Ganzo G727M Folding Knife Review, Best $12 You Can Spend

The Ganzo G727M is on sale for $12 here (normally $20 on Amazon):

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x x says:

I just ordered one after watching your review. It Should be a great beater knife to use for work.

evvignes says:

$315 for a gold class Benchmade is the best deal ever.


that’s a great blade for the money my friend
have a good day over there (^_-)

Pdiddy says:

Picked one of these up a few months ago, for the price I haven’t found better for use as a utility blade. Shipping to Australia was free, just took about 8 weeks which was a little frustrating. If you get some more in the range it would be good to see what they are capable of. Thanks again for the the review bud.

Fire bug says:

also check out the g732 and g733… Stretch and endura. By the way, i got mine g727m, everything fine, but it had lock problem, also saw some models came from the factory with cheaply modified lock face. the point is, the original model has to steep slope on the blade tang for the axis, and it needs to be carefully regrind.

Andrew Sheehan says:

Gearbest also has a Ganzo Spyderco Tenacious knockoff. I might have to get a couple of these. How fast is Gearbest shipping?

Lane Dexter says:

It may not be a match for my Al Mar SERE2000 (and boy does Al Mar back their products!), but for less than 1/10 the price I’d say it’s a pretty good deal.  440C was considered good steel 40 years ago, and it’s not all that bad today.  I may buy one of these just out of curiousity.  If lose one of these in the field, you won’t cry.  And if you buy the orange one, it will be harder to lay it down in the woods and have it vanish on you.  It’s at right now for 12 bucks.

ZaxIntel says:

The only info on the blade steel is “Stainless steel” , that dont sit right with me

Steve Kushman says:

Nice video. Ganzo puts out a pretty nice knife for the money. Have purchased a couple of them and was not disappointed.

Nulrom says:

I found online the wood handle version. I love it.

Steed Andersen says:

I grew up hunting,trapping so I used knives hard. We always had Old Timers or Buck Knives and they were not expensive but held up great. Now we are getting these newer Chinese knives that fit that same niche pretty well. I love high quality but honestly if I have $300 to spare I’m buying another gun not a knife. Thank you for your reviews on these cheaper alternatives.

Jay Hooghuis says:

The Ganzo knife looks allot like the Ontario rat

dandandatreeman says:

yeah man I have this and the 704 yesterday! thanks for putting these on my radar.


300 some odd dollars wow

EcchiSpud says:

Finally pulled the trigger — ordered a G727M from GearBest (mainly to try out — first Ganzo for me, first GearBest order). One thing different about this one: wooden handles (same steel liners underneath).

albi131 says:

I’ve bought a Ganzo G729 and put Benchmades deep carry pocket clip on it. Will I burn in hell? lol

Glenn Davis says:

I paid $19 for this on Amazon.

My daily carry is a ZT350 and it’s very well used. I opened this Ganzo up and could not believe my eyes. Very well built. This is awesome and I believe we are getting ripped off from the ‘other’ companies.

Best 20 bucks I’ve ever spent.

John Montgomery says:

Took almost a month for me to receive mine, but for the price it was damn well worth the wait.

John Tedichwon says:

Hi man long time viewer here.
I wonder if you can help me I’m looking to replace the aluminium spacer on the Spyderco Military, I want to know if the pillars from the Ganzo G727M fit on the Military. Should be about 0.9mm in thickness.

Would you kindly measure them out please so I can know if they would fit ?

Many thanks. It would help me greatly I’d much appreciate it.

704 TACTICAL says:

Great info

Wait For You says:

I never heard of or used gearbest how do they compare to bladehq and Amazon?

beauxtx1959 says:

I ordered this on your recommendation after seeing this video and I gotta tell you, for $12, this is an amazing knife. 440 C steel. Great fit and finish. Good ergos. I got the camo pattern, which I love! The pivot screw was a tad tight, making the action hard. Loosened it up and now the action is good and will get better with use. It even comes with a stinking velveteen sleeve! LOL EXCELLENT knife for the money, as are all the Ganzos I’ve previously purchased. Well done!

brianminkc says:

Ganzo… if your listening…. upgrade your steel to 9cr18mov.

tzone says:

I just ordered this and saw this knife for the first time 3 days ago wierd coincidence that you just made a video considering it’s not a new knife or is it….?

gone rydin says:

Very acurate description. I have a G727 in digicam as well as a RAT1. They are two of my favorite knives.

mister smith says:

Can anyone please tell me, what degree is the angle of the microbevel on the Ganzo G727M?

Rob LaCoin says:

G727M-BK, G727M-OR, G727M-GR, G727M-CA (black, orange, green, camo). I like the orange myself.

Spectre says:

when will they make a benchmade 940 osborne clone?

SpinBadBros inc says:

no doubt… I love Ganzo shanks…

Player Review says:

I did get a G727, they’re pretty great. The Benchmade/Ontario clone is pretty great, if you can swallow your pride. It was worth buying, because now I can admit that they are great value for the money for those that can’t afford the knives with better steels than the ‘440c’ (probably 8cr13mov). Great knife though. Also just got the new Griptilian in cpm 20cv and it is amazing.

Steve Kluver says:

I am finding these for sale online today, with either a 3.54″ (9.0 cm) blade, but then at some places, they list it as a 3.74″ (9.5 cm) blade. Ganzo now lists it as 8.9 cm. Does anyone here have an idea, as to what is going on? Are the newer production units, of the same model number, shorter now?

8.9 cm –
9.0 cm –
9.5 cm –
8.9 cm –
9.0 cm –

Hans Lindgren says:

Ganzo has put out some great versions of now classic folding knives
Chinese patent laws is a great mystery 🙂
The G704 is still a solid beater

Brutus says:

Rusians call this The ganzario. I order one from Gearbest and newer resived.  Love Your channel. Check out My Osborn 940 Star Wars mods on My channel. I know its in polish just swith to slide show.


I paid $13.00 for the wood handled 727 and I love it!!!

Adrian Hester says:

How tight is the blade lock up and what do you think about the axis lock on that knife?

v melo says:

how many Ganzos could u have purchased with the 315dollars for the benchmade…. alot

kleinbottled79 says:

Benchmade, I love you, but we need to see other people. Classic =D

Emanuel Melendez says:

do you still like better than the rat 1?

wolfman011000 says:

I was holding out till i saw this video now i have order afew G727’s dammit. Anyway thanks for the video i think take care god bless.

Supertekkel says:

I like the shape but am not a fan of how Ganzo did the axis lock mechanism.

BrotherBeard75 says:

These prices are so affordable.
And that’s a good thing if you like to buy budget knives.Ty

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