy who invented a design and should get credit for the design, companies like this just copy it exactly and that inventor gets nothing for his invention. Basically, as far as I am concerned, if someone is going to invest their time designing and going through all the proper channels to file a patent, so that he gets credit and money for inventing something that benefits the rest of us, he should be compensated for it, otherwise, why bother? I like to encourage people to invent and innovate. In a nutshell, thats my issue with these Chinese companies. Obviously, China has zero concern for intellectual property and is only concerned with making money, at all costs. Further, the people of China have a different lifestyle than us, and lets say you work in an office in China and the office downsizes and lets you go. Instead of collecting unemployment like we do here, the people there are told that they will now report to manufacturing building #8 and such and such address for money. They will report to the building and unskilled people are put on a basic assembly line and they put parts together and the stuff they make ends up being packed up in container ships and bid on by larger companies who want these goods. These items are what we see in the 99 cent stores. If the workers skills improve, they move up the assembly line and get more and more complex work and higher pay. Eventually, if they so well enough and demonstrate a particularly good skill and quality level, they may be lucky enough to get to work in the plant that makes the Tenacious or even the high end plants like in Taiwan called Taiching. That plant makes things of amazing quality that rivals Chris Reeves manufacturing, but of course, at a much lower pay rate than their US counterparts. In a way, its smart for countries like China to do this, because it keeps the masses employed and keeps their skills honed and they get the benefit of selling off everything they make. But us? Our laid off employees sit at home and collect money until it runs out and then they start looking for work, and never developing any new skills. Thats really why I prefer to buy US made things, because I don’t like supporting Chinese labor market while our own people are getting let go left and right. To me, the cost savings of buying the Chinese stuff is hurting our own people who could use all the support they could get, even if the items are double and triple the cost. Sorry for the long post.

Ronan B says:

was about to grab 3-4 but nope… now $20-$25 a peice… screw that.

dizzy185 says:

Received mine last week. Used it to break down boxes yesterday. It feels very good in hand. Excellent f&f on this one. Thanks for the recommendation +We All juggle knives

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