Ganzo G732 Folding Knife Review, $14 Well Spent

One of the best folding liner lock knives out there for under $14. Available here:

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WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Another budget beast from Ganzo, this is an EDC/tactical beater blade, currently less than $14 , steel is 440C, the construction is solid and way better than most knives in this price range.

Michael Daury says:

If they get ahold if some good steel I’m goin to kill myself….can you believe this shit ha ha

Oleum Camino says:

“Contrary to popular belief Spyderco has no patent for the Spyder Hole. This technical solution was not accepted by the Patent Office due to insufficient innovation and significance, so Spyderco declared the round hole their trademark and protected it…” This is why many companies use oval holes in their knives to bypass license fees or legal disputes, some others use the round hole but pay license fees. Ganzo on the other hand does not care at all (as they are located in China).

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah, yeah, I recently got a Gurka Black Ops Hansotia Co. Fast Opening Large Partial Serrated Folding Knife, It’s all Steel and appears to be made solid, I really think Ganzo makes some great folders, That 440c. is tempting at that price. But I’m convinced the price is governed by the tempering process, If the tempering is closely watched the cost is greater. Knives like yours and mine are hit and miss. Like on mine. The body is beautiful and very solid, the blade was centered but in 440 Stainless, right, which 440. and how was it tempered. They must of bought the Hansotia’s name because they make some high end customs. But anyhow I got two for free with my cigar orders then they went on sale, Their MSRP is $200.00 but I bought them for $7.95 a piece,, I figure their nice enough looking to give as gifts, I bought 6 plus two that I already had, Up close they look pretty good, But time will tell. The reason I bought 6 was that’s how many guys will carry me he he he so I have to treat the guys good he he he , ,, , ,,

Bennett Montgomery says:

I have a ganzo similar to this one but my one complaint is the grip. I feel the knife slipping a little when trying to use the axis lock. Any modifications that would add grip?

Cory Wesley says:

Looks like an even cheaper Byrd Cara Cara, I’d be very interested to see those two compared. Great vid!

Zwiebi says:

Nice try, but you are late this time! After I impulse bought the G729 based on your video, I could hold out for less than 2 weeks, before buying this one too. 🙂
And you are right about the popularity. The average wage here is around 550 USD and a Spyderco PM2 is 200 USD. Property prices are much lower than in the US, but other than that, the cost of living is quite similar, so most people have a very low amount to spend on things like this. Buying a Spyderco is like buying a 2-3k USD knife for someone in the US.

Elite Exposure says:

Does that NUT that holds the blade to the handle get loose over a little time like all cheapo knives? Ive ordered like 5 cheapo 440c knives from amazon and all of their blades get loose after a week.

Joe Mamma says:

Badd ass,..Thanks….as always you are the man…

elmooko69 says:

I probably have a Ganzo in my pocket right now cleverly disguised as a Spyderco Tenacious

red58impala says:

My comment is not regarding the knife you reviewed. If you haven’t had the chance yet, you need to try the Ganzo G737. I would love to hear your thoughts on that one. The one I received weighs more than the one you just reviewed. It might be too heavy for some folks to EDC. I like that it has has bronze bushings on both sides.

If you get a chance, like I said, I would love to hear how you feel it compares to other Ganzo knives.

Blu Crystl says:

Yup, this is a good one. Got same with black handle. Did a little honing on blade tang to get more travel to liner lock. Stock was about same as yours.
Very smooth, easy to open with just a drop of oil. Bronze bushings both sides.
Similar to Spyderco Military model. almost same blade length. Carries well in pocket.
One modification planned is to replace one of bronze bushings with an over-size bushing to prevent over-travel of liner lock. Possible customization to create ultra-light by removing
2/3 to 3/4 of metal of liners.

gone rydin says:

Very cool knife. I got mine in green. Of course then I had to get the G729, G730, G733 & G734. : )

askani79705 says:

Tenacious copy for 10 bucks cheaper ? Sign me up.

Illup Gravengaard says:

Im a leader of a homosexual scout group been looking for cheap good knives

Douglas Barrow says:

Thanks for the video. I recently picked up Ganzo G7291-BK “Paramilitary”. Great knife, I just love the blade and build quality.I decided to look into this knife as well noting that it is slightly larger. Looks pretty good. Just a question of which color to get.

Len R. says:

good review, I just ordered it off your review. too bad you don’t get some sort of kickback…
keep the knife videos coming

Vault Boy says:

but can if be used as a throwing knife?

Surago says:

ganzo, why you no put axis lock!!?

ultimaetsolder says:

Wow v nice looking knife..

Enzorox says:

I bought the black version few weeks ago, it was slightly more expensive. But it was good, from GearBest as well.

Tho I won’t use it for food related things, as well as for the rest of my folder, as it is gona be much harder to clean it later, compare to a fixed blade.

El Duderino says:

I use the Ganzo’s for my shop knives and have had 0 issues.

Ray Contego says:

Hello, I’ve been considering on getting the tops machete .230. What’s your option on that

0rgazman says:

c´mon we want to see the good knives

TheEvrael says:

The opening hole is patent is expired but it is trademarked, thats why most knife companies use oval or other not circular holes. There is an agreement between Spyderco and Benchmade thats why they can use it on their knives.

Seemslegit says:

Is it Me or has the Spyderco Endura Gone up in Price? $70 USD on Amazon… Costs $90 AUD

Instead I bought Three Ganzo Knives… One of which is this In camo and a G710, Also a G7392 in Carbon Fibre which is new


nice overview and indeed looking great (^_^)
in NL spyderco is way more expensive than in the USA
have a great day my friend

Noah McDougall says:

15 on sale that is so cool

Steve Kushman says:

Nice looking blade for $14.00. Fit and finish is clean and nice. I have a few Ganzos and I like them just fine.

dandandatreeman says:

love ganzo. I have expensive real deal stuff, but why used that stuff when you have something that is just as good? yeah not as good of steel, but I would say the heat treat is right on for what they are. start kissing the edge a pass or two on a ceramic and to are right back to easy work. thanks for turning me on to these brother Israel!

AdventureCamping says:

Another win for Ganzo!!

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