Ganzo G739 Budget Folding Knife Review

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Twisted4kStudios says:

Ganzo’s just been doing amazing, lately. They’re offering knives that would easily cost about $100 if Benchmade manufactured them.

WeaponCollector says:

You beat me to it, lol, hahaha, i’ve got one of those in the post to review, (or i think its that model, lol)

Great review mate, can’t beat the old ganzo’s for quality and price.


(just looked, got the G7412p in orange coming, gonna defo get the one you reviewed though,)

Paul'ie 4X says:

Check out Cigars international search for the Gurka Black Ops BK LG Folder I got the camo.

Randall Kelley says:

I ordered this very knife from Gearbest 7 weeks ago, still no knife??????? Comming from China.

Tardisius says:

Not bad =)

EcchiSpud says:

My next Ganzo . . . (well, the black-blade-within-black liners-surrounded-by-black-G10 model)

And the code still works!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!

ImJamon says:


hdedges says:

What do you think about the coating. Similar to BK1?

Jonathan Rush says:

as a fan of all knives, I appreciate that Ganzo has established itself as a budget alternative and a solid product

scott santanni says:

I really like the blade shape as well and if also seems like a GREAT cutting edge but that’s just by looks
i think I will look more in to that
great vid!!!

Justin Ammerman says:

Is it a flat grind or a hollow grind?

Arctic Gator says:

I like anything in halloween colors, yasss!

sameold77 says:

Good overview video. I posted my video comparison of 5 different styles of this knife earlier this morning. Check it out if you didn’t already. I made the same comment about this orange and black one for Halloween. I like GearBest. – Mark

Snoekvisser1972 says:

Great value and this 440C takes a wicked edge. Thanks WAJK!

sh .black says:

I’m from New Zealand and i bought 3 knives from Thanks to you WeAllJuggleKnives, I’m very happy with Ganzo and Gearbest free post to NZ

JohnDoeArchery says:

good vid

Pdiddy says:

Your spot on with the overall fit and finish with these blades. I live in Perth, Western Australia and have put several mates on to these knives that have used them for skinning small game and general food prep. Keep up the honest reviews, they are very much appreciated.

Julius Gonzo says:

You have done a fine job outlining the benefits and strengths of the Gazno Knives options. Thanks. I ordered one, and love it.

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

ganzo is on fire

nathan dooley says:

nice knife awsome video

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Kind of like a Griptilian, but the blade shape (no swedge) and length (3.6 inch) have been changed enough to make it a different knife.

TheGodTell says:

Loved the black oxyde finish, on my ganzo g710’s pocket clip they wear out really well. Gonna get one of these!

Márcio Nascimento says:

Congratulations on video!

lololie22 says:

Nice thx mate! I’m gonna but it for a friend!

raphael beinhauer says:

Anyone else have rough G10 on the clip side and lightly textured on the presentation side? I also have a mark in the coating. Looks like maybe some oil got in there during the coating progress?

Jay Thompson says:

15 dollars????  try 20.

Roy Fernbach says:

I love the fact you are reviewing affordable and inexpensive knives. I am a fan of both Ganzo and Gearbest. Great video!

tactical intolerance says:

just got my harnds viper that I ordered from gearbest. it was on sale for $12 and I can confidently say it’s worth 3-4 times that. fit/finish is excellent and after 2 days of breaking in its very smooth while maintaining excellent centering and rock solid lockup. I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Gabriel Martins says:

mine the lock fails easily with light spine whack

Matt Vernon says:

I’m from the uk and I want to know does blade ops ship world wide? Great video

Per Sonne says:

(I know, of topic – sorry!) Have you tried the Becker BK21? I recently bought one. It’s an amazing knife in my opinion!

Scott Browning says:

Thanks for the information contained herein the video. Was a awesome little knife no doubt about it. Please do a good budget fixed blade skinning knife. I’m in the need of a few myself. Thank you!!

Steve Kushman says:

Nice blade for the money.

Rogue Preparedness says:

“Very stab-y”, that’s pretty much all I look for in a knife. 🙂
I’m usually not a fan of very pointy blades like that, but this looks sharp, as you said, very stab-y. Looks like a great budget knife!

DMKUSA says:

Not a Bad Looking Unit……Thanks for sharing Brother WAJK !!! Big ThumbZ UP (43rd) !!!

david sandlin says:

just ordered the framelock ganzo have you checked that one out yet.

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