Ganzo G720 Folding Knife Review ($17 at

Ganzo G8720 is available here! (Gearbest):

Blade Length: 3.55 inches
Steel: 440C
Locking Mechanism: Piston Lock
Handle Scales: G-10
Weight: 7.23 ounces
Notes: Orange, Olive Drab, or Black handle scales.
Price: $17-22


Andrenalin_77 says:

Hi there!
The Ganzo 720 really looks like a Lionsteel with a Benchmade Axis-Lock! 😉
But for 17 Bucks (in Germany:Import from China 22€)! 😀
A must have! I will order!
440 C is a good steel! Similar to China Steel 8CR13MoV! It’s easy to sharpen and stays good sharp!
thx for the Video!


P.S. the Ganzo 720 will be a good knife for pimping/customization!

Tactical X-Rays says:

i love me some lionsteel and god knows i looked into these ganzos, but i never ever had luck with this company, and no matter what models they come out with i will never buy one again. they dameged my trust in their products

Dave Biddle says:

man, that lionsteel in the raindrop damascus is gorgeous. wow!!!!

Jack Napier says:

Ganzo knives are great!! But GearBest sucks!!! I got ripped off for $39.00 dollars!! Do Not Buy From GearBest!!!!!!!!

Jonny'sDomain says:

I bought one off of Amazon and just got it yesterday. I really like it, and for the price it is hard to beat.

evvignes says:

The lock on this knife and other Chinese “axis lock” knives is very stiff.
The Ganzo g704’s axis lock is easier to actuate than this model, it’s highly recommended.

Pinetar And Robyns Homestead says:

how long did it take to be delivered

dale carpenter says:

I think loyalty to a company or a designer ( that doesnt have any loyalty ) is keeping many knife reviewers from being honest and loyal to the consumer and ignoring these good well made Chinese knives .a lot of reviewers are making unfounded remarks about the quality of these knife materials ( what it is the same material with a different name ) .
When they make these unfounded claims about Chinese knives and Chinese knife makers it makes me question their honesty when reviewing other knives .

mack watson says:

What is shipping on thoughs the website advertises free shipping but when I go to check out it is 15 to 25 dollars

gone rydin says:

I got a G720-O a couple months ago. It was extremely sharp! One of my favorites. Nice review.

Pepe The Lead Farmer says:

Saw the Sanrenmu 7063 LUC-LJ on Gearbest as well, a very beautiful looking $9 knife, review please? 🙂

Horacio G says:

you forgot to mention the window breaker on the bottom

cyclist01222 says:

Just ordered one thanks!

dale carpenter says:

Amazon blows goats .ripped me off $100.00 ordering knives

LiveFreeOrRIP says:

the real ones are works of art.. I would LOVE to own a real one day…

Diego Marroquin says:

you should make a video on how to sharpen knifes. That’d be cool. There are a bunch out there. I’m just curious how you do it.

MartyInLa says:

Alas, no longer listed for sale at

daicamping com says:

why so lower cost ,

Jamie Jones says:

I have been waiting “””3″”” weeks for my item to be sent, they are very lacking in communication and integrity
The least they could do is keep me updated, But Know that’s to Hard. I have had enough of online shops shitting on buyers it is SICK.
I had a deadline to meet but now that’s all out the window, I did the following, I made sure the item was in stock, I ordered and paid for the item, I checked the shipping times, so now I think yep buy now, yet I am left waiting with Know communication at all! I’m still waiting to receive my money back!
From reading the good and bad reviews I feel like a fool for even looking at the site!!!


To support this place is to support customer abuse

White Kita says:

hey you,…. did you do a review for Blades USA on a fantasy dagger (for an amazon video)?

renemanjr123 says:

Cool looking blades i like the scales and the shape of the blead realy looks like a genral use knife

nowhereusa says:

Thanks for the review. Never tried Gearbest before, but i like your vids and gave them and Ganzo a shot. Got the G722OR (same but with liner lock i believe) from them. Super impressed for the price. I stripped it down, sanded the washers, evened up the centering and sharpened it to shaving sharp. Nice blade, thanks again for the review!

Niko-115 says:

If you don’t like the GANZO laser etching on the blade, all you have to do is soak the blade in some CLR for around 30 minutes to 1 hour works wonders !

elindred says:

now that’s value. Since these are so cheap, I think it would be cool to see some destructive testing of these. That would be valuable testing for those who question the durability of these ultra cheap knives.

jacob manalang says:

i just got 717, 720, 727 and sanrenmu 7010 today. the quality of these are all pretty nice actually. the 7010 is pretty small. i like the thick liners. instead of adjusting the pivots im just gonna flip the hell out of them and they should break in nicely

Fit & Finished says:

440 c is a damned good steel     get off the steel snobbery

Vad Wanuu says:

You have $400 Lion Steel knives, yet tell me you can’t review the new Cold Steel blades because their prices have gone up? Whatever dude.

Carthago Delenda Est says:

Pretty insane value for these blades.

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