Ganzo G729 Folding Knife Review ($14.14 on sale)


Spyderco Para2 Blurple Review:
Ganzo 730 Folder Review:
Ganzo 720 Folder Review:


eper1875 says:

$14.14 and free shipping, that was a no brainier. A cheap beater, thanks for the review and of course you sold another knife 🙂


hey mr juggle..plz review the G7372 ..looks so cool. thanks

Jonathan Burg says:

hey if you like budget knives check this one out. it’s about $10 and definitely unique and one of my favorites. I promise I’m not endorsing them lol but I’m surprised you haven’t come across this yet
Gelindo Hunting Pocket Knife-

Airik1111 says:

I love budget blades and this one blows my mind, I’m not even a fan of folders and this makes me want to buy one. I bought a bunch of Walmarts $3.87 Ozarktrail knives because after purchasing one that had no blade play nice ergos g10 scales and a perfectly centered closed blade I thought heck why not;) Now I own 5 of them and still have more to go, they are perfect beater knives for the glovebox and everywhere else ya can put a knife.

joseph melchor says:

if one of those brands made a knife of this price range, they couldn’t keep em in Stock before selling out lmao cx just cause it would have that spyder/butterfly etched on the blade… lol

ChillerHR says:

thanks man, ordered one even during watching your vid…great vids btw, enjoying them every single time, if you could review G704 Blue it would be awesome!

John Tedichwon says:

A thing that you should have mentioned is that all the scales fit on any knife meaning that if you have a dremel and a bit of epoxi and time you can make yourself a dualtone handle that way it’s black near the pocketclip and olive green near the pivot or something similar to that and you’re not wasting any of the material either you’re getting 2 knives with different cool color schemes. Getting new handle scales is so easy for this model since it’s just a flat slab while the Para2 is a nightmare to mill the insides and get right. Imagine DIY cf scales or CTek scales.

The steel snobs might scuff at this 440c but if they’re given the same exact blade shape in 440C and VG10 they’re gonna be hard pressed to actually tell the difference unless they do edge retention tests and even then they might not get it right. Also comparing S30v Vs 440C at 8-10dps guess who will win? Not S30v, because it will chip like hell and Spyderco won’t replace the blade. Simple carbide steel is just better at keeping ultra low angles which in turn will cut better since it’s less bulky edge and the edge quality when polished is way finer.
The benefit of cheap axis type locks is that you can actually have spare parts if you buy two, in case something breaks, use the replacement screws, while Spyderco might scuff and tell you that nope it’s your fault or that they can’t do blade replacements.

Preproto says:

Do you carry any of the budget stuff? I’ve bought a few.. but I have trouble getting myself to carry these budget folders when I have so many pretty Spyderco’s. The budget knives are useful at work for tasks that I wouldn’t use a real knife on or at home as a box knife replacement.

Pietro B says:

Definitely a cool knife that won’t be beat for the price. I have a feeling that Ganzo’s popularity is soaring around the world. They are making so many “borrowed” designs, with the low cost advantage of Chinese labor and no patent royalties. I hope they will start making some knife innovations of their own. If they can do this they will be taken more seriously by knife collectors and have staying power as a knife brand. Otherwise they will just become the “knock-off” brand of the knife world. Thanks for the review.

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

its a winner

Schroeder_2000 says:

byrd vs the ganzo.

MrEdium says:


Paul'ie 4X says:

The Sharp is made in Japan.

nowhereusa says:

Just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to Ganzo knives, watch a lot of vids and you were one of the first i saw talk about them… Already picked up a G722-OR, G729 and a G7142. Great blades for the money! Love the G729 for work. Perfect beater and carry blades that i don’t need to worry about.

Jacob Scotti says:

What do the markings on the blade say

UNIDEN2211 says:

these economy folders don’t get tested for durability, or toughness on you channel…..not even a drop test or cutting until the blade gets dull… ever you want to est a protocol for endurance, commensurate with the price and common sense everyday use. I like fat girls and knives that cost $29 or less for most anything — anything I want from a knife, or a fat girl. !!thanks for another great review on Ganzo Knives.

Big crooked Dick says:

Wow.. I need dis

Dale Carpenter says:

Better g lock they call it than the tenacious liner .the ganzo 440c is better than the benchmade aus 8 .
G727 tested vs the crap 1 aus 8 .the 440c beat the aus 8 .

Zwiebi says:

There should be a law that you can’t watch youtube and use a credit card on the same day. Just impulse bought one of these knives…

Adam Taylor says:

I love my 729. I bought it because I cannot afford the Para2, but I have to say that after putting it to the test I’m not sure I want the Para2 anymore…….. ha ha ha ha ha…just kidding….still want it, but love the 729 anyway. As a matter of fact just ordered my 3rd Ganzo! Can’t wait to test it out. Keep up the great work and the great vids!

DShiflet01 says:

Every Ganzo I’ve ever looked up was more expensive on Gearbest than on Amazon.

Jack Chueh says:

How thick vs PM2?

jacob manalang says:

thats the one i want, green for sure! just gave away my ganzo 727 to my friends wife and she LOVES it. need another 720 also, cousin wanted that one. think imma do that 719 as well

Victor Yanda says:

The price may be budget but make no mistake this will outperform US knives costing 3 times as much.

czredhead says:

Please say where you ordered your knife from. I know you said Amazon was a bit more expensive. Thank you for the videos.

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